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[Query] The moment when you have to initiate surrender

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Edited by titan666 at 2019-1-8 08:27 PM

"Never surrender!"

Some people say this; better they lose, but finish the game till the end than surrender.

Well, it's true if they have something pride that they have to keep.

In every situations, still there's a chance for a team to get epic comeback, even though they nearly lose.

But sometimes, initiating surrender is really needed, when you encountered afk player in your teammates, broken teamplay, bad team composition or any reasons that cause your team lose.

Actually I'm a type of a person who don't want to surrender before fight. Let say I got bad team composition, at least I should try first, because sometimes still there's a possibility even though my team sucks.

But sometimes I also initiated early surrender, when I realized that there's no chance to win. Yeah, I'm not stupid enough which can't predict and calculate a match that I couldn't win. Especially for Tank's main like me, it's not really difficult to predict a single game.

When I realized it's positively lose, I initiated surrender, but teammates rejected it. My reaction is Wtf!

Why they wanna still keep playing even though they know they will lose?! For me it's really wasting time and battery.

I wanna ask questions about this to you guys. What was the moment when you have to initiate surrender? And when you initiate surrender, you have to encounter cons from your selfish teammates because they wanna keep playing.

What do you think about this?
Post time 2019-1-8 08:45 PM | Show all posts
Edited by irezer at 2019-1-8 08:48 PM

When the game detected status of afker/offline player from the start of the game, the team will be given 1 minute to make decision either to surrender or not. If the team choose surrender, the match will become invalid. Normally happen within 3 minutes of the game. After 3 minutes, the game will not consider as invalid anymore, so if surrender after that period, you'll lose your star.
Post time 2019-1-8 09:06 PM | Show all posts
I approve surrender only in cases of afk teamates,trolls or when we're wiped out and they'll win anyway . In other cases comeback may happen if teamplay is on point.
 Author| Post time 2019-1-8 09:10 PM | Show all posts
Edited by titan666 at 2019-1-8 09:12 PM
irezer replied at 2019-1-8 08:45 PM
When the game detected status of afker/offline player from the start of the game, the team  ...

I know that.. duh

But that's not what I'm asking for. I just wanna know people's opinion about surrender without any invalidation thing.

And I took my experiences about that.

I will take another examples.. like.. Let say your team got feeders in early to mid game, and your team couldn't handle no more, and you realized that you can not win and then you initiate surrender.

Or something like..
in late game, all your turrets have been destroyed, all your teammates keep staying in a base and defend entire time. In that situation, your team has no chance to counter back. Well, you supposed to initiate surrender right? But your team don't want to..

I mean I wanna know people's opinion about surrender based on their experiences.
Post time 2019-1-8 09:10 PM | Show all posts
I don't surrender. I'd rather practice my defense and comeback ability. 60% of my games, someone initiates surrender. Yet I almost always make the comeback mid to late game. I've had several games where I've had a bad head start and my team starts whining. but i would end up winning the game for my team. So I dont see the point of surrendering unless theres a afk player in rank


same here especial if your a carry hero  Post time 2019-1-9 05:01 AM
Post time 2019-1-8 09:12 PM | Show all posts
The moment i want to initiate surrender is when my team has clearly lose in terms of hard cc.. just happened last night, my team compo is : fanny, gord, hanabi, bane, roger.. enemy team : john, kadita, chou, moskov, claude.. there was no chance to win.. none at all.. i predicted this ever since the loading screen.. all i can think of was, why many ppl still unable to understand how important CC is..
They refused to surrender.. in the end, all of us ended up with bronze.. i said to them "a team with no cc, is a dead hopeless team" (i used gord.. dont want to waste my hero wr pointlessly).. this is also the main reason why i hate to team up with harley cyc or lunox.. i dont care if the assassin or mm is cc less, but tank fighter and mage, i believe they need cc..

This is my opinion... everybody might have different opinion hahahha
Post time 2019-1-8 09:12 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Me too...i agree that insisting surrender when i know that my team will lose the match. When it is obviously the enemy snowballing my team in our base it is better to surrender than wasting time feeding to die many times. And i said wtf to my team who disagree to surrender.
Post time 2019-1-8 09:21 PM | Show all posts
titan666 replied at 2019-1-8 09:10 PM
I know that.. duh

But that's not what I'm asking for. I just wanna know people's opinion a ...

if that case, i'll just surrender if no chemistry/ teamwork inside my team.
However, it's not a sin to finish the game until end. Who knows, the possibility to make epic comeback, right.

Post time 2019-1-8 10:49 PM | Show all posts
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
Post time 2019-1-9 01:38 AM | Show all posts
I normally surrender if my team is extremely awesome or afk and we are so much behind.
but i never leave or go afk. That is i am totally against.
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