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[Complaint] Slow Mages Harder to Master than Fanny but Isn't Braindead when Mastered

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So, I just played a couple of slow-moving mages today, namely: Odette, Valir, Vale, Eudora, Gord and Vexana and oh my, ALL of them are much harder to play effectively than braindead Fanny. What's funny is that when you do master Fanny, you can breeze through Epic, Legend and Mythic very easily but these mages will still have a hard time.
Let's compare shall we:
1. For starters, the funniest argument Fanny mains have: all of these mages are countered by Saber, Chou, Alpha, etc and are weak to stuns and knockup. Fanny can still fly when being stunned or knockup making you waste the CC when you land a hit on her. For mages, getting caught with a Saber ulti or an Alpha or a Chou CC, you die period. Fanny is more tanky than any of the mages and if she does survive, she can fly away.

2. If you build Fanny full tank, you can still deal a good amount of damage. If you build these mages tank, you're basically useless.

3. Slow mages require good positioning skills. Wrong positioning means death. Braindead Fanny on the otherhand, don't require a braincell when it comes to positioning. She can be out of position many times then fly away in tough situations.

4. Slow mages require good mana-management skills. Fanny doesn't. In fact, you don't need to think when it comes to when to attack.

5. The only difficult thing with Fanny is learning how to use her hooks. You don't need to read your enemies like slow mages do. Mages like Vale, Gord and Vexanna require you to be good at manual aiming to do their combo. Fanny can outrun anyone who dodges her hooks due to how fast it is when you learn her hooking while hook technique.

6. Valir and Odette's strongest point is their AOE but Odette can be easily countered by stunning her. For Valir, you need to find ways to keep your enemies inside your ulti so you need to know if they already used their flicker, their escape skill (which almost every hero has) or what talent they have. Fanny don't need to know her enemy. In one-on-one situations, she always come out on top. Even against Saber, it usually takes more than 1 hero to beat her.

7. You need a tank or someone to absorb the damage when playing mages. Whereas you can go 1 vs 5 with Fanny especially when fed. Fed mages can't do 1 vs 5 or even 1 vs 3.

So in conclusion, Fanny is a nuub's favorite when it comes to skills of mage players.

To Fanny mains, please don't derail the thread and tell me how to counter her. Every non-casual player knows how to counter her but just because you can does not mean she's not OP and deserves a nerf. This thread is to compare her to other heroes specifically slow-moving mages and how braindead she is when compared to them.
Post time 2019-3-10 10:40 PM | Show all posts
diwang replied at 2019-3-10 10:14 PM
I agree .

I use aurora rarely.

My GORD can rip a flock of enemies hiding in a bush FROM A DISTANCE

My Eudora can wait and gank any squishy hero from bush, stun=ligthning=ultimate=ez kill.

My Vexana can disrupt aldous, fanny, gusion and take DOT(Damage OVer Time) with burst aoe.

Aurora is the beautiful one - a STUN, A LONG RANGE SPELL burst, and an ULTIMATE that can lockup 5man enemy.

They have their own strengths so take advantage of it.


Yea, these heroes has huge burst damage to compensate their lack of mobility. This guy only thinks of their weakness and probably doesn't know how to use them properly.  Post time 2019-3-11 11:01 AM
Post time 2019-3-9 09:33 PM | Show all posts
The reason why these mages lacks the mobility is because they have the damage and crowd control. Each heroes has their own weaknesses and strengths, just needs to be utilized. This messages goes to everyone that we all should utilize and make use of other heroes other than those meta ones.
Post time 2019-3-9 05:37 PM | Show all posts
Up until now, I can't master Fanny (fml) but of course, it boils down to preference. For example, the mages you have stated are mages that I feel more comfortable with. Slow mages are boring and slow, but build them up good, then they can delete a hero.

Of course, the comparison you made with Fanny is true, since she can also delete a hero. Of course, there are scenarios in which those slow heroes can make a bigger impact than Fanny.

Slow Mage = Huge Burst (?) someone confirm this cause I main Kagura lol


I don't know about other mages, but Gusion on his burst build can do about 17K damage max. - and he's quite mobile with all the blinks. a little hard to use though.  Post time 2019-3-12 01:23 AM
Yea. Their huge AOE burst damages compensates their lack in mobility. Kagura, Cyc, Harley, Lunox, Harith in the other hand are different types of mages.  Post time 2019-3-11 06:04 AM
yep slow mages have high brust  Post time 2019-3-9 07:38 PM
Post time 2019-3-9 05:45 PM | Show all posts
Even though what you said is true but it is very hard to play and master fanny to be honest.
Mages is also hard.
So i will stay in middle.
Post time 2019-3-9 06:53 PM | Show all posts
by saying slow-moving mage, are you saying mages supposed to fast-moving?
if you think those slow-moving mages are hard to master than fanny, wow you must be good on fanny. I dont know why you think they are hard to master. For me, those kind of heroes have simple jobs than other role. They are not core heroes, for me they are more like support. And for fanny, She is the hardest one to master lol

>Slow mages require good mana-management skills...I dont think so. Once I got mana boot for vex or Eudora, I never recall to the base except for HP. How? Killing minions
For Harley (Yes, he's not on the list), I always use Magic Pen Boot and I never have any probs with mana

To be a counter of Fanny, I would pick Eudora. Among those slow-moving heroes, Eudora is the best one to be fanny's nightmare
Post time 2019-3-9 07:21 PM | Show all posts
Well maybe the best word are "Easy to learn, Hard to master". most immobile mage are have a different playstyle and yes it's difficult for people that not used to immobile hero cause most of new hero had some mobility making people not used to this kind of hero.

and for me i think fanny and immobile mage have their own learning experience, but for fanny.. she had more than that immobile hero cause fanny was high mobility means she had more way to play instead just one combo that gonna be used everytime and make outplay with fanny will be more exciting and cool to see for people.
Post time 2019-3-9 07:51 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Ar3neKn1ght at 2019-3-9 07:56 PM

No need worry. With Khufra existence, she no longer pick again cause Khufra 2nd skill is spammable skill and easiest way to counter Fanny flying cable. And then #ripfanny hardly. And Khufra best pairing with all no mobility skill mage, maybe he able to affect meta drastically because most of hero has blink dash (or jump) skill.

Actually I hate flicker madness (or blink meta) cause I like use more no mobility mage.
Post time 2019-3-10 12:48 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Edited by batuzai04123 at 2019-3-10 12:50 PM

Sory i dont get the point of this thread.

Comparing Fanny to Slow Moving Mages is like comparing an "APPLE" to "ORANGE" stuff -which doesnt make sense at the first place.

Based from the details u mentioned - are u trying to imply that this slowing MAGES should be able to CATCHUP. fanny and kill her instantly OR Make FANNY unable to fly to make her weak and become food for everyone?

As a matter of fact , FANNY is not even included in the top 20 most used heroes in mythic tier - she is totally a risk when using against good PLAYERS - take note PLAYERS not HEROES.

This season in more than 200 matches ive encountered in rank match i could say that only less than 10 of my matches dares to use fanny and all of them FAILED really really bad.

Also ur trying to imply that these SLOW MAGES ARE BAD. Which means u dont know what are their strengths and weaknesses- JUST BECAUSE U PLAYED WITH THEM BADLY DOESNT MEAN THAT THEY ARE BAD HEROES.


Exactly what I'm thinking. Comparing mages with assassins is just wrong. Comparing lack-mobility-mages with high-mobility-assassins is just.... holy... I don't know what to say  Post time 2019-3-11 09:35 AM
Post time 2019-3-10 10:14 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
batuzai04123 replied at 2019-3-10 12:48 PM
Sory i dont get the point of this thread.

Comparing Fanny to Slow Moving Mages is like comparing an ...

I agree .

I use aurora rarely.
But when i do , i oftenly 1-shot a fighter lol.
I just wanna say that slow mages is balanced because they have the damage.
(Except for chang'e , she is useless.)
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