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[Hero Techniques] FULL MOSKOV GUIDE: The spear of destiny hit me and it will hit you

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                                                                            Full Moskov Guide

Moskov is a force of nature he can tear through enemy positions shred towers and snipe enemy heroes for a global distance. Now lets get into his skills and how to use them. Starting with his well know op passive that allows him to penetrate through heroes and hit heroes behind them without any damage reduction not only that but it also reduces cool down of skill 1 the more you hit an enemy this also takes in account for the penetration hits which means in a team fight you could endlessly use skill 1 with the right positioning. So whatso crazy about skill 1? well for a start fans have dubbed it a mini inspire and its true just minus the armour reduction its gives moskova 70% increase in attack speed at max level allowing him to reach the max attack speed which is 3 hits per second. Skill 2 this skill is what makes moskov dangerous in teams fights along with his passive it   knocks back the enemy hero and if they collide with a wall or another enemy hero they will be stunned for 2 seconds to master how this works picture a straight line(imagine it coming from moskovs face)that is as long the range of the knock back, you can get the range of the knock back by going into custom and using skill 2 on a bot,  and see how far the bot is knocked back and keep doing this until the distance is in your head the next step to master this skill is position yourself so using the imaginary line (skill 2+range ofknockback) line it up with the enemy hero and a near by wall or enemy and,fire! Now you have the enemy/s stunned you can either kill or escape but thats situational but if you have lifesteal item them I recommend killing especial if there and two enemies because you getmore lifesteal from the passive. Next in the spear of destruction its a global skill and what I called the sniping skill this skill can beused in a team fight but at a safe distance preferable before engaging because the more enemies the spear hits the more attack damage you get 10 attack points for each enemy hit.the other use is killing low health mages,supports,assassins and other marksman anywhere between 12-10 percent health and below is a good snipe kill but dont just line up the spear where they were but where they would be if they continued in the direction they were moving and also takein account the speed and charge up time of the spear but try not overthink it your target might of recalled.


Pick a lane mid is good for farm but you have more chance of getting ganked.So I prefer top lane since the crab is near you and there are less chances for a full on gank.First thing to do is upgrade that skill 1 and buy the attack speed sword, when killing minions try touse the imaginary line to harass the enemy hero in the same lane as you by hitting them through the minions oh and don’t forget to last hit for more exp and gold. After the first wave buy a mana necklace for mana regen and upgrade skill 2 then kill the lizard monster for gold and return to lane and after wave 2 try to secure the crab.After you reach level 4 look around the map for low health heroes andtry to to snipe them but stay in lane and keep farming your a marksman and your early game is poor but if your losing control ofyour lane request back up and try to provide cc support and keep your distance(even if moskov has the shortest range of all marksmen) don’t over engage you don’t want to die and lose out on gold.     


Its mid game and you should have 2-3  attack items now you can start to provide more than just cc support and start doing some damage at this point you are now extremely valuable in a team fight because you can hit more than one target and provide long stuns to secure kills but don’t forget kills don’t get you wins turrets do so make sureyour constantly pushing but be careful and look at the map to see if anyone is near to stop you from destroying that turret if so retreator engage but thats situational like for example can they cc you, do they have deadly burst damage or if your simply out numbered. Don’t wait to finish the game especial if your team has heroes that become weak late game like harley, gussion and fanny.


This is where you go from spear thrower to a killing machine once you have 5-6 items you can play aggressive but you need to pick the right times like when an enemy is alone, if you do engage and they get away don’t chase them deep into their part of the map it could be a trap and you don't want to die late game because of the long respawn times. when a team fight happens keep behind your front lines and when a tower is open take it down watch out though your passive can hit through turrets and hit the enemy which switches the turrets targeting to you. And don’t forget you can solo lord but make sure at least one enemy is dead before trying to kill lord. Now on to items and stuff


first item swift boots for the attack speed and moment speed to helpget to positions faster aslo mana boots if your planning on buying demon hunter sword, You could buy a jungle item but only buy it ifyou have retribution because other wise its a waste of gold I usually only buy the hunters knife and thats it.

Second item: Scarlett phantom try to rush this item because it provides attack speed and crit chance with a great passive to help clear lanes and turrets

third item: endless battle for the mana regen to not recall too often, the lifesteal and true damage to help clear jungle and minion waves the other item you could build is demon hunter sword if thereare tanks with high hp like hylos and akia this item also helps killlord and turtle faster.

Fourth item: berserker fury for the crit and crit damage along withthe attack boost from the passive this greatly increase the hp gain from the life steal which is some cases allows you to 2 v 1

fifth item:wind of nature so you can achieve max attack speed fromskill 1 but also activate Scarlett phantoms passive more often in addition you get ability to be immune to basic attacks for 2 secs
which helps to out play other marksman and some assassins (im looking at you natalia). You could also build rose gold if there are a lot of mages in the enemy team or build malific roar to help kill the tanks easier,Another item which is more situational Is deadly blade build this if the enemy has a estes or ruby (basically a hero with life steal and major heals)

sixth item: blade of despair for the damage and that passive could be used as well by moskovs’ stun you also get more sustain from lifesteal because of the extra damage.


Spells:   Angis: to survive early game burst damage and late game sustain
  Inspire: for armour reduction and max attack speed early but this also helps with early game damage
  Retribution:if you want to buy a jungle item and kill jungle, lord,turtle faster

Emblem Build: attack power() lifesteal(1) crit chance(2)
                          crit damage(3) cooldown() attack speed()

if no attack speed is surprising don’t worry you already get enough from items and overall emblem level I focus more on crit and crit damage so you can maximise damage and lifesteal

for the talent I would recommend talent 2 electro flash since itgives you movement speed to chase enemy heroes, reposition andretreat but that health regen is a great bonus has helped me stay inlane more often and it help with early game health problems like whenyour low on hp from a jungle monster or a clash with an enemy

talent 3 is effective in team fights and slows the enemy so much its kinda like a stun it also synergises  well with blade of despair very well too

talent 1 is surprisingly deadly  with the weapon damage increase but I need to test this in a real matches to see if this is better pick than electro flash


like fannys' energy conserve your mana so when you see a minion wave don’t always use skill 1 to get that attack speed bonus to clear the lane faster use your mana wisely like to quickly destroy a turrent(dont use it to destroy a low health turret)or in a team fight, when it helps to position your self and hit the back lines of the enemy team.Remember if you have mana boot you can be more reckless with your mana.

When you get good with skill 2 try the pounce combo where you useskill 1 to get closer to your opponent and quickly use skill 2 to stun them in place you can wipe them out of existence but be cautious if the enemy is purposely walking around a wall they are probably trying bait you to get out of position.

do you ever wonder how pro moskov player get so much lifesteal well i can tell you how! the trick is to hit as many enemy heroes as possible with your passive this is why positioning is so important for moskov because without positioning you cant use moskov to his full potential   

as a marksman your map awareness should on point so you don’t push too far at the wrong times or get ganked in your lane but since your  playing moskov you need to use the map to snipe as well so check themap every 3-5 secs you will be surprised on how you can predict enemy movements so easily and you start to get a better kda not only with moskov but  with every hero

thank you

thanks you for reading my second guide and I hope I helped you learn something new to improve your gameplay. Im going to taking a break from writing guides because of school so that gussion guide is going to take a bit longer sorry =(

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"The spear of destiny hit me, and will hit you."


That's what she said hahaha  Post time 2019-1-9 05:18 AM
did it hit you?  Post time 2019-1-9 01:21 AM
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Thanks a lot for uploading such a nice guide.


sorry for the gussion guide delay  Post time 2019-1-9 01:25 AM
thank you =)  Post time 2019-1-9 01:21 AM
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I love Moskov ;) the skin is cool I buy it thx for guide


no problem i love moskov too  Post time 2019-1-9 04:23 AM
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Very helpful guide. I''m also tryna get into moskov.


it look like im trying to get into clint and your trying to get into moskov  Post time 2019-1-10 12:41 AM
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is putting 1 or 2 on attack power recommended for emblem build?


its ok but the attack power provided by the emblem level is enough  Post time 2019-1-12 01:35 AM
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Thanks for sharing experiences.
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