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[Complaint] Why they nerf sun again?

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Post time 2019-3-8 06:55 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts |Read mode

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They nerf his passive down to 6 damage reduction. He was already balance and no one complained he was to strong. So why would they nerf him?
Post time 2019-3-9 04:14 AM | Show all posts
Because developers are usuless.

Players live in different MLBB
Developers live in different MLBB
Really i would like to meet with developer who set hero adjustments.I would like to know his/her psychology.I would like to know his/her reasons..


"Really i would like to meet with developer" hehehe nice VIP :) I like to imagine you having a meeting with them bro LOLS Please ask MotherJohn to accompany you. I'm sure it will be a blood bath haha   Post time 2019-3-11 06:24 AM
Post time 2019-3-8 11:37 PM | Show all posts
he's not balanced. he's too weak with his current hero lock second skill. the old dash was much better. sun is lethal if you let him get close enough with that insane slow effect from corrosion and his clones. but if he can't get close he can't do much
Post time 2019-3-8 11:56 PM | Show all posts
From 30% to 24% and now 18% maximum defense reduction, that's too much on nerfing the monkey king. Now I wish they should bring back Sun's old Skill 2 which has the escaping capability.
Post time 2019-3-8 11:59 PM | Show all posts
is this from the Advanced server?... from my phone it looks still at 8%. just some weird typo.



I think it will be on the upcoming update bro.  Post time 2019-3-11 06:25 AM
Post time 2019-3-9 12:42 AM | Show all posts
Yeah, I feels Sun is okay right now. his damage is insane but weak in defense. but the changes have go on, let's give more feedback about that before it's come out to original server. XD

@ag273n yep, this is the last patch which release yesterday in advanced server. check this one bro ... hread&tid=69111


thanks man. I liked the 10% reduction, the 8% was ok. but the 6%... - its making me think I need to main other heroes now. :(  Post time 2019-3-9 01:39 AM
Post time 2019-3-9 04:34 AM | Show all posts
old Sun is better has charge/escape skill

Sun now is only good for turtle and lord
and tower if no one is defending
now if he jumped into battle he cant escape anymore

he will still be strong even if they remove his passive because he is like Claude gets his damage from multiple hits
sun with 2 clones + DHS = OP damage
just like Claude with Dexter


old passive is better gives perma illusion. old 2nd skill is better too . new ulti is the only buff that sun get from new version. flickers CD is too long  Post time 2019-3-11 07:05 PM
True I agree with you, but I prefer the new sun anyway there's Flicker.  Post time 2019-3-11 06:27 AM
sun's base armour though - its very weak against mages.  Post time 2019-3-9 08:39 AM
Post time 2019-3-9 06:49 AM | Show all posts
If you dont know, sun is heavily used on higher ello rank match.
I dont know this 1 week ago.
but recently i saw some videos and i checked myself to find out and it is true.
But as you can see his clone now can get the attack speed item advantage wont be that good enough?


some says its a method for calculating the relative skill levels of players. some says it means "Expected to loose" idk with MLBB  Post time 2019-3-11 06:30 AM
whats "ello rank" ?....  Post time 2019-3-9 08:37 AM
Post time 2019-3-9 04:22 PM | Show all posts
devs nerfin heroes like Sun but keeps braindead heroes like Fanny OP. Really goes to show that devs don't know what they're doing.


don't we all have heroes we hate.  Post time 2019-3-11 11:27 PM
Post time 2019-3-9 08:18 PM | Show all posts
BD007 replied at 2019-3-9 06:49 AM
If you dont know, sun is heavily used on higher ello rank match.
I dont know this 1 week ago.
but re ...

Elo is a common word to mean ranking division.
Higher elo means higher rank division.


thanks BD007 :)  Post time 2019-3-11 11:26 PM
There you go :)  Post time 2019-3-11 06:31 AM
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