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Post time 2019-1-12 12:58 PM | Show all posts |Read mode
So it's been a really long time since fatherjohn has been on the forums. And I was like, where the heck is this guy doing. So i tracked him down and added him. and his stats are actually scary.

This guy might be prideful as frick but he's really good. and that deserves a little respect since he solos a lot too. If y'all wanna have some fun and post your stats in street ranking, feel free. It'd be cool to see what other players we have here on the forums
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Post time 2019-1-12 01:32 PM | Show all posts
I'm one of people who were confronting him in this forum, and I already discussed about his behavior to forum moderators before. Maybe mods already took an action on him.

I can't deny it that he is a great player, his statistic is really good. I also said the same thing like this in one of his threads.
But the problem is.. his attitude.

At the first time, I just saw him likes to show off his matches history and statistic. Actually I don't mind with that.

And later he became overproud and like to dissing other members, trashtalking in forum, spamming complaint threads every time, and tbh we're getting annoyed of him, even though some members didn't really care.

I don't care if he self-proclaimed as a pro or whatever. No matter how great he is, if he has no attitude. He will get no respect.

Remember, when you already join a community, you should engage and also respect other members. That's it.


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Post time 2019-1-12 01:51 PM | Show all posts
His stats has always been like that.. its actually increasing, since the first time he posted his stats here on forum.. if i remember it right, his first stats with alu is 60ish %.. and now he already at 70ish %.. but yeah he likes to trash talk a lot, sadly enough.. quite understandable tho..

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Post time 2019-1-12 02:05 PM | Show all posts
Talent with bad attitude usually will go downhill.


the formal no.1 fanny? XD  Post time 2019-1-12 04:10 PM

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Post time 2019-1-12 02:06 PM | Show all posts
Edited by TheEpicJobber at 2019-1-12 02:22 PM

My thoughts about him:

Actually I acknowledge his skills and I admit that he is one of the better players in this forum and I respect him. He even left a couple of comments in one of my YT videos and I appreciated it.

Like @titan666 said, his attitude is what had prevented him from earning respect from most of us, though I personally don't really care about his attitude at all. And I opted not to confront him since I don't want to get myself involved in a meaningless argument with fellow forumers, especially when he trashtalks someone. But deep inside my thoughts I felt that he is actually a great player (his overall win rate is around 63-66% if I remember last time I checked), just his skills were overshadowed by his arrogance.


yeah i still dont know why hes like that. still trying to figure it out  Post time 2019-1-13 01:02 AM

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Post time 2019-1-12 03:05 PM | Show all posts
No matter how great player he is, we cant allow rule breaker to roam freely here.
Almost in every post he showed his stats and challenge someone or criticize someone.
He also asked some of girl's age and tried to insult them here in forum in open place.
We can allow like this at a certain point.
But we have limits too.
And his ban came from long discussion.
We considered all of his stats, his activeness and many things.
This is also a lesson for those who thinks we wont do anything if you break the rules.
We all want a healthy community and i think this step was necessary.


@BD007 agreed. and I think you were right to do that.  Post time 2019-1-13 01:01 AM
You warned him 10-12 times but you would like to ban me by 3 warning.i dont ask girls age , i dont criticize somone .. my new enemy is you BD007.Care yourself lol  Post time 2019-1-12 10:45 PM
Thats the point. We warned him may be 10-12 times. Highest for anyone.  Post time 2019-1-12 08:44 PM
i dont get why anyone would act that way it doesn't make sense is it that hard to be humble and respectful  Post time 2019-1-12 07:40 PM

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Post time 2019-1-12 03:06 PM | Show all posts
Ya he's such a good player and I hve watched his utube video with lots of swearing, which is very funny. I kinda like him ,but he must not cross the limit and must respect everyone in the community.


agreed  Post time 2019-1-13 12:59 AM

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Post time 2019-1-12 05:04 PM | Show all posts
I appreciate his commitment but plz not too much and disturb other people in other non related topic. At least post it in your own thread better. As I said in some thread, I annoy once for advice.


OMG TRUEEEEE  Post time 2019-1-13 01:01 AM

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Post time 2019-1-12 07:43 PM | Show all posts
classic farmer
used vs AI exploit at some time
hides his rank stats so he can boast his fake WR
has trash mind
stats is just a number

do i want his stats? no i dont want to be a classic farmer and vs ai exploiter
i didnt vote bec most of it are pro classic john


average player stats  Post time 2019-1-13 09:40 AM
actually his rank stats are pretty nice  Post time 2019-1-13 12:59 AM

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Post time 2019-1-12 09:22 PM | Show all posts
hmm imho he is average alucard player who try hard one hero to gain power with him ... there are many local top 1 alucard players in this game and there are much more alucard players with higher stats then him ...but he is acting like he is fredo from saiyan with his attitude and win rate based on classic games

So if you want to see real skills with alucard go follow fredo or some other top 100 alucard players on global stats or just find them on youtube and watch how to play alucard on high elo and without arrogant attitude :))


I have moskov power points more then 2500 and i install game 5 days ago, with playing moskov 2 games per day, last two day didn't play at all so i dont think it is something special until 2900PP  Post time 2019-1-13 01:09 AM
He's UK's 7th best alucard I think  Post time 2019-1-13 01:00 AM

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