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[Query] Intentionally Losing to Save Hero Rank?

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Post time 2019-3-27 11:58 AM | Show all posts |Read mode

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Edited by Jultonov at 2019-3-27 12:05 PM

I don't know why it never hit me before (maybe it's becasue this is just my first season), but I finally noticed today during a selection, that players intentionally chose weak heroes becasue they were not happy with team selection.

We had a case where Miya and Hanabi were both chosen... along with Roger, and Aldus.  After about 10 seconds of pleading (by Roger and Aldus), for either Miya or Hanabi to change, both Roger and Aldus changed to Clint and Leslie at the last moment.  As soon as the battle commenced i asked on chat...  "why 4 MM ?  It's an auto loss".  The reply by Roger (who changed to Clint).. "Uh yeah of course".

It dawned on me that neither Aldus or Roger wanted to risk loses (with a team comnp that included 2 mm), so they selected "throw away heroes" at the last second to protect hero ranking.  I was of course left holding the bag with my mage-main and took an L.

Is this typically frowned upon, or do players accept it as a part of the game?
Post time 2019-3-27 02:26 PM | Show all posts
some people lose rank on purpose. my friend has a second account and he wants to go back to grand master, so he can practice classic with new heroes.
i dont choose my main tank in rank when i see that my teamates have just a couple of games with their heroes or the whole team is just bad. I chose my second tank because i dont want to lose the power of my main hero. there are more reasons to lose rank on purpose. Its wrong but theres no punishment for bad hero choice, just for feeding, afk or poor performance.


I just never even thought of this honestly. Maybe a little naive.  Post time 2019-3-27 03:29 PM
Post time 2019-3-27 02:41 PM | Show all posts
I do this too.. if i become roger and aldous, there is no doubt i will do exactly the same.. especially if when in classic i have fanny / rafaela / nana / harley / cyc in the team or if there is someone pick hero with low wr in rank, there is nooooo way i will pick heroes that i like / or heroes that i master.. ive had too many bad experience.. to the point i can only trust fanny gussion haya ONLY if they have expensive skin..
Losing matches wr or star is better than losing heroes wr..


OCOC huh? hehehe  Post time 2019-3-28 06:07 AM
Post time 2019-3-27 02:58 PM | Show all posts
Edited by d.jane at 2019-3-27 03:08 PM

For me, its depends on situation, teammates and the person himself. Usually if that happen, I still chose my 2nd - 3rd main ( the heroes I good with, but not pro, and not really care bout their wr). So i am not feed and can still help the team.

I not gonna sacrifice my main who I spent my blood sweat & tears just to feeding their troll. Lose star can ruin your mood, but lose star and lose point on your main when you know the win chances like 30-40%, it hurts you more.

*(Unless your main is Fighter or Assasin like Martis/Lapu Lapu etc and you are superior pro, you might have chances to turn the dice)

 Author| Post time 2019-3-27 03:27 PM | Show all posts
Edited by imAldric at 2019-12-26 06:25 PM
d.jane replied at 2019-3-27 02:58 PM
For me, its depends on situation, teammates and the person himself. Usually if that happen, I still  ...

Thanks for the answer.  I didn't have too strong of an opinion either way, but wanted to find out what people thought of this.  It makes sense to protect your mains (as I have lost 80 hero points in the last 24 hours from losing on teams with just horrible compositions.

Vymonchyyy replied at 2019-3-27 02:41 PM
I do this too.. if i become roger and aldous, there is no doubt i will do exactly the same.. especia ...

Hi Miss Semarang,

WOW... Maybe thats why I play alot of games where i am the MVP of losing teams.
I need to protect my heros better.

Akre replied at 2019-3-28 05:28 AM
i have seen a screenshot, some one literally have 0.6% winrate of karina with hundreds of games, and ...

OK this this is a complaint I have as well.  I don't get the hero rank system AT ALL.

I'm get 9.5 MVP on a losing team and my hero rank for that match is -12
I get a 9.5 gold on a winning team and I gain +6 ?

I have lost 100 points this new season because I solo rank and my wins cant keep up with the losses (even though my WR is above 50%.  Its really discouraging.

BD007 replied at 2019-3-28 01:41 AM
It depends. Sometime they fed up.
That's the reason you see this kind of pick in rank.
Actually thi ...

I must be in a bad area... I see this 2-3 times per day at LEAST.
I just never recognized it before, but always wondered... how can these 4 ppl get to epic with hero selection like this?

ChrisSummers replied at 2019-3-28 06:58 AM
i never do it, i always choose a main, i've never thought of it like that before ugh

Maybe I am naive... but I always think about winning with my best too.

Knyrv replied at 2019-3-28 10:13 AM
I think they did that so the first 2 guys who didn't adjust get a taste of their own medicine.

I thought that as well...  unfortunately it affects those of us that didn't change.
You know...  thinking back now on many matches, I have seen similar situations where
There were 2mm or mage, where 2 of the other guys/girls switched to mm or mage also giving a full mm or mage team.. only to switch back to fighter/tank etc.. at the last second.

Maybe they were trying to get a reaction or scare the others.
Anonymous user  Post time 1970-1-1 08:00 AM
Post time 2019-3-27 03:45 PM | Show all posts
Well tbh I've never known or thought of that idea lol but I did happen to pick mm out of frustrating teammates who picked 2 mm or other cancer picks. But yeah its good dat way and protect our mmr,wr.
Post time 2019-3-27 05:14 PM | Show all posts
If enemies don't have strong/op hero in early game like Grock, Gussion, Selena and etc. then getting 2 marksmen is still possible to win but what makes it more possible is you become their tank and have to babysit them, I mean at least one of them to get many items first and just hoping for one of that marksman doing split push and also hope the game will reach late game to make these marksmen become monster.
Post time 2019-3-27 09:38 PM | Show all posts
Well yeah, who want to risk their hero WR from a potential auto lose match. I had to learnt that the hard way, my Ruby wr plummet from 70% to 61,9 %. There's just no way i can reclaim that wr since its so hard to raise wr if you have hundreds match T_T  

f*** those awesomes random teammate and this season. so much awesome and so hard to escape epic ( i usually got to mythic on previous season)
Post time 2019-3-27 10:39 PM | Show all posts
Hmm. I never thought I'd consider doing that but the responses here changed my mind. I typically adjust to the team comp but sometimes, 2 or 3 mm makes me want to just cry. I'd still try to do my best though, just so I can tell myself that I did not contribute to the loss.
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