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[Query] [TwT] Heroes that you dont use/buy Blade of Despair/Blood Wings?

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Edited by troy01 at 2019-1-13 01:45 AM

Welcome Talk-with-Troy #1.
This will be a somewhat random discussion that may have not discussed that much but imma discuss it cuz im a discusser... (seems weird but yeah)

Most of you knows already these items thats why you click in here...

They are the expensive burst (since both have the most base stats for physical and/or magic) stats. Usually a mid-late game item to deal more of what you are dealing already.

Have you played on heroes that you dont really need to buy these burst items?

Or is it situational? Or youre just that Pro that you dont need it?
Post time 2019-1-11 10:14 PM | Show all posts
I think most tanks and supports will not use them. At least, I don't use them on tanks or supports.


Blade of Despair on tanks is very bad idea but Blood Wings on support still viable because it's good adding extra damage plus more shields and healt on certain support like Angela.  Post time 2019-1-12 02:31 PM
Post time 2019-1-12 02:37 PM | Show all posts
I usually upgraded Pillager Axe to Beast Killer as my last item when I am using Leomord or Alpha because I think the damage and lifesteal is already high enough from 3 Attack Items like Bloodlust Axe,Endless Battles and Rose Gold Meteor/Blade of 7 Seas.Combined with Apocalyse Queen,it's basically almost unkillable even though I got ganked 1v3 UNLESS they CC me,so I can't get any lifesteal
Post time 2019-1-14 11:16 PM | Show all posts
bruh i recently found this claude build that uses feather if heaven and it works better than his normal build. I'm shook. Also like, i use burst for all my mages


@Rexsamz It's demon shoes, demon hunter sword, gloden staff, feather of heaven, fleeting time, bloodwings. try it out. you'll be horrified  Post time 2019-1-15 11:49 AM
feather of heaven in a Claude build that new  Post time 2019-1-15 02:47 AM
Post time 2019-1-15 06:31 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts

Tbh nowadays given the even faster and unpredictable match pace, it’s much more demanding of late game heroes to reach their max potential even earlier than before, or for early game heroes to snowball harder into mid/late game....

So I would say that generally if you’re a burst type hero (Lesley included), getting Blade of Despair as the first item is actually desirable, due to the large demand in damage output.

As for Marksman, generally it’s the expected thing to not get lifesteal early like before. Getting lifesteal late is better because you need to pump out more DPS, while getting lifesteal early forces you to wait longer to reach late game as you sacrificed damage for sustain. These days I’m getting lifesteal as my 5th item, because I’m rushing Blade of Despair as early as possible, right after Berserker’s Fury, Boots and Scarlet Phantom.

If you’re seasoned enough as a player, the quote of “best offence = best defence” can apply to you. Because who needs sustain when you can melt out overwhelming damage while able to dodge and evade enemy’s divers or counter attacks? With good tanks and good positioning or kiting skills from Marksman, it’s ideal to go full damage since you won’t need sustain much. Because if you can make up the lack of sustain with good evasive skills, you’d definitely beat your enemy’s damage output because their Marksman are busy building sustain item after BF and Scarlet.

This puts you at a favourable position in terms of team’s strength, because honestly, Marksman are not supposed to get hit by enemy much since we must be able to survive well. Getting hit too much either meant pro enemy or lousy Marksmanship as our only job is to stay at the backline behind our tanks and deal DPS for the team, while our mages or assassins secure the kills.

Thus, this is why I feel that rushing Blade of Despair as early as possible is the best META to counter strong early gamers from enemy team; which is the case 80% of the time due to the nature of this META’s composition. If you can’t be allowed to reach late game, bring late game to yourself.
Post time 2019-1-19 04:59 PM | Show all posts
I used it with Akai.. I used Blade of Despair with other defense items. Result is too Good with Akai Ulti... :) Guys Try this in practice mode 1st..
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