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[Forum Original Content] Bait Tactics

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Why it is important...

Baiting your enemies into either engaging,using up their skills, pushing towers or even simply just going in for the kill and end up making them die or waste all that effort for a naught is something players over look or seems to ignore despite this tactic has been constantly used by many but known to few as majority lacks the understanding of this and most often than not ignore everything else around the map and start tunnel visioning into what they want to do which most often than not causes the game.

The results of tricking your enemy...

There are actually many varying results when you successfuly bait your enemies into doing the following:

A)Baiting them into using their skills mostly their ultimate or battlespell as these more often than not have the long cooldowns.
If ever you succeed into making them use up their ultimate or battle spell chances are you and your team controls the next upcomming fight wherein if you're able to successfully flush out an escape battle spell towards a high priority target you can easily pressure and zone them the next team fight which can make it an easy fight for you guys to win or if you guys successfuly bait the enemies into using up a fight changing ultimate then more or less they'll be pressured into backing off or avoiding fights making you have more room to farm or get back into the game.

B)Baiting them into pushing towers
: Most often than not the ones pushing towers (especially when they think it is undefended) are the squishy heroes such as marksman or assassin which would more or less leave them at a vulnerable spot or in a situation where it is hard for their teammates to follow up which can create a window of opporunity for you guys to make plays of sort.

C)Baiting them into taking or engaging into objectives
When you bait them into objectives its more or less forcing the enemy team to respond at a bad spot but the only thing that would make a difference out of this is that your team has to be in a good position to lure them in otherwise the other team can easily go in and wipe your whole team out

D)Baiting them for the kill
Result: This is the number one bait tactic that majority can easily do but fail to completely understand wherein as long as they see a low health enemy they'd go in for the kill despite whatever happens. So most often than not rather than creating leads for the team they either break it even or make the enemy snowball into late game.

Why it is important...

There are numerous bait tactics and reasons for you to bait your enemies, you just basically have to find the right one at the right situation to make the most out of your situation wherein aside from baiting, this requires some team coordination and cooperation to an extent in order to succeed and pull yourself into victory otherwise you'll constantly face yourself being outplayed or out numbered regardless of what tactic you pull off.


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My bait tactic is to stand there making them believe I went afk so adc and mages comes out from their hides
This is useful if your team mates are hiding in some bushes while Im baiting to initiate a surprise attack
I do bait with assassins like gusion and even worse with chou
The wrong thing to do is to attack a fake afk chou near tower and I don't feel like explaining why
This applies to lots of hero
This tactic can also be considered unfair play but at the end you have to win at all cost(no cheats) so spamming "Well played" after they die from your bait, it will make them angry therefore concentration is lost
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