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Author: troy01
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[Official Forum Event] Mobile Legends Forum XMAS Skin Giveaway!

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Post time 2018-12-13 02:37 AM | Show all posts
He's not just a fighter, he's one of the best. Fast as a speeding bullet, furious like a tiger and sturdy as a rock. He can show you the true meaning of pain. Get ready for some furious punches because here comes the Dangerous Predator. Guess my name.
Post time 2018-12-13 02:29 PM | Show all posts
At the moment I want one of christmas skin for my christmas moment... I want Karina christmas skin although it is elite skin... Karina look so beautiful in that skin... Pls I want that skin :) ... Her skill is so pain for the enemy...

Thank you and merry christmas 2018 Happy New Year 2019
Post time 2018-12-13 03:45 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
So far for me the best epic skin is Roger Phantom Pirate the way they design it was so amazing especially the effects from changing it to wolf form, from top to bottom it is so fantastic besides i am also addicted to One Piece anime which is all about a Pirate anime so in ML i can feel that i am a King Phantom Pirate! Aside from being amazing and fantastic in design the idea of Roger being a pirate is very clever from the developer.

And also one of the cutest skin in mobile legends for me is the Nana Slumber Party, the design is very awesome and very cute, it is like something you are ready to sleep and fight, and i also love sleeping lol, when nana throw her first skill it is a star and looks like a cutie little dino, all and all it is the very cute for me.
Post time 2018-12-14 09:46 AM | Show all posts
Edited by olDIE at 2018-12-17 05:06 PM
Probably the best skin (which is also my favorite of course) is Harley's Great Inventor. Not only it best displays the "ancient" aura of one of my main mages but the design also reminds me of Doctor Strange. He looks stunning with the golden monocle and blue jacket. Really fits his genius persona based on the skin.

His staff holding a miniature Earth speaks for itself - he's a world-class performer. Harley, as we know is a magician, and what better way to display his magistry is by fully imposing him into an old-styled, yet cool concept - an astronomer, inventor and researcher that we can perhaps compare to Leonardo Da Vinci. Steampunk era can also be seen - in which during that, technology is starting to boom and industrial works are fostering. Really correlates with his inventor character.

Harley's splash art is also amazing, like any other Epic skin. It would be dope if certain skins allow you to have a special border during loading screens. Just imagine a border with spinning gears while sporting a golden theme! Oldie (no pun intended) and science-classified objects are the best things ever. Despite the gap between magic and systematic, the skin uses them both and delivers outstandingly. Him and Cyclops could be a duo due to their theme similarities.

Also, what I like about his luxurious skin is his new skill effects. Those sparkling transitions when he pops in and out of his hat really captivates the design. We can't also forget the yellow gears flying as he uses the first skill. His ultimate is truly explosive. I wouldn't be able to think a better idea of an Epic skin for him. Not to mention, he's currently stable in the meta. So seeing Harley dominate the battlefield with this skin totally confirms the title "Great" given.

Definitely worth your 899.
"Magic is a fine invention.

When his foes do see,

Running is instantaneous

In an emergency."

Merry Christmas everyone! Cheers to a fruitful 2019 for the MLBB Community!

Post time 2018-12-14 11:49 AM | Show all posts
I wish to have Hylos '  Phantom Seer skin. As I am now exclusively push rank with Hylos as main tank. It will do him justice if I can jump into battle with strong, captivating skin. Maybe my enemies will  feel more intimidated. The design is also cool. With this skin, Hylos looks slimmer and his white , angelic appearances turned into doom-ish , "I-shall-destroy-you" look, in red colour. It best fit with his manly voices "YOU SHALL FEAR MEEEEE!"

Post time 2018-12-14 12:28 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Steve_Trevor at 2018-12-14 03:03 PM

Vexana - Sanguine Rose

do people remember this beautiful skin? this skin is both pretty and horrify! I love this skin!
this skin was leak for months and worth a wait. Who know queen of death getting pink in her new skin. This is kinda suprise. The only let down with this skin is  lack of background. I even imagine vexana have haunted house and garden with roses at background.

If we go thru the skill effect in the game, her passsive and skills blew out petals of roses. that is a DAMN good animation. did I MENTION the roses as her marking! this SKIN is well made. shout out to the design team! She have to be or suppose to be Lucky box tho, but since  MOONTOON be tooo GENEROUS. once again, thanks moontoon. plus, any skin with PINK color will made me go crazy T.T I hope lots of PINK COLOR Skin will be release

I HOPE moontoon can release more and more pretty HIGH QUALITY. here the secret, some player will buy the skin if the skin tooooo pretty even they are awesome with that hero.

one more thing, to desginer team who rework layla skin (*bow 90 degree*) thank you so much for giving a lot of effort to my layla. ppsst waiting for bunny love rework.


Post time 2018-12-14 04:39 PM | Show all posts
For starters Hidden Orchid Butterfly
The clothes remind me of a 50's southerner girl but the colors scream I love My Chemical Romance
The butterfly on the eye and as a tie to the back of her clothes are nice touches.
BTW that bat when scared because ruby is mad needs to be an emote

If I win I would like the new ruby skin that's going to come out
Post time 2018-12-14 04:46 PM | Show all posts
Hylos - Phantom Seer
Post time 2018-12-14 05:13 PM | Show all posts
I'm looking forward with Harley - Great Inventor

His skin reminds me of Inspector Gadget vibes. Through the Monocole, his staff, his backpack and more importantly is his hat with that helping gadget hand.

This skin fits perfectly to Harley, as he is indeed a child prodigy who is blessed by the Magical Goddess and was able to learn quickly and master any magical spell. The word "Great Inventor" also fits perfectly to Harley as a TITLE.

Also what I love about this skin is that, it make Harley more cuter and dangerous especially his Ulti skill effect.

What's also great is the background of his skin.
You can have a "FREE STARGAZING" moment just looking at his skin. He knows how to invent a Hologram due to his abundant knowledge.

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Server: 3088
Post time 2018-12-15 01:56 AM | Show all posts
Alpha's Onimusha Commander FTW!
from the looks through effects.

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