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[Mood] When your luck+team is good, you can win 4v5

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Zilong was afk since ban and pick.
He was first and i asked for swap me for harith as i have 80% win rate for like 200 matches.
But he did not respond.
He was gone afk and picked zilong.
I picked 2nd tank because i know i had to protect my adc.
Since this game has no invalid mechanism(solo su... i know), so we have to play anyhow.

so we started.
I died a lot because i had to protect clint and cyclops.
But it was worth trying.
We won.
he was afk whole time.
Moonton actually should at least ban afk account for 7 days or more.
Because they are ruining the game experience.

Beacuse luck on our side and our team was good even this was solo, we won at last 4v5 in rank.

May be it was good that there was no invalid system?
becasue there is 99.99% chance that could have surrender at 3 minutes.

So no invalid system helped us to get a star? perhaps? who knows.
Post time 2019-2-6 10:41 AM | Show all posts
When they remove invalid, i actually hope they will compensate us with increase amount of star protection point (depend on rank).. like 200 or 300 for legend and up or so.. but it looks like the idea hasnt even occured to them yet.. sigh..


True. They should increase the protection point for solo players.  Post time 2019-2-6 10:49 AM
Post time 2019-2-6 10:43 AM | Show all posts
nah ur lucky argus sccckked
 Author| Post time 2019-2-6 10:49 AM | Show all posts
FALTERWANG replied at 2019-2-6 10:43 AM
nah ur lucky argus sccckked

Argus got gold. Moscov was worse than him.


let me guess clint destroyed moskov before he even used one basic attack  Post time 2019-2-7 02:51 AM
Post time 2019-2-6 11:13 AM | Show all posts
It was a great relief on your side and a heartbreak on the other
Post time 2019-2-6 01:31 PM | Show all posts
At least you were able to know he AFKed from the start and was able to adjust to a 2nd tank.
2 Tanks really helped the team and good job on sacrificing yourself for your ADC. xD

At least your team made the right call to end it early and not drag it out.

Hope they return invalid soon though, it was a really nice feature that can save us the trouble of being with an AFKer.
Post time 2019-2-6 01:31 PM | Show all posts
Its not just a luck.
When playing each player skill, number of player do count, but 1 thing that sometimes we didnt realize... Its teamwork.
Most of the time when someone AFK, we would start toxic chat, following the afk & leave the game, or getting bad mood & perform poorly.

I also experience that to. Having 1 man AFK. We fail to invalidate. We didnt do toxic chat & work as a team of 4. Do our best, didnt accusing other or yelling stupid thing on chat. We give everything & we won.

So whatever the situation, never do toxic & give our best.
Post time 2019-2-6 01:57 PM | Show all posts
I don't agree about 7 days ban punishment for afk player. There are many reasons why people afk, such as technical problem.

I got this couple days ago, when I stuck at loading screen. I had no choice to restart my app. I reconnected to the game, and the system detected me afk. Yeah I felt guilty because I was afk, and my teammates mad at me. But I also mad at them. How can't they hold and survive in early game?! I only afk for 3-5 mins.

Well, we ended up lose. I only died once but I also got many kills. At least, I still tried to pay my mistake in early game and I also got gold medal. I was not afk on purpose, I did that because I got technical problem. I still got minus credit score, and I don't mind that.

The game flow messed up while I was afk, actually we still had a chance to win, but my team became toxic all the time, and it ruined everything. So that's why.

I would bet this is not only happened to me, maybe some of you ever had the same thing. I don't tolerate afk behavior especially if they went afk on purpose and in the entire game, but if it's for some reason like technical issue, I think 7 days ban it's not fair.
Post time 2019-2-6 04:08 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
1 support, 1 tank, 1 mage, and 1 assasin. victory without mm :D


good thing you stayed early to mid game so the enemy marksman couldn't take form  Post time 2019-2-12 03:10 AM
 Author| Post time 2019-2-6 09:53 PM | Show all posts
titan666 replied at 2019-2-6 01:57 PM
I don't agree about 7 days ban punishment for afk player. There are many reasons why people afk, suc ...

I know but he never return to the game.
So that means something.
At least other players try to return the game even if its late.
But he never came to the game.
So ya its different.
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