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Author: troy01
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[Query] Why use Map Hack?

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 Author| Post time 2019-3-15 01:34 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
batuzai04123 replied at 2019-3-14 07:20 PM
I am trusting the game system to legitl detect modified 3rd party users and get banned for life.

Heres an update for banned accounts using haxx...


Wow. So many "awesomes" in one image.  Post time 2019-3-16 11:18 AM
Post time 2019-3-17 04:39 PM | Show all posts
Hi, I'm a new member here and I'm just passing by, about maphack, I can expose one of the cheat maker here since I'm The Judge :D

So this guy name is @BrilliantGameBoy (Instagram) he also make Radar Map, Skin Modification and any other illegal things in MLBB. Instead of takedown cheat account (which takes very long time) so why don't takedown one of the source itself?

Good Day
Post time 2019-3-17 04:57 PM | Show all posts
is it possible to get star reimbursement if you lose a game due to cheating (and it's found out / confirmed later by the game admins / mods)? ... id=69270&extra=
Post time 2019-3-17 09:31 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Jultonov replied at 2019-3-13 05:59 PM
Couple Reasons:

1. Money.  Many of these idiots are uploading youtube videos of their domination an ...

If you are looking for “respect” from being a mobile game champion then I am sorry to say you have already lost in life.

How pathetic your life must be that you need to crave “respect” from this.

Not to mention MLbB is not some world class top tier online game.

Not to brag but I was World of Warcraft US server arena champion for 5 seasons in a row.
But at the end of the day who the fk cares.
Real life achievements matter.
Pixels are well pixels. Unless you are delusional.
Post time 2019-3-18 01:40 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
AnnaStrasza replied at 2019-3-17 09:31 PM
If you are looking for “respect” from being a mobile game champion then I am sorry to say you ha ...

Hoo the amount of truth in these statements, I can feel the salt coming from people who wants to be the best at MLBB.
Post time 2019-3-18 10:12 AM | Show all posts
AnnaStrasza replied at 2019-3-17 09:31 PM
If you are looking for “respect” from being a mobile game champion then I am sorry to say you ha ...

I have a couple takes on this:

1. I dont want to belittle what others chose to take pride in.  I agree with you, that life has so much more to offer than just video games, but thats you and I.  Others may take great joy and pride in what they accomplish, and I dont want to take that away from them....


2. Cheating to get what you want in life truly embodies the spirit of what you are referring to.  Taking pride in something you have cheated on...  is like kicking your golf balls back into the fairway and thinking you actually played a good round.   
Post time 2019-3-18 07:47 PM | Show all posts
No need to find any sympathy for hackers. Map hackers in games are similar to terrorists out in the world giving *ty excuses for their deeds. They resort to hack cause they lack skills and has no balls. When i saw 500-600 star players a year ago i used to envy them. And now, i see 500-600 star players, my reaction meh! Either he or his squadmate is a hacker. Truth hurts but 80 percent top players hack now. You don't need 5 hackers at once. But, one sacrificial account is enough to carry other 4 members. That's how 80 percent top players are progressing right now. And the sacrificial pawns even get away with it. The problem is MLBB. Cause they got no answers to hackers. From an insider source, i got that when hackers from pc emulator plays, mlbb can't detect them.
No matter how much mlbb sugarcoats it they are just useless against this problem.
I got one tip for you MLBB. You guys are bootlicking the japanese for money so why don't you learn one of their qualities humility and bow your head down to blizzard or tencent to learn their counter hacking system otherwise you guys will lose big
Post time 2019-3-18 09:12 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
please help me why iam ban? never used cheat and a map hack please help me to my account
Post time 2019-4-25 02:00 PM | Show all posts
Post time 2019-5-5 04:26 AM | Show all posts
hudaa replied at 2019-3-13 02:16 AM
me on using cheats:
Online games? never, I swear
Offline Games? ALWAYS. I mean why not

AHAHAHHA ME TOO!!! u just speed up the time and stuff progresses :P
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