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[Mood] Goodbye

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I just wanted to say bye as i just deleted the game from my ipad.  A few reasons.  Some people here have been nice and helpful, so thanks and i hope you have good lives. :)

the devs can go **** themselves.  i'm tired of cripplingly lopsided matches.  these consecutive, awful 0% fun matches do nothing but make my blood boil.  i love the game in theory, but in reality the match up system sucks so bad and so consistently that it's not worth wasting my life, time, and money on it any longer.  and between the seeming cheats (yes, drone cheat still appears) and the bizzare and inexplicable differences (i'm a beast at the beginning of this game and a goat at the beginning of this game with the same character and the same settings) i can no longer abide it.

it was a good year and a half.  who knows, maybe i'll be back.  doubt it, though.  

be well, all

(ps - i may be back to see this thread.  i do like positive human interaction)
 Author| Post time 2018-12-6 05:56 PM | Show all posts
drscoobynub replied at 2018-12-6 05:32 PM
@jingasenpai @deathly
Why dont you two join my squad hehehe. Noooobie Doo Squad

i may if i download the game again.  you're on the SE Asia server, right?  
 Author| Post time 2018-12-6 05:10 PM | Show all posts
drscoobynub replied at 2018-12-6 05:08 PM
May be if all strategy does not work for u, may be u should just relax and play for the  ...

yes, i totally support this idea, but i couldn't do it in real life.  i cared.  and i got angry.  that's why i deleted the game.  i am definitely not fully blaming Moonton.  if i had better control over my anger, it wouldn't be a problem, as you suggest.  however, i have a definite sense of fair/unfair and it's hard for me to get around.  
Post time 2018-12-5 11:03 PM | Show all posts
aw man that suck. Hope you have a nice day being a normies


haha, thanks. have a good day, yourself~  Post time 2018-12-5 11:17 PM
Post time 2018-12-5 11:08 PM | Show all posts
Why quit now? Christmas event is on its way.. about losing streak, ive had those too.. and its on every player doorstep.. youve put some money in this game too right? Isnt it going to waste? About drone view, maybe its a bug? Dont you think you should think about it again?
 Author| Post time 2018-12-5 11:19 PM | Show all posts
Vymonchyyy replied at 2018-12-5 11:08 PM
Why quit now? Christmas event is on its way.. about losing streak, ive had those too.. and its on ev ...

i don't really care too much about the events.  i think the drone hack is a hack because of how i have noticed that it happens.  and yes, i've put a fair bit of money in, but what good is it if i'm unhappy when i play?  in the past two weeks i've sat down with the game several times looking to enjoy it only to get served awful matchups and/or teammates.  it gets me angry, so instead of having fun for an hour or two i'm just fuming.  it's not worth my life anymore.

anyway, you were one of the nice people i mentioned above, so kudos to you :)
Post time 2018-12-5 11:22 PM | Show all posts
Better quit rather face more cancerous player. I rarely play now ML cause this and most of friends quit ML now.


yep, that's part of it  Post time 2018-12-6 08:14 AM
Post time 2018-12-5 11:26 PM | Show all posts
Ar3neKn1ght replied at 2018-12-5 11:22 PM
Better quit rather face more cancerous player. I rarely play now ML cause this and most of friends q ...

yeah i don't play ML allot i stuck on epic 5 keep going up and down. When you solo it going to be a nightmare when you get toxic player.
Post time 2018-12-5 11:27 PM | Show all posts
I know how you feel... A couple of times I have punched the wall... but the devs wouldn't care since indo is still doing fine. I think someone of high status needs to speak out for the rest of us or we all need to sign a petition of some sort, it's really overbearing.
Post time 2018-12-5 11:51 PM | Show all posts
I started to play this game about a year ago but not by myself
I got my own clan where we all likes the same things like anime and games and during these years we had lots of fun, argued together and raged together in this game
We all grew up togheter in this game for a year and that's a reason for me to still play
I'm also fed up with the unfair matchmaking and I'm no more a solo player so I rank with them who are people I can 100% rely on
So if you've got a clan then it's more than enough to keep going in this community
You can join one but most of the squads out there are all about competivity so finding a squad whose pure fun is hard
I don't know if it's just me but goodbyes are really sad even though I don't know you
However big decisions are hard to make decide where there is lots of thinking going on so I respect your decision because a cancerous game will remain cancerous always
Well I hope a brighter future for you buddy
Post time 2018-12-6 01:44 AM | Show all posts
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
 Author| Post time 2018-12-6 08:15 AM | Show all posts
ShrimpDomain replied at 2018-12-5 11:26 PM
yeah i don't play ML allot i stuck on epic 5 keep going up and down. When you solo it going to be  ...

yeah, i've pretty much only ever played solo for the year and a half i played.  i understand not all match ups are good, but they are too often consistently bad.  the game should definitely take solo players into account.  i am a bit older than the average user, so none of my friends-in-the-flesh play this game.  
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