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[Gameplay] Unreasonable Solo Classic matchmaking

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I am at GM tier. I do understand doing solos, be it classic or ranked have their cons. But in any case , most if not all of my solos in classics are clearly skewed in match making or is there something wrong ?

I had a match the day before where I had 3 legends and 1 mythic teammates - i'm not the one feeding by the way but that is besides the point - Why am I - a GM  being paired with 3 others legends and mythic ??? Just now I was paired with 3 epics and 1 legend, and one of the epics afk from game start. But i do not understand why is a GM being paired with them at all ? Even if someone invited the legend for game, why are they not paired with other epics/legends but me a GM  is being dragged in to fill the gap ?

a lot of my solos are also with 3 epics and legends, 2 epics+1 legend + 1 gm. I do not understand how reasonable can it be to be paired with such a wide gap ranks. No other gm in the world ? No other gm in the region ? It just doesn't make sense . sometimes I see other GMs, but very very seldom.

Post time 2019-3-18 07:20 PM | Show all posts
Because its classic i guess... its stressing i know..
Post time 2019-3-18 11:05 PM | Show all posts
I'm GM too (GM IV)... and like you in classic, I often get paired with Higher ranked players (Epic, Legend and even Mythic). but you know what, at the end of the game I often end up with better scores than them. it almost feels like the difference is not really too big.
Post time 2019-3-19 01:59 AM | Show all posts
There's a certain practicality to it all.  

As your playing on a local server (I assume your not using a proxy to an outside server)...  In order to match games in a timely manner, it's what must happen.  If you were waiting 15 minutes for an all-gm pairing... your complaint might be something entirely different.
Post time 2019-3-19 05:44 AM | Show all posts
Since it's classic, you can really be paired to any ranks.
Post time 2019-3-19 10:00 AM | Show all posts
In classic you can be paired with almost any rank.
But i do suggest that gm should not be matched with legend or mythic. Classic or not.
I am moving this to suggestion sub section so that we can record this.
Post time 2019-3-20 08:40 AM | Show all posts
That's why it is more RISKY to play classic than rank - if you are protecting your hero or total winrate.

In classic, you will be randomly matched to ANY RANK so u must take note of that.

But also remember, not all mythics and legends are good players, a decent player from GM or EPIC might even outplay a carried account legend or mythic lol. I know coz i played lots of classics too LMAO.


Yea, that's true. Also, there are lots of AFK-ers in Classic matches.  Post time 2019-3-20 10:38 AM
 Author| Post time 2019-3-25 01:42 AM | Show all posts
Jultonov replied at 2019-3-19 01:59 AM
There's a certain practicality to it all.  

As your playing on a local server (I assume your not us ...

nope , not on proxy. I do not mind waiting a short while to getting an instant match with such a vast disparity in team mates ranks. Given that each hero type performs different roles as well, this will undoubtedly result in a very skewed match should some afk , feed . Logically speaking , will a lower rank new player who just started the game have a better map sense than a higher ranked one for example ?  
Post time 2019-3-25 04:40 AM | Show all posts
noooob replied at 2019-3-25 01:42 AM
nope , not on proxy. I do not mind waiting a short while to getting an instant match with such a v ...

Without a doubt.  My comment was just about the logistics of waiting for "like" ranked pairings.... and not the nuances of the team compositions/skill levels that result.
 Author| Post time 2019-3-28 12:10 PM | Show all posts
Jultonov replied at 2019-3-25 04:40 AM
Without a doubt.  My comment was just about the logistics of waiting for "like" ranked pairings... ...

ya, that's the issue being on classic. Many wants to use this as a practise mode so getting such high rank difference defeats the very purpose of doing it - how is a new player or a player using a relatively new hero able to improve when they are just 'making up the numbers' and filling the slots for a 5 man team just for the high rank players to play ? One can say there is always a practise mode which is ok, but you dont real oppenents. One can say you can do the AI matches , but everyone knows it is useless as the AI heroes are crap - don't tell me the dev never tried them out lol.  Then coming to classic , you get some pro opposing mythic who slaughter you .
so it ends up with you leaving the match with nothing. It's demoralising to see consecutive defeats in the history summary. Makes it worse if you learnt nothing since we are just filling the gap for a missing team mate and just letting the opposite side slaughter . But of course , my side may win sometimes if we have a pro high rank carry too.
I really do not see how the chance to be able to be matched with any ranks be of any benefits to a solo player who wish to enjoy the game sometimes. Even the mentor system - unless the mentor chooses a hero to pair up with you on the same lane and know what you are doing , how else can they know or teach you . Most just pair up for the rewards  , if not just to let the mentors carry the game. nothing else - i don't think the apprentice can learn much anyway from the mentor.
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