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[Hero Concept] New Hero Idea : Maya | Matrix Oracle(Mage)

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Edited by luciva at 2019-1-15 07:16 PM

Name: Maya
Role : Mage
Specialty : Push/Crowd Control

...Attributes...Attack Range : Ranged
Attack Speed : 0.8
Physical Damage : 117
Magic Power : 0
Movement Speed : 245
Armor : 17
Magic Resistence : 10
Hit Point(HP) : 2470
Mana Point(MP) : 580
HP regen : 11
MP regen : 31

(Passive)Mirage Cloud
.when you dont move more than 2 sec then you will become Mirage Cloud last for 5 second.
.deal 25 magic damage per second and slow movement speed to enemy inside the Mirage Cloud.
.also summon 1 illusion of enemy hero inside the Mirage Cloud with hp 50% or less, summon 1 more illusion if their hp 25% or less, illusion will deal only 50% attack damage as magic.
.move,attack, or cast a skill will imediatedly cancel the Mirage Cloud and the illusion.
Cooldown : 10 second

(1st Skill)Virus Code
.target direction to releases virus code, deal 210/250/290/330/370/410+(100% total magic power)magic damage and apply wounded last for 5 second to enemy in a line.
.wounded enemy will reduce their magic armor by 2/4/6/8/10/12.
Mp Cost : 115
Cooldown : 12 second

(2nd Skill)Twisted Matrix
.activate mark 1 nearby enemy last for 4 second.
.target will summon their illusion that will move in opposite direction.
Mp Cost : 50
Cooldown : 15 second
.you can activate again to replace the illusion with target and deal 200/230/260/290/320/350+(50% total magic power)magic damage.
Mp Cost : 0
Cooldown : 0 second

(Ultimate)Shadow Glitch
.summon giant screen mirror moving to designated direction, enemy who passed through will be slow their movement for 50% last for 5 second and deal 400/600/800+(125% total magic power)magic damage, also summon illusion of affected enemies that will attack their original.
.illusion deal 100% attack damage as magic.
Mp Cost : 225
Cooldown : 60 second

Design Reference

Background Story :
Deep inside underground there is a cave that look like so futuristic yet mysterious, no one brave enough to enter the cave because rumored there is an evil witch lurk inside it, but the fact there is a mirror that look like made with advanced technology.
The Mirror turned on like a TV and it says "rewind" and it showing an event where there is someone beautiful that look like a queen giving bunch of gold to a man, then it show that this man become sucessfull businessman which have toy factory and married to a woman and have a talented little girl.
The Mirror then showing another event where there is a 4 student that still attend a magic academy, Maya, Lector, Orlando and the other one is a mysterious girl.
Maya helping Lector who studied about magical gadget, and Orlando studied a relation about music and black magic for a good purpose, and the mysterious girl still look at a gorgeous prince from a window, after they become adult this mysterious girl married with that prince and become a queen that showed at the first event, and Maya build their own Lab underground, while Lector success make their gadget that can travel back in ancient time for more study.
Now there is someone inside a cave press a mirror then it says "today" and it showing that the queen look like different, and it look like their kingdom has badly destroyed and look like she need a help.
The Mirror also showing Orlando look like need help too.
so this person press the Mirror again then it says "Maya Calling Lector..." now this person look like storming out from a cave with pissed off...

Orlando Link : ... ad&tid=60553&extra=
a Talented Little Girl Link : ... ad&tid=60248&extra=
the Queen : you will find out in Lector Story

Dialogue :
when picking hero :
-oho ho...i can see you through my mirror guys...
In Game : are in trouble...
-mirror..make a schedule !! my friend !!
-mirror..use shadow glitch !!(mirror replied) it's super effective..
When die : me !!(mirror replied) Maya fainted...
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its a cool hero idea but what i liked the most was the intertwining background stories
Post time 2019-1-13 05:19 PM | Show all posts
Very good mage with good background stories.
I like the passive most.
It is easy to be hidden in bush and let her passive works for her.
Please submit this to in game cs as a suggestion.
 Author| Post time 2019-1-13 06:03 PM | Show all posts
Rexsamz replied at 2019-1-12 06:52 PM
its a cool hero idea but what i liked the most was the intertwining background stories

thankyou :D
i just want to make some of hero with linked background story to each other and actually it's complicated but fun XD XD XD
 Author| Post time 2019-1-13 06:05 PM | Show all posts
BD007 replied at 2019-1-13 04:19 PM
Very good mage with good background stories.
I like the passive most.
It is easy to be hidden in bus ...

thankyou XD
yes it is, she just stay somewhere then she become cloud which can deal damage and summon illusion :D
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