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[Hero Concept] New Assasins : Claudia - Rose Petal

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ROLE: Assasins
SPECIALIST: Poke / Burst Damage

Claudia's ability above ground level is extraordinary, even no enemy can touch it at this time. It took a very hard training to make Claudia this strong. To be someone stronger, Claudia visited a battleground in a big city. But when Claudia was about to fight, suddenly the demon army made a massive invasion. To stop the invasion, Claudia must kill them all. But the leader of the demon army, Thamuz managed to defeat him and made Claudia unconscious.

When Claudia woke up, all the arena venues had been smashed to pieces. To be able to become even stronger and defeat Thamuz he must come to the Land of Dawn which is currently going on a big war. Of course with more mature preparation, Claudia will be careful in fighting and won't make the same mistake a second time.

Fighting over rock towers or higher places makes attacks more effective and efficient. Basic attack hero areas are equivalent to marksman or mage in general and deals are 100% Critical Hits. (Only applies when the hero is on a rock or a higher place)

Note: Needing very high skill control is at least equivalent to Fanny or it might be more difficult.

SKILL 1: ROCK TOWER (Mana: 0 / CD: 4s (-0.5s each skill reaches level 2/4/6))
Make a rock tower or a higher place, then the hero will jump to the tower to prevent the hero from being hit by the enemy. The tower has an HP equivalent to 50% (+ 5% each skill leveling up) the maximum HP hero. After successfully jumping, the next basic attack generates 5% (+ 1% of each skill leveling up) the current number of enemy HP is in addition to Physical Damage [+ 60% Attack Power] and can be accumulated by passive hero. The tower will break itself if the HP tower reaches 0 or the hero jumps to another tower. If the tower is destroyed before the hero jumps to another stone tower, the hero will fall and cannot move for 1 second.

Note: The tower does not have a lifesteal or vamp effect when the hero attacks, the HP Tower will not increase. And some certain hero attacks like Fanny can ignore the HP tower and deals a damage to the Hero HP directly. In addition, the Hero is not immune to CC when above the tower, so enemy CC attacks can stop the hero from doing this skill again.

SKILL 2: DOUBLE SMASH (Mana: 0 / CD: 11s (-2s each skill reaches level 3/6))
Jump up and hit the enemy with one of the whips, resulting in stun for 1 second. This skill can be used twice and each use of this skill has a lag time of 0.4 seconds. Every hero deals whip attacks 312 (+45 each skill level up) Physcal Damage. [+ 100% attack Power]

Note: Surely doing passive combos, skill 1 and skill 2 are not easy. Need very high control (as I explained earlier).

ULTIMATE SKILL: WHIRL WIND (Mana: 0 / CD: 21s (-3s each skill reaches level 8/12))
Do a round attack that locks back enemies for 2 seconds. Deals 400 (+62 each skill level) Physical Damage area every 0.4s [+ 80% Attack Power].

Note: This skill is almost the same as Akai's Ultimate skill, the difference between a hero is not moving but when on a rock, the skill area becomes wider (because of the passive hero). This skill can also be combined with other skills, especially if the stone mobile is low and intends to keep the hero away from the enemy CC hero.



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Ok so. 2nd picture is really hot, i would really love to see her ingame... i think she can be an assasin...
The skills tho` sound a bit complicated..increasing her damage and so when she's near walls..sounds a bit like Grock and it's interesting..but putting rocks on the map and climbing on top of them..sounds a bit complicated..
Post time 2019-2-13 04:05 AM | Show all posts
Very interesting passive and 1st skill.
The tower theory is first i heard here.
Instead of tower hp depends on hero hp, if that can depend on hybrid hp and total attack that would be good. Although the tower seems op but it is well balanced because tower does not have life steal and fanny can hit hero directly.
Overall very cool concept. Please submit this to in game cs as well.
Post time 2019-2-22 10:47 PM | Show all posts
Nice Pictures there.
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