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[Share] This season's most OP heroes (unbanned)

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Edited by FALTERWANG at 2019-2-12 07:55 AM

So we know there are some meta heroes that are usually unbanned. They either have exceptional sustain, dmg, abilities, or any combinations of those. Let's take a look at who they are and why them. Please note this list is based off my opinion and experiences. Many may disagree, but I believe some will see eye to eye with me. As you will see, the list is numbered, but that doesnt mean it's the ranking of the hero. It's just whatever comes to my mind first. This is a long list, so dont worry about reading ALL of it. Feel free to give me your opinions and feedback on this list
Marksmen (ADC)

1) Moskov - This may be the most disagreed with. Moskov has exceptional farming speed early game, because of his passive and attack speed bonus. The damage he deals late game is crazy, and add a little bit of Lifesteal + his insane attack speed and constant blinking, he's one of the most powerful marksmen this season. If you're wondering why he's so hard to kill, it's probably because Lifesteal works on his passive, and despite having a small range, he can reach you with his passive, which deals quite a lot of dmg

2) Karrie - How do I start? Her passive, which deals true dmg based on target's max HP, along with any other true dmg dealing items, makes her absolutely crazy. She shreds through tanks like paper, and you may see that many Karries nowadays build at least two defense items (not including Wind of Nature). She's great at countering sustainable enemy compositions (two tank, or even high Lifesteal enemies) and would be my number one choice for countering Aldous. Her constant jumping with skill 2 and the CD reduction that reduces the CD of mainly Ultimate and skill 2 definitely doesnt help

3) Claude - In many scenarios, yes he would be a good ban. Nowadays we rankers dont see him as much of a threat. If we want Claude, we ban Chou. If Chou isnt banned, hes probably the number one counter for Claude. Claude does an exceptional job at pushing, farming (Ultimate on minions like the old Haya), and deals A LOT (21 Savage here) of damage. The Golden Staff plus Demon Hunter Sword combo makes it easy to melt enemies, and works GREAT on tanks, especially with Malefic Roar. He's probably the most mobile of all marksmen and can rotate effeciently and deals plenty of dmg with just one item

Tanks/Supports (very lonnngg lissssst)

1) Minotaur - Probably one of the tankiest tanks in the game. Despite having only one CC skill (that only works when he's in rage mode), it can severly wreck your team, especially with enemies like Alice or Claude with very good area dmg dealing capabilities. In rage mode, he's a very tough nut to crack, but easy to kill when he's back to normal

2) Gatot Kaca - Very good CC skill. He's probably the only tank that can redirect enemies attention, and stop assassins from targeting your main dmg dealers. When his HP his low, he becomes almost unkillable, and can also deal some decent dmg for the team. His Ultimate is an amazing initiating ability, maybe better than Johnson's

3) Kaja - He's like the bird version of Chou. With his sustainability and mobility, he can use Ultimate to easily pull you away from your team, and you cant do anything about it. It becomes easy for your enemies to kill you, so be sure to stay away from this bird (unless he's your ally, because friendly birds are good brids)

4) Diggie - Despite being looked down upon, he's the best support since his release and can stop almost any enemies frome escaping and messing up your team composition. His skill 1 is quite useless in my opinion, but skill 2 and Ultimate are amazing. Ultimate removes any CC effects within range (basically making your allies immune to stuns and other CC abilities) and provides a shield that really helps allies absorb more dmg

5) Angela - Definitely the best support in-game right now. Upon reaching level 4 and having no CD on Ultimate, she can appear anywhere in the battle field and support allies. She works with all roles (except other supports). In my opinion, she works best with fighters because they have great sustainability and deal very good dmg. The heal and movement speed boosts makes the two almost unstoppable

6) Akai - Though some may disagree, Akai is one of the least tankiest heroes early game. The shield provided after casting a skill isnt that much, and I think he's only good for CC. Akai's an amazing ambusher and deals quite a bit of dmg. He has area stun (skill 2 + skill 1) and also adds an Ultimate that pins an enemy to a wall and disables them in all the ways you can think of (dealing dmg, stunning your team, etc)

Mage (not including assassins)

1) Harley -  Picked almost every match I've been in. He's an amazing ganker, and deals A LOT of dmg late game (great kill stealer early game). He farms fast, is almost uncatchable, and the best mage assassin (lel)

2) Aurora - One of the best gankers as well as having an uncancellable CC ability? Her dmg to frozen enemies is ABSOLUTELY INSANE and the rework of Lightning Truncheon and her recent mana buffs dont help at all. If positioned correctly, she can devastate your entire team with just a single freeze with her Ultimate. Many will disagree, but I think she's one of the best mages and the buffs make her OUTSTANDING


1) Gusion - Deals magic dmg (and A LOT of it), insane mobility, and can kill at the speed of light. Gusion is probably the number one most picked assassin, and deals a lot of dmg. People still underestimate him, but with the right player, he can dominate any game and change your opinion

2) Lancelot (waht) - Why him?! The recent nerfs and new heroes make him absolutely suck. Wrong. The two immunity skills and his constant dashing, he is probably the most mobile and deadly physical assassin. Yes, the build has everything to do with it. The trick is not being too aggressive. He's an amazing ganker, and despite recent nerfs, and is probably just as good as Gusion in the right hands

3) The CC assassins (Saber, Natalia, and Helcurt) - So I dont wanna make this list too long, so I combined these three. Natalia and Helcurt are great split pushers, and have some pretty good mobility. Their silence can turn the tables of many teamfights, and are usually the most unstoppable in 1v1s. Saber can counter almost any hero (best for Claude) and deals a lot of dmg with his Ultimate if built correctly

4) Selena - An unstoppable monster early game. You'd be surprised at how many people dont know how to dodge her "arrow" and just stand there like a complete idiot. Despite the many nerfs, shes still crazy early game, and can easily take out weak, early-game marksmen, fighters, mages, and even other assassins. Her dmg is still pretty crazy and can kill you with just 2-3 hits (include critical build and you'd get pretty *ed up)

Fighters (and end of list)

1) Chou - First picked in almost every hero selection. His dmg buff makes him one of the best "assassins" and his CC is very good. He can counter any hero (except king bird Diggie). He can still be built as a tank/support, but know that hes not as tanky as he was before (skill 2 immunity -> 50% dmg reduction -> useless shield). He's now more dmg based, and I would recommend building him with some dmg. He's also the best hero to counter Aldous, so make sure to learn when to use your skills and who to focus on

2) Leomord -  Fast farmer/wave clearer, amazing mobility (with Ultimate), and can deal lots of high dmg. All his dmg dealing capabilities are area based, making him a great teamfighter. Low HP enemies are usually dead as soon as he appears on the battlefield, as his passive increases his basic attack dmg towards low HP enemies. His sustainability is almost unimaginable, because the Spellvamp and Lifesteal combined from basic attacks and skill dmg make him fill in the spot as a second tank

3) Minsitthar - Wait, whatttt?! Franco 2.0 is a OP fighter? The answer is most definitely yes. His Ultimate stops almost every hero's combo (even Chou, and especially Leomord) He has very good CC and amazing in teamfights. He is best known for stopping Fanny, Chou, Leomord, Gusion, Lancelot, Claude, and screws up Moskov. The hardest part is learning how to play and master him. Just know that he cant counter every hero, and should only be picked when against the following heroes

Thats it for the list. Be sure to leave a feedback and let me know what you think. Yes, my list is not what everyone is gonna agree with, but it lets people know who to watch out for in battle. Good luck and have a good day.

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i agree with everything apart from the tanks what about grock he is tank that has great synergy capabilities he can do wonder with gussion,helcurt,harley,moskov and alot of heroes from your list
 Author| Post time 2019-2-11 03:32 AM | Show all posts
Rexsamz replied at 2019-2-11 03:15 AM
i agree with everything apart from the tanks what about grock he is tank that has great synergy capa ...

yes but the only cc he has is a wall (which can be easily dashed over) and a high dmg knock-up ultimate. I think he should be used more as a support to deal some dmg for the team. He has slows, a wall, and knockup, but thats about it. He isnt a single-use teamfighting CCer (gatot/johnson) nor a strong single-target CCer like Franco. He's good at ganking and helping allies farm faster, and thats about it
Post time 2019-2-11 04:16 AM | Show all posts
FALTERWANG replied at 2019-2-11 03:32 AM
yes but the only cc he has is a wall (which can be easily dashed over) and a high dmg knock-up ult ...

''ganking and helping allies farm faster''which is what help the op heroes to dominate but did you forget his tankiness near walls or turrets and cc immunity allowing him to absorb johnson and gato like nothing or the ability to stop people from defending their turrets with a wall and his ult is damage knock up kinda like mino but require better aiming.. yea this was a pointless rant you were right sorry mino and gato are better than grock
 Author| Post time 2019-2-11 04:33 AM | Show all posts
Rexsamz replied at 2019-2-11 04:16 AM
''ganking and helping allies farm faster''which is what help the op heroes to dominate but did yo ...

lol when i say good tank i meant that the hero is good crowd controller yet sustainable at the same time. Grock isnt a very good CCer but can take some serious hits, so yes he fits in the "sustainable" category. Uranus is also very sustainable yet doesnt have good CC to help team (except his Ultimate, which only makes him a lock-on Franco), hence why hes not a great tank. The new revamp will make him very tanky, but useless in fights when hes trying to help his team (also idk why i dragged ur anus to this conversation xd)


nice one but im concerned about your metal xd  Post time 2019-2-11 06:12 AM
Post time 2019-2-11 04:33 AM | Show all posts
I agree most of them.
But i want to add 3 heroes including claude as mm, now claude and karrie are meta mm for me.
Belerick as tank. he is so strong against attack speed based hero like claude, moscov, irithel, sun etc.
And with his revamp coming, he will become meta hero.
And last thamuz as fighter. Only fighter i think can counter aldous at any time. his insane hp regen in ultimate and true damage can be fatal for any enemy
 Author| Post time 2019-2-11 04:40 AM | Show all posts
Edited by FALTERWANG at 2019-2-11 04:43 AM
BD007 replied at 2019-2-11 04:33 AM
I agree most of them.
But i want to add 3 heroes including claude as mm, now claude and karrie are m ...

Im a bit skeptical with Thamuz, because he's like Alucarrd and Argus, too easily stopped by CC yet is very sustainable and can deal high dmg. And How does thamuz counter Aldous? I know despite Aldous having a shield, THamuz can still regen a lot of HP, but can still be easily killed with 3-4 punches. Claude is still banned very often, and more often than Chou and Gusion. karrie is already up there

Not disagreeing with this, but we're talking about this season (before the next HUGE update). Belerick can take serious hits and deal pretty high dmg, but not that great of a CCer. The point of a tank is to control his enemies and take hits for his team. Belerick fits in the sustainable side with his heal and ult, but not that great of a controller. The revamp will definitely make him crazy and one of the best tanks around
Post time 2019-2-11 11:06 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
By assuming the top 5 banned heroes are harith,kimmy,lunox,aldous,and chou. I quite agree with your list, but of course some heroes should be added to this list as well.
For Tanks Grock and Akai are a strong pick, both of them deal a lot damage on early game, very good at ganking, and good at turret dive, plus akai can be used to counter Aldous or any dive heroes.
For support, indeed diggie and angela are stronger than any other support, but not good enough to be considered as meta heroes.
For marksman claude is the strongest early to mid game mm right now
For mage i dont think gord is op, but if you insist to put him on the list then kagura and alice should be on the list too. Kagura is still a strong midlaner, and alice has a good cc skill and a very good sustainabilty.
For assassin role selena and hayabusa should be on the list while saber and natalia shouldn't. Selena can dominate the lane when she reach lv2, and also good for ganking, while haya is a strong splitpusher and a solo laner. For nata she need a lot of farm and many heroes can counter her, while for saber i think his skill is not enough for an assassin a lot better heroes have lockdown skill like chou, kaja, akai, etc.
For fighter i really agree with that list maybe just add some honorobale mention for thamuz and lapu. Both of them are good heroes but i dont consider them as op


thanks for ur feedback! i cant believe i forgot selena  Post time 2019-2-12 07:36 AM
I reallyagree with you especially the asassin role because Selena is a nightmare for me as fighter main when I haven't reach level 4  Post time 2019-2-11 07:55 PM
Post time 2019-2-11 11:12 AM | Show all posts
FALTERWANG replied at 2019-2-11 04:40 AM
Im a bit skeptical with Thamuz, because he's like Alucarrd and Argus, too easily stopped by CC yet  ...

Huh? Claude is still banned very often? Who will ban claude over harith or lunox or chou or kimmy or aldous?


hmm ur right. he isnt being banned a lot lately. ill put him on da wist  Post time 2019-2-12 07:38 AM
Post time 2019-2-11 11:19 AM | Show all posts
Harley? I disagree with this one because I havent even met a harley in rank from the beginning of S11 till today...
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