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[Hero Techniques] Why does Arugs suuuuuck?

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Edited by FALTERWANG at 2019-2-2 11:53 PM

Many people underestimate Argus. Is he really that bad of a hero? Why is he so useless? How can one make Argus an absolute nightmare?

1. What's so great about skill 1 (Demonic Grip)?
It has a stun. Not just a stun, because it can stop many heroes/ablities. The most useful being stopping Fanny's flying mid-air. The reach is quite far, and you may be quite surprised when you hit an enemy. Aiming is very important, so be sure to aim instead of just tapping the button. Also, enemies with CC Immunity but can still be hit have a unique situation. Argus will be dragged along with the enemy, meaning you'll still catch up to them, but no stun. You can also use this ability to cancel Angela's ult, and if the enemy even thinks about diving, wait for them to deal damage. Then stun them in place so they'll keep taking tower damage

2. Skill 2 (meteoric sword)
Deals quite a lot of damage, and also has a slow effect that lasts for about 1 second. Hitting an enemy with this skill will leave a blood trail, and walking on this trail will increase your movement speed by a little bit. What people don't know is that the blood trail stacks, meaning walking on multiple trails will increase movement speed dramatically

3. Battle spells (learning what to pick)
The go-to battle spell for most Argus users is Inspire. Lately, sprint has been used quite often, but it has some faults. You lack damage, and doesnt help that much in dodging CC. For very mobile enemies, petrify can be quite good (double-stun with skill 1) for enemies with multiple blinks (claude, harley, lance, gusion, and etc). Flicker is good for against enemies with just a single dash (or none at all). Some ppl have thought about purify, but the result is it being extremely useless. It might be helpful against deadly enemies (like Moskov) with a powerful stun, and can be used to escape, but extremely useless in teamfights, but can be helpful when pushing towers

4. Farming and split pushing
Farming is the absolute most important thing for Argus. Thats one of the most not-known for Argus. No farm = no items, and results in no damage. No damage will result in not being able to regen HP from ult, therefore you are useless. Take as much farm as possible (except maybe the buffs). Becoming the most fed in the game will allow you to carry your team, as long as your enemies don't have too much of a gold lead (maybe 1-2k gold difference). Always farm, until you have at least 3 items (not lifesteal-related, but endless battle and demon hunter sword will work, as they are more for damage) and can deal some damage to enemies, if not enough to kill them. Take the time to be aggressive and push towers and farm minions/jungle monsters. Don't engage in a fight unless you see at least 3 enemies far from your target. You may lose in a 1v1 or even 1v2, but just be sure to keep farming and push towers while your at it. Always push towers over farm. Dying while split pushing is worth it, but only if you are able to destroy the tower, not just die

5. When and how should you engage in teamfights?
My honest opinion is not to charge into teamfights. Instead, take the opportunity to push towers, unless your team cant handle 4v5, tho you can be pretty useless in fights (the enemies will most likely focus their CC on you) If you have to engage in a teamfight, focus on taking out the support (not tank related) or adc if they dont have one. Supports have no way of countering you (maybe diggie), and the shield/healing they provide will get in the way of you killing the rest of the team. To do this, try to sneak in from the back, and kill anyone, as enemy tanks will probably focus on your ally adc/assassin. Most people dont focus on the map during teamfights and probably wont detect you sneaking up behind them

Note - Angela and Leo combo is one of the most deadliest combos against Argus. While split pushing, make sure your team hasnt started fighting yet, and search for Angela (possibly hiding somewhere near the enemy base or in a bush). If the fight has already started, keep pushing towers. If your team is losing the battle, retreat immediately and help out your team, regardless of whether your gonna be helpful or not. If you dont have ult, dont bother to charge in, and wait for it to finish cooling down

Post time 2019-2-2 12:01 PM | Show all posts
nice Guide and yes lots of people think argus as a bad hero but argus ain't.
Post time 2019-2-2 04:23 PM | Show all posts
Thanks for such detailed guide.
Do you mind if i move this to guide section?
I will stick this for few days too.


no dont mind, tho it wasnt meant to be a guide, more like an informative article  Post time 2019-2-2 11:43 PM
Post time 2019-2-2 06:24 PM | Show all posts
Actually argus doesnt suck.

He needs full item build and nowadays MLBB matches finish awarage 10-15 min.Thats why he can not farm enough.One  thing more ,
Fighters as argus , roger , alucart are weak against CC effects and developers created many super op CC heroes then fighters become useless ( which doesnt have CC immunity )


haha, is there anything about the game that likes you?, seriously? haha  Post time 2019-2-4 08:31 PM
 Author| Post time 2019-2-2 11:52 PM | Show all posts
zanboracks replied at 2019-2-2 06:24 PM
Actually argus doesnt suck.

He needs full item build and nowadays MLBB matches finish awarage 10-15 ...

alutard, hardgus, and bragger are probably some of the most useless fighters. Still, purify is useless because of its short duration, so having a diggie on ur team can make u an absolute nightmare
Post time 2019-2-4 02:21 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Eh Argus isn't so bad if you play just to steal turrets(though he really did need a buff) , the reasons for his bad rep are those bats*** insane people who thinks Argus is a dude that can wreck 5 heroes in 1 dive, even on mythic i still see someone picking Argus and i thought "hmm maybe he's going to push all 3 lane stealthily?" and all he did was use skill 1 auto attack a bit, skill 2, half dead then he pop an ult, then he's fully ded.

But on classic, i sometimes see those Argus that pushes turrets out of nowhere, and when the enemies are closing in and try to stop him he just goes invincible and keep pushing. That is common sense/smart play right there.
Post time 2019-2-4 06:57 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Argus don't suck he just needs a longer time to get ready! And before that he is just burden thats why
Post time 2019-2-12 09:31 AM | Show all posts
Nice guide
I have a question, what's your rank, and are you able to spam Argus in that rank without your teammates raging at you?
 Author| Post time 2019-2-12 10:22 AM | Show all posts
Knyrv replied at 2019-2-12 09:31 AM
Nice guide
I have a question, what's your rank, and are you able to spam Argus in that ran ...

lol im legend and ofc ppl think im epic. the thing is only when important roles r filled (magic dmg, tank, adc) then i argus regardless of what they say. its sad when ppl afk and troll bc of my argus carrying lol
Post time 2019-2-12 10:40 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
FALTERWANG replied at 2019-2-12 10:22 AM
lol im legend and ofc ppl think im epic. the thing is only when important roles r filled (magic dm ...

I see. I salute you though. Coz that means you’re confident enough and trust your mastery of the hero to pick Argus despite his image in the meta.
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