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[Hero Balance] Just have a look at Chang'e, the forgotten hero

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Post time 2019-1-9 09:43 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts |Read mode

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Honestly, I have written many reports to the CS but I haven't seen any adjustments for her, and I finally I am here writing this now, hoping for some adjustments for her if devs think buff or rework is unnecessary... though I agree that she is quite useful sometimes in late game, but don't you think she is really underrated now? Anyway, below are my suggestions which may be useful, not affecting much game balance.

Background Stats: base mana or mana regen should be increase since she is the toppest skill spammer mage. Also, she lacks escape skill so perhaps you can increase her base mov spd by 10 or something

Passive: Remove the side effect where you lose 15 stacks when you die. If this is not possible, tell me why auldous has no side effects in his passive. At least reduce the stacks lost. Other aspects are ok, I mean the passive

Ultimate: Fix the bug where it cannot chase enemies hit by the big rabbit is one. Also, I found that the ult is quite useless other than hitting heroes. I'm not saying that you should use it to jungle or clear lanes, but sometimes there is a need to use ult to do these. This ult is quite useful to atk enemy heroes if there is no bug but...

my suggestion is, while it is flying, you can quickly tap the skill again just like alucard's ult, lolita's second skill or whatever. What I mean is, basically you can press the skill again to quickly split the big rabbit into 6 small missles. Obviously it might not be useful to atk heroes, but useful when you are helping your teammate to jungle or ever atk lord, as the rabbit won't "overfly". I hope you understand this part.
Also, when enemy super minions or lord minions are attacking the base, you know, sometimes using ult to kill them is unavoidable in order to defend your base. So I suggest adding the button for you to click your ult again, so that, ya same thing, so that your rabbit won't overfly and will attack the minions. Of course, when it really hits an enemy, it will just happen what it should happen, where there is no button for you to click again

In conclusion, or maybe in my opinion, of all the skills of chang'e, her ult is the most broken one and need the most adjustments/improvement/rework/buff. Ya basically, it is the most broken skill of chang'e. Honestly, the first and second skill is okay although some buff might be added, still, HER ULTIMATE is very very very broken. Bugs, low atking ability... c'mon, she just need a little fix and adjustments to make her back into the game, she is totally forgotten!
Post time 2019-1-10 01:39 AM | Show all posts
its true chang'e need rework.
I am assuring you mlbb already acknowledged  that and rework is on the way.
I will submit this thread to mlbb official if it gets enough positive feedback.
Post time 2019-1-10 03:47 PM | Show all posts
we have to support this guys.
Post time 2019-1-10 12:22 AM | Show all posts
i think chang'e is not so forgotten
she is the most annoying mage in my opinion
but i completely agree about the 'lost stacks' issue

Post time 2019-1-10 01:17 AM | Show all posts
because she is very very very dangerous if her stacks won't reduce if she die, but currently she is totally out of meta for rank, looking forward to her rework because she is soooo cute and i love her, i use her to go mythic in S9
Post time 2019-1-10 02:57 AM | Show all posts
chang'e can be the aldous of the mage role if they would just change that stack reduction if you die
Post time 2019-1-10 12:30 PM | Show all posts
Just don't remove her stacks when she dies, she would be fine
 Author| Post time 2019-1-10 04:37 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
dionizme replied at 2019-1-10 01:17 AM
because she is very very very dangerous if her stacks won't reduce if she die, but currently she is  ...

Hmmm, isn't auldous with stacks dangerous? Maybe they should make aldous lose stacks too
Post time 2019-1-10 04:53 PM | Show all posts
Aldious never lose stack, so i always ban this character. Almost impossible to 1vs1 this character in late game. I call him the "one punch man".
Post time 2019-1-10 05:42 PM | Show all posts
Computer-Ruby replied at 2019-1-10 04:37 PM
Hmmm, isn't auldous with stacks dangerous? Maybe they should make aldous lose stacks too

agree but most of the players are using damage dealers ,they won't want to nerf their favourite heroes so they won't complain much.

but chang'e use rate is very low and no one bats an eye that why no voice to complain about her stacks should stay instead of losing it when die.

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