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hi newbie here

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hi, i cannot move rank stuck on master-gm :) please teach me masterr sifuuu
Post time 2019-3-28 06:06 AM | Show all posts
When you play where do you struggle? I might help you.


I know right!? hahaha joke :)  Post time 2019-3-29 05:10 AM
@ayam.butter ah this is the master sifuu you have been looking for, mate  Post time 2019-3-28 03:54 PM
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I started playing in February of 2019 (this year) and made it to Epic I...
I don't know if that is typical or not but here are some very quick tips I discovered.

1. If you win... ALWAYS press the "Lets play again button" at the bottom.  I have found that its all about streaks in this game.  You will lose 8 in a row.. and then win 8 in a row.  Take advantage of a "decent" team (meaning one that wins convincingly) and try to keep it going.  On the other side...  if you lost badly a couple in a row, always take a break.  You may get paired with the same poor teammates if you try to run it again immediately.

2. Never ever play with a character that you haven't "mastered".  What do I mean by master?  If you cannot get a clear MVP vs AI almost every time you play with any hero... you have not mastered it.  Graduate your hero to Classic after this...  when you start getting MVP's on a consistent basis, you may be ready to introduce to Rank.  Don't go by the title "master" that they give you in the "mastery book".  Its worthless.  

3. Have at least 2 types of heroes you can play.  If you go into a match with only mage (for example)... and your team also has someone that can only play mage... you have a problem.  My recommendation.. play whatever your MAIN strength is.. and choose a good SUPPORT as a second.  A good support can blend with almost any team (but make sure you master both).

4. Do NOT upgrade all of your emblems !!  This is important.  In your preparation section, you will be given the option to upgrade various emblem sets.  Only upgrade what you are using, and try to base your 2-3 heroes around that emblem set.    Magic dust is hard to come by, and you don't want to upgrade fighter ... if you have no intention of playing fighter.

5. Watch ALOT of video.  I figured out alot of strategy by watching.  My favorites are:
Betowski:  He's great and giving insights during gameplay as to why he does what he does.
Hororo Chan:  Is really great at helping with how to build items in-game.  HC does alot of items testing with explanations.

6. Stay positive:  Don't get caught up in the negative toxic people that will call you things like "n00b" or worse.  Mute them in the settings panel while in game.  I found myself making bad choices to try and get these people to stop their negativity.

Good luck !
Post time 2019-3-27 06:52 PM | Show all posts
I am not master sifuu. I know nothing about kungfu

How long have you been playing exactly?
 Author| Post time 2019-3-27 08:17 PM | Show all posts
i think i started playing early 2018


press the reply button then type your reply  Post time 2019-3-28 02:17 AM
Post time 2019-3-27 08:59 PM | Show all posts
well you need to find some friends to play with and make to get chemistry between you and your friends when play the game. But if you want to play solo, then I recommend to learn Assassin or Marksman hero since it was the only role that able to carry the whole team at late game (in GM or below rank)
 Author| Post time 2019-3-27 09:08 PM | Show all posts
yeah im playing solo. ok thank for the advice. yeah maybe i should learn assasin or mm cause  im playing mage/support seldom tank when ranking
Post time 2019-3-28 01:06 AM | Show all posts
Hello welcome to the forum
Please follow rules and regulations and enjoy your stay
Join our official discord server for pre mate team mates for rank/classic here

Also check our portal for tons of game resources like guides, tutorial, troubleshooting guide, fan arts, new hero suggestions and many more here
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Edited by HoaHoa at 2019-3-28 10:28 AM

it takes time. I was master-grandmaster for couple of months. It took me about 4 months to get to epic and i was there for 2 months. I got to legend and stayed there for 2 months. I got to mythic in 4000 games in 8 months.
I guess you could say that in general it takes:

grandmaster - a couple of hundred games
epic- from 500 to 1000 games
legend - from 1500 to 3000 games
mythic - a couple of thousand of games

I wrote a post a couple of days about How to be mythic. Check my profile and read my post. Its a little long, might take you 10 minutes to read.
Post time 2019-3-28 11:39 AM | Show all posts
Forgot to ask... what main type of character are you playing?
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