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[Query] Chou counters

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Post time 2019-2-10 11:46 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts |Read mode

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      Ok,lately chou is too op for me and my team,he is too annoying with his durability also high burst damage .I will rather face kimmy or lunox than him.
     Main reason is his damage also his tankiness.Because of that he is hard to counter,not to mention he also have cc immune.
      Look,I'm not asking for a nerf. But you can't deny that he is too annoying and hard to counter and also being able to interrupt most hero's skills.That is kinda op for me,he also doesn't have mana and spam his skill everytime he want.

So,pls tell me how to counter him.I hate chou.

Post time 2019-2-11 11:26 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Vymonchyyy at 2019-2-11 11:28 AM

I can do quite well against chou with ruby.. you might as well try it if you want..

Some tips :
1. watch minimap.. a good chou usually wait for enemy in bush while preparing his 3rd stage of skill 1.. if you get caught in it, quite possible it will become troublesome..

2. If you can see him, dont go near him until you see him using his dash.. keep poking with skill 1 and skill 2.. always dash backward after skill 2, trust me he shouldnt be able to catch you if he isnt even hiding or you being ganked..

3. If you see your teammate getting kicked with skill 3, and you are behind chou, use ulti or skill 2 immediately.. it will break his skill 3 combo instantly.. and with some luck, your kicked teammate might survive..

4. And most important part, see his build.. i usually build immortality as my 3rd item IF chou prioritize BoD early game.. the first 2 item is boots and haas claw..

Take note that this is how i handle chou.. so, you might not suited with this, but try it if you want hehehe xD
Post time 2019-2-10 11:50 PM | Show all posts
I believe a good counter for Chou is a hero who can drag him probably Uranus or Kaja or any hero that can hold him easily. All cc does, just needs timing and of course teamwork but I kinda agree with how op he is tho he's been nerfed lots of times.
Post time 2019-2-10 11:52 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Edited by Argricus at 2019-2-10 08:55 PM

Heroes and Tips for chou:

. Use Nana -  Place 2nd skill(molina) near you and you Marksman. It's better if you place it b4 team fight really starts.
. Use Ministhar - His 3rd skill is good against Chou

1. If enemy has chou and other heroes with stun and whatnot, take Purity.
Post time 2019-2-11 01:11 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Rexsamz at 2019-2-11 03:19 AM

how i counter chou is always hunt him down until he is isolated enough to assassinate him usually with gussion, harley or any burst assassin  but other counters are minsittar,grock,kaja,nana,uranus or even martis


oh diggie is also a great counter to chou  Post time 2019-2-11 03:10 AM
Post time 2019-2-11 03:17 AM | Show all posts
When enemy pick chou,

I pick minsittar or aurora to counter chou.

1-Minssittar's ultimate block chou's skills.
2-Aurora freeze chou when chou move into enemy.I dont let chou touch my teammate

Last thing , I think martis is good option too against chou.I am not martis user.
Post time 2019-2-11 04:40 AM | Show all posts
The best hero to counter chou is ruby.
If you dont believe just try.
But frankly speaking, in my server 99% time first ban is chou.
So we dont face chou at all.
And lesley is balanced, i dont think she needs any more nerf at all.
Post time 2019-2-11 06:32 AM | Show all posts
All crowd control heroes I guess.
Post time 2019-2-11 07:15 AM | Show all posts
Minsitharr(his ultimate disable all of your skills and 2nd part of ultimate)
Grock and Kimmy(their mobility making them very hard to catch and Grock have that immunity too)
Aurora,Ruby,Kaja,Franco(the worse enemy's for tower diving,don't tower dive if there's them because 90% of time you will fail)
Lunox(Early game where you can't kill her with a full combo,then you're gonna have hard time in later game,but if you got 2-3 items then you pretty much 2-3 shot her.She's bad match up for Chou in early game in my opinion)
Post time 2019-2-11 10:35 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Chou is not that tanky early to midgame not like before but his offense is really high but i counter him with minsithar I can annoy chou so he cant dive in... an protect back row same time..
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