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[Hero Techniques] Yunozaki's Guide to Clint

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Edited by Yunozaki at 2019-3-11 07:05 PM

Clint The Wild Wanderer
Clint is one of the earlier Marksman heroes created during Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 's release, known to be a lethal hero in terms of creating large bursts with a single attack during the mid and late game phase. Although he's less picked in the current meta, he's still one of the best Marksman to be able to chip down HPs with a single shot.

Synopsis of his story (Not based on Mastery Code)
Clint is an unknown hero that symbolizes justice in the Wastelands, which anyone born there knows nothing about his whereabouts and reasons to fight. No thieves dare to fight him due to his quick reflexes and magnificent accuracy. He only fights when there's a reason to.

Skills and Playstyles
Passive: Quick Draw
'Each time Clint casts a skill, his next attack penetrates a line of targets, dealing 120% of his base damage.'

S1: Blind Smoke [AoE] (Level 1 - CD: 9.5s, Mana Cost: 80)
'Clint projects a small bomb. dealing 200 (+50% Total Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage to enemies in an area. The basic attacks' hit rate of enemy heroes in the smoke area is decreased by 25% while their movement speeds are decreased by 60%.

S2: Heel Rope [Blink] [CC] (Level 1 - CD: 12.0s, Mana Cost: 65)
'Clint steps back a little and shoots a trap net forward, dealing 140 (+30% Total Physical Attack) (+30% Total Magic Power) points of Physical Damage to the first enemy hit and slowing the enemy.'

S3: Howitzer [AoE] (Level 1 - CD: --, Mana Cost: 65)
'Clint launches a grenade in a specified direction, the grenade explodes and dealing 250(+80% Total Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage on hit. Clint can have up to 5 grenades'.

Skill Build
My personal skill build contains two routes, depending on matches.
Blind Smoke Route:
Blind Smoke Skill Build.JPG

This route is focused more on maxing out S1, its utility can be very efficient for enemies with high attack speed and high pro*lity to retreat in battles. Only be used when enemies early game doesn't have ganking potentials at the start of the game, any heroes with quick dashing skills to gank should take the other route. Otherwise, this is a suggestable build for lane harassing too.

Heel Rope Route:
Heel Rope Skill Build.JPG

Levelling up S2 reduces the cooldown for you to back away from enemies, this is best when enemy heroes contain high ganking potential early game and mid game. Around level 9 - 11, you have the option to max out S2, but this will reduce your damaging potential, so be sure to take in the skills wisely. On another note, be sure to be in the correct position for S2 to hit. If it misses, make sure you're in the safe spot.

About S3 and how to efficiently use it
His Ult can stack up to a maximum of 5, keep in mind that S3 is lethal not just because of the passive spams. Directly hitting the enemy with S3 gives you a starting point for your passive to deal more. If the enemies are clumped up in groups, S3 and S1 help in reducing all of their HP down significantly without the needs to auto attack. Be sure to follow up with basic attacks between skills.

About passive and how to master its utility
Clint's passive enhances your next attack, this is the following trait it provides after using a skill:
1. 120% extra damage.
2. Extra range to the point you can shoot an enemy off screen
3. Penetrating enemies works almost like Moskov.
4. Will only trigger true damage to the first unit hit. (Endless Battle and Thunder Belt)
A. Items that deals true damage has a cooldown of 1.5 seconds, in order to be consistent in keeping the damage to its maximum without wasting try to time it right. They also provide CDR for your Ult to stack up slightly faster, but never try to go too far with your trigger spams or else CDR won't be able to keep up. (This is somewhat unavoidable when it comes to being aware that you're too fast)

B.  I have tested that battle spells will not trigger passive. Just a reminder that battle spells are not considered part of Clint's skill, the passive may have triggered due to some skills being cast then use the battle spells which is why people misunderstood that 'Battle Spells also applies'. It is stated that 'Each time Clint casts a skill', therefore it should not trigger any other spells other than Clint's own skill.

To keep triggering passive attacks be sure to use basic attack between any skills you've used. But speed and rate of triggering it are important, very important. The basic combo should be (Skill > Attack > Skill > Attack), easy right? Indeed it is easy, yet most of the time you'll end up using all your S3 and left with S1 and S2 on cooldown then the next thing happens you either died, recall or go walk around the battlefield poking until your skill's up again.

Timing is important, you don't need to spam everything and expect something good every time. Try to do some basic attacks to enemies then trigger the passive. That way, your skills that are on cooldown should be up for you to shoot again. In case if the enemies are dying and it's out of your basic attack range, no problem! Simply use a skill and you'll get yourself a bonus range to hit it. On a safe note, be sure to dash in an appropriate position.

Supportive Clint
Right, not many will notice this, but Clint's S1 and S2 has very good supportive characteristics. Both skills slow down the enemies' movement and dealing damage at the same time. And S1 reduces the attack speed too! So if your allies are in case ganked or they are in a team fight. Use this skill tactically to enemies who are either chasing or attacking. Maybe you'll get yourself a turnaround and gain a kill as a bonus.

Here are some precautions when using Clint, it's not really a big problem for experienced players though.
1. Positioning
Similar to Moskov, Clint needs to be in very good condition in terms of positioning. Since his passive triggers, the penetrating attacks the player shouldn't waste this on one enemy when there's like four others who barely received any damage. At the same time, you can't expect to be in a safe spot either as many may target you as a threat in team fights. Try to make sure you're in a position where it's hard for them to locate you and chase you unless Aldous is involved. Rely on your allies to cover that up, be sure to avoid soloing places too much.

2. Targeting Method
When I play Marksman, it's always important to change the targeting method to closest to enemies as I will end up walking back and forth while targeting the lowest HP which is not in my range at all (But somehow the system says 'yes!'). Clint is no exception, but since he's a unique hero that is able to penetrate units as well as shoot a far range. His targeting method can still change to 'Lowest HP' instead.

3. Don't get too reckless
I'll strictly say this, once you have enough damage to easily kill one or two enemies don't get too overconfident when trying to enter the battle again. Stay focus and never look down on your enemies regardless of them being either Marksman, Assassin or Support. Most players tend to mess up their positions after trying to attempt to stay in the front line without waiting for allies to come and help.

Oh good lord, I only have one build, I never bothered to change it unless some criteria are met.
Meme Clint.JPG
Alright let me break this down:
Value basic attack damage more than true damage (Berserker Fury --> Endless Battle)
Most Clint players would go Endless Battle, it's his core after all and it provides a lot of benefits. The problem here is the amount of time needed to get this item, it's very expensive and around the fifth minute, you'll only have to farm 680 Gold to finalize the item. The issue here is EB's true damage trigger relies on your maximum physical damage in a percentage. This is too risky and you may have farmed it while at the same time barely made any kills.

Think of it this way, if you're too focused on going EB, you'll not only have less damage to farm lanes, jungles and heroes. You'll also waste too many time just to get the first two items when Berserker Fury's two +8% Crit chance item is relatively cheap.

I used to say this when I played Clint in the first 20 matches:
"But after I'm done with EB as my first item, I'll be able to deal true damage right? It can't be reduced after all. Therefore I can take up kills easier!"

Here's the issue in this statement, Berserker Fury provides better physical damage which benefits Clint's passive as well as his crit chance. Which means it's easier for you to hit enemies 120% physical damage bonus + Crit (20%+ chance). Which means you kill faster, meaning you'll get gold faster.

Don't Skip Items
Here's a guide (Based on experience) in increasing farming efficiency:
"Okay, I need to farm fast, maybe I'll skip boots and on to my cores"

This is a bad move, and a risky one. You'll never be able to get enough speed to move across battlefields and retreating when ganked. Prioritize Swift Boots gives me the chance to end jungle monsters and minions faster. Which means I can shift through other lanes and leech out some gold too, and if lucky, I may be able to get a kill.

In order to increase my farming efficiency, I have to move fast too. Take any opportunities to kill off jungle monsters and clear lanes by abusing both S1 and S3. Never waste your S2 on minions, only jungle monsters. That 120% extra damage may look less but at least it's good enough for you to make quick bucks. As for ganks, just join. I may not have enough damage, but I can still contribute to slowing enemies down and perform moderate burstings.
Other Available Builds
Here are some other builds I've planned out and reviewed after reading the comments, you can see which one suits you well and perhaps you can also do some nice tweaking with it either
Wind of Nature.JPG Windtalker& Attack Speed.JPG Thunder Belt.JPG Demon Shoes.JPG 2 Berserker's Fury.JPG

So let's discuss the other common items suggested
Windtalker & Wind of Nature
I'll have to say these two items are very cheap and pretty good for you in both mid and late game.
The similarity of these two items is that they both grants extra attack speed.
Wind of Nature - Gives you Immunity to physical attacks for a short amount of time, 15% physical life steal benefits your passive triggers but only on one unit.

Windtalker - More attack speed, meaning more life stealing potential when coming along with Endless Battle, even its passive gives you more movement speed including a slight increase in crit chance.

These two items contribute more on gaining attack speed and beneficial passive, but one thing for sure these two wouldn't be enough for you to deal more when triggering passive. Meaning you'll have to rely on fast basic attacks instead, in this case making into this build will be similar to Layla. On the bright side here your chance to survive in team fights is better.

Thunder Belt & Demon Shoes
I'll be straight for this, Demon Shoes gives you the chance to be involved more in battle since there's no mana depletion. In case that happens, simply kill a minion or two and your mana will come back once more. Nothing much will change if you shift between boots, well... Except for Arcane Boots (But then again, Clint's S2 has magic damage)

Thunder Belt is an optional build, this item is both offence and defence at the same time, a pretty good combo when combining with Endless Battle. I can say for sure that this particular item has more pros (Slow, CDR, HP, Armor, True Damage) than cons. The problem here is you may have wasted its true damage potential when fighting against groups. Meaning Clint's passive trigger + True Damage will hit the first person in front and it may be a tank, 1.5 seconds cooldown will not be a big issue, but in special cases, Clint needs to consistently deal as much as he can against weaker enemies and all those damage will be absorbed by one single tank.

Two Berserker's Fury
Need I say more? Two Furies were one of my earlier builds when I started playing Clint, they don't provide attack speed and still increases the same amount of crit chance. However, it provides bonus physical attack, therefore more crit damage, therefore better kills. If you decide to choose this, know that you can't poke as hard but your trigger passive will hit harder.

Emblem Choice
In this section I will only explain the two emblem I chose, but I will also explain how and why some of the emblems work and won't work on future updates.
Marksman Emblem:
In the first row I decided to take in more damage as it benefits the passive very well, also clears up lanes pretty good!
The second row is more focused on getting that efficiency in Crit damage, since getting Berserker Fury early game provides me with a very nice amount of damage.
As for the third row, I chose this talent as it benefits me in running away much further thanks to the passive's range bonus. As a bonus, it heals me a little bit too
Marksman Emblem.JPG

Assassin Emblem:
The first row is focused on movement speed. Of course, I have to be in my position fast and I can also roam around the battlefield with less time needed.
Second row is focused on penetrating defenses, even if the passive gives me 120% extra damage it still possible to be blocked by thick armor.
The talent I choose acts as an emergency survival kit, upon getting a kill I don't need to hit any other minions and jungles just to get those HP back, in addition I'll be able to move around better.
Assassin Emblem.JPG

Author's Note: I apologize for months of delaying this project as I was very busy with work. I also spent some time experimenting and playing MLBB for the Expert badges. There will be additional information on Mastery code tasks as well as a new thread guide on how to understand [Hero Name].

Change Logs:
[9/03/2019 1:18 AM]
- Added Clint's Basic Info
- Added Builds
- Added Skill build
- Added Emblem choices

[10/03/2019 12:45 AM]
- Added extra builds
- Added additional info of new items.

[11/03/2019 7:03PM]
- Added extra info regarding Clint's passive trigger and true damage cooldown
- An extra precaution added
- Information regarding Clint's passive and battle spells explained
 Author| Post time 2019-3-9 03:49 PM | Show all posts
iri replied at 2019-3-9 01:49 PM
Thankyou very much for the tips. I thought I'm already a pro Clint, but after reading your tips, I r ...

I used to be in the top locals, but I decided to stay low and going up with Tigreal since many wants to become a Marksman XD

Clint with attack speed is a bonus, in most team fights it's better to not expose your passive too often or else it's obvious that you're going to run out of ammo to trigger spam. Again Thunder Belt or Wind or Nature are good items when focusing on going defensive, it does cost you your max damage output though.

And two Berserker Fury(s)? Oh how I missed that build, I think I'll add that as a discussion subject in this guide!
Post time 2019-3-9 05:08 AM | Show all posts
great guide i have similar a build but in my opinion thunder belt is a better item than phantom for clint since the slow helps with kills and can help keep them in the smoke cloud longer while you dish out massive damage of course the true damage is just a great bonus with the extra mana and armour


It's kind of a drawback if the true damage trigger unintentionally hits the first person in front. But still it's a defensive and offensive item, I'll update the builds later!  Post time 2019-3-9 11:47 AM
Post time 2019-3-9 06:40 AM | Show all posts
Thank you for writing your 2nd guide.
I really enjoyed your first ruby guide.
I did follow and made good progress so far with ruby.
And this clint guide as i can tell you by far one of the best guide on clint in this forum.
Skill details, item details, strategy, tips, what to do what not to do and also the weakness of clint.
Most important, how to use his passive at its best.
Most of the guide or even in youtube players tend to avoid the passive part.
Hero passive is very important and even in mythic there are lots of players who play a specific hero but dont know what is his passive or how to use hero passive well.
Thanks for the guide.
I am making this sticky for 1 week.
Post time 2019-3-9 09:57 AM | Show all posts
Thanks for this in-depth guide of Clint uwu. But imo, you should also put other builds as well. I suggest putting Demon Shoes as it helps in the grinding and the risk of not going back for some mana. If going for attack speed, it's always wise to go for windtalker for a faster att spd and cheaper one. Malefic Roar should be optional and put at the last because it'll entirely depend in the enemy team's lineup or build. But overall, nice guide and keep up the good work! uwu


I'll update on the usage of Demon boots and Windtalker, at the same time I'm going to think of a suitable build lineup with these two items too X)  Post time 2019-3-9 12:03 PM
 Author| Post time 2019-3-9 12:37 PM | Show all posts
BD007 replied at 2019-3-9 06:40 AM
Thank you for writing your 2nd guide.
I really enjoyed your first ruby guide.
I did follow and made  ...

I guess I can understand that making a guide with a video is very tough. Most of the MLBB-related videos contains people showing off their plays which misguided many individuals, while some of them are well written and explained.

I'm glad you enjoyed my other guides, I've been enjoying writing most of them so far and it feels like I can write another one anytime soon.
Post time 2019-3-9 01:49 PM | Show all posts
Thankyou very much for the tips. I thought I'm already a pro Clint, but after reading your tips, I realize how nuub I am with Clint
But I don't know, I never really give Clint atk spd. I always build him with more damage. Sometimes I use 2 Berserker's Fury, sometimes I use Thunder Belt or Wind of Nature for sustain.
Post time 2019-3-9 08:15 PM | Show all posts
Yunozaki replied at 2019-3-9 12:37 PM
I guess I can understand that making a guide with a video is very tough. Most of the MLBB-related  ...

Cant wait to see more from you in future.
Keep up the good work.
Post time 2019-3-10 05:58 PM | Show all posts
passive have cd. starts with 1.5sec if not mistaken. cd reduction item reduce passive cd too. basically just watch your ulti availabiliti. do not use other skill after ulti before it refreshed. also passive trigger after battle skill  such as blink or retribution. you can kill squishy in 2 passive proc end game. full combo you should able to kill 4 squishy.
Post time 2019-3-11 06:16 AM | Show all posts
Nice very detailed. What an effort. :)
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