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[Gameplay] New Rank Match Making Options

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  Season 11 is a really bad one for me as I'm struggling to get to Mythical. I'm soloing the rank 99% of the time and it's giving me a feeling that soloing to mythic is something impossible. The enemy team is always stronger than mine and they always have better heroes picked than my team. Sometimes, I can already tell I'm gonna lose the match even at the draft picking itself.

  Most of the time people are so selfish or should I say they have big ego that they don't wanna choose other heroes or roles to balance the team composition. They just choose whatever they want regardless what the team has already picked. I'm now in Epic rank and it's a long way to mythic but I've seen people doing it solo so I think I might have a shot.

  Put aside players' skill, the team composition is important too as it can affect the game play a lot, to the degree of winning or losing a match. The worst team compostions that I ever got were 2 mm and 3 mages, and another one is 3 mm, 1 mage and 1 fighter. I don't know for other rank, but for epic, it's like no one wants to play tank, everyone wanna play mage/mm.

  Therefore, I'd like to suggest to the dev to add in options for rank match making which can be draft picked (epic onwards).

  There will be mutilple options to choose from when we are waiting in the queue lobby before pressing the START button. The options are as following with a few predefined team compositions.

  •   Normal - the one that we have now, players can choose whatever role they like
  •   Option 1 - 2 tanks + 1 mage + 1 assassin + 1 mm
  •   Option 2 - 1 tank + 1 fighter + 1 mage + 1 assassin + 1 mm
  •   Option 3 - 2 tanks + 2 mages + 1 assassin
  •   Option 4 - 2 tank + 2 assassins + 1 mage

  For example if I choose option 1 and choose to play mage, the game will queue me and search for other players who chose option 1 and fill up all the roles required. When all players with the desired roles are ready, then we can start the draft pick. During draft pick, players can only choose heroes of the roles they have chosen. For example, I can only choose a mage and not other roles because I have chosen to play mage. Heroes with multiple roles, for example gusion (mage/assassin) will be selectable for players who choose to play assassin or mage.

  I know this isn't perfect and I'm sure it has its own issues too like what if I only have 2 mages lunox and harith and both of them are banned, then what can I choose? Maybe if that happens, the game will allow me to choose other roles to solve the issue.

  This can somehow make the team composition more balanced. What do you think of this idea?

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Edited by shinzen at 2019-2-20 04:12 PM

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I feel you, shinzen...Been in lost streak for 2 days...then I stop playing rank and just do classic...surprisingly i got my 9 win streak in classic ironic...  Post time 2019-2-21 11:20 AM
Post time 2019-2-25 04:50 AM | Show all posts
Dexter99 replied at 2019-2-24 12:28 PM
mvp should not be for those who got the most kills but rather those who destroy towers as well as  ...

I 100% agree on this.

In my humble experience and observation, most players go for kills, that's why they pick mm, mage, assasin, etc.

If Moonton keeps rewarding them titles (MVP), then it changes nothing. Players like this is just about themselves. It's like they want to prove they are the best through getting MVP, even if their team loses, big deal, they get MVP.

@BD007 possible to change this or get attention of this thread to Dev (if not already)? I don't see the point on creating a new thread /  post with the same information and discussion. We have already spent so much time writing up our ideas here.

Post time 2019-2-24 10:28 AM | Show all posts
Star2Dust replied at 2019-2-24 05:48 AM
yeah i don't understand this.... i thought the objective of the game is;
- Destroy the enemy tower ...

mvp should not be for those who got the most kills but rather those who destroy towers as well as assists.
Post time 2019-2-21 06:56 PM | Show all posts
Star2Dust replied at 2019-2-21 12:32 PM
This is a "TEAM game".
The objective is to destroy the enemy HQ as a team, before they destroy your ...

majority of the rank games that I lost was due to nobody want to destroy towers or kill lord. most of the players are only interested in getting the most kills.
Post time 2019-2-21 05:21 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Star2Dust at 2019-2-21 07:23 AM

@kampungnafri kampungnafri For the developers to implement this, you have to play a NEW GAME.
It's called getting more official forum subscribers to up vote your post / idea.

I'm up voting on this one. You have articulated sooooo well the issues around solo ranking to Mythic.
Or even just solo ranking up in Street/Neighborhood rank.

Using the buttons below your original post

- I have Favourted this (so that i can find it again easily)
- I have Shared this (which adds it to my wall on official forums so others who MIGHT see my wall can find the post easily too).


@Star2Dust, thank you so much for your support...really hope this gets implemented in the game.  Post time 2019-2-21 11:25 AM
Post time 2019-2-21 05:48 AM | Show all posts
This one! SERIOUSLY! I hate when they take forever choosing a hero, just to choose to be the 3rd marksman! They make the team unbalanced af! Then they rely on the other players because they are too fragile... I can't stand a MM who can't help push the game. To me, you're not a worthy MM if you can't destroy most of the turrets.
Speaking of turrets, don't you hate it when they can't understand that the most important part of a match is getting to the enemies' base? I hate playing with a Karina, Karrie or Alucard! They do nothing but jungle! They spend minutes buff killing then steal kills. The problem is sometimes they die within a minute or two! SO LITERALLY THEY WASTED EVERYONE'S TIME. Absurd when they see a turret getting destroyed and still do nothing about it because THERE'S NO ONE TO KILL THERE. The MVP valuation should be changed! I get players being MVP even when they did not even touch a single turret!
Post time 2019-2-20 03:59 PM | Show all posts
Edited by shinzen at 2019-2-20 04:02 PM

Grandmaster to Epic is a nightmare rank - it contains alot of new players (Grandmaster)& toxic players on epic rank, I am still on legend rank and Since am also a soloque player, I’m afraid to match up with epics since it was a really toxic rank.

I started play ML lastyear July and reach Legend season 10, after that season I go back Epic IV, rankup again reach Legend again

But I stop playing rank from now on coz I dont want matchup with EPICS & GRANDMASTER,

I can adjust myself as a figther, tank, mage or even assasin (Chou,mino,selena,cyclops,etc any meta heroes that I have that I can play and master it,

But, even you know how to adjust your role, CAN YOU TRUST the EPIC ASSASIN? GRANDMASTER TANK?

Sometimes was good composition,but inside the rank game, EPIC RANK TANK dont know how to rotate

They think they are a pusher, and most of the time greedy players,
They dont know their roles! Others are farming while your towers are getting destroyed


agree. Epic tier is Hell  Post time 2019-2-21 03:58 PM
Post time 2019-2-20 05:11 PM | Show all posts
this I agree. gm and epic got lots of troll players. the worst I got was 4 mm in 1 team. not only this, there are also quite alot of players who afk halfway in the game. I also encountered epic players who are dumb enough to tower dive without minions thinking they won't die from tower damage.
Post time 2019-2-20 08:50 PM | Show all posts
I love your idea and I seriously hope the developer will take a note on these suggestion
Post time 2019-2-21 08:06 AM | Show all posts
Very good idea.
I played rank without tanks some times.
This season me too had hard time reaching mythical glory.
I think below epic or legend we need this kind of formation.
Legend or mythic already aware of this and they normally 99% time pick balanced hero to make proper team i guess.


Thanks BD007! Appreciate your help to forward this to the devs and hopefully they like the idea and implement it in the game.  Post time 2019-2-21 11:27 AM
 Author| Post time 2019-2-21 11:23 AM | Show all posts
Panda. replied at 2019-2-21 05:48 AM
This one! SERIOUSLY! I hate when they take forever choosing a hero, just to choose to be the 3rd mar ...

Totally agree with you on how the system is rewarding a player with seems like it is solely based on the no of kills you got...The devs should give more points to destroying a turret than getting a kill...then everyone will start pushing instead of go hunting for kills...
Post time 2019-2-21 12:21 PM | Show all posts
kampungnafri replied at 2019-2-21 11:23 AM
Totally agree with you on how the system is rewarding a player with seems like it is sole ...

This literally just happened to me! This Zilong went around complaining about me and Miya getting killed, calling us nabs and *e. We lost, he got the MVP and guess what? 0% damage on the turrets!
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