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hey say the game is dictated by how the early game goes wherein anyone who takes the lead at the very start of the game more or less has it in the bag but what players know little of is that comebacks can always happen regardless of the situation of the game. No matter how gruesome or how all the odds are stacked against you and your team comebacks can happen so long as you continue playing the game thru the end and make do with what you can with what you have because eventually your team will be able to close the gap between your enemies.

Play Thru The End...

Lately players have been so concentrated in fast or early games that players forget what actually dictates the outcome of the game isn't just at the start of the game but rather what happens during the entire game wherein one misstep by a player or team can cause the game even if they are far ahead so always keep your head up and continue playing the game. So you maybe wondering why it is better to play thru the end and not just simply give up and start a new game.

One of the main reasons why players should continue playing regardless of how they start the game is because if the enemy commits a mistake regardless on the stage of the game is that you and your team can easily bounce back from it wherein for instance if the enemy over commits a push and makes a mistake you guys can easily push back the lanes and farm up from their mistakes or when they try to commit to getting Lord but your team manages to steal it then its somehow delaying the game until your team can snowball back. Overall the point of it all is that regardless of how far the advantage the enemy has it eventually closes because there will come to a point when the enemy has reached its limits and eventually have a difficult time handling you or your team especially if you guys put up a good fight with few to little items.

Make The Most Of Each Opportunities...

In any game, opportunities are open wherein you and your team could take advantage of it or create one yourselves because Mobile Legends isn't just about how you start the game but rather how you end it. After all there are many methods to finishing the game such us split pushing, baiting, objective driven,etc. Some may not seem to be as cool as overall dominating the enemy or showcasing how strong you are but at the very least it gets the job done. So be sure to consider other methods and opporunities first rather than just giving up.

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epic comeback :)
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When enemy is too confident and arrogant by trash talking, so you show real skills
Lord steal like a pro
Enemy wipeout
Spam "Well played" and put like to enemy
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Pronex replied at 2018-11-30 07:04 PM
When enemy is too confident and arrogant by trash talking, so you show real skills
Lord steal like a ...

Those are actually the most satisfying comebacks you'd ever get especially when enemies get too confident
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when your team start realising that this game is all about pushing towers and destroy the last tower , every game is a good game even you lose the game #Satisfy

Because most of the time, they are crazy about kills and no strategy planning
Exp : 3v5 under tower , unless enemies are very confident they can dive into the tower and wipe off the 3 person or else that 3 can just stick under the tower and defend let the other two to push other lanes.

Result : 3 person decided to get out from tower and challenge the 5 person , they die and start scolding the other two why no backup.

this is just one of my experience
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I totally agree with this. Just hang on and we will win quick chat is very useful.

The biggest caveat / flaw of this is:
Players leave the match, go AFK/Idle, intentionally feed, have lag/latency issue. And then it's truly wasting everyone's time. And then if it's a ranked game, the rest of the team who was unlucky enough (again) to get players like this, lose stars.

How can Moonton make it fair for those players who legitimately try their hardest, even hanging on for an epic comeback, playing right to the end, but if their time is limited and say they can only play 2 or 3 games.... and all of those have AFK/idle, match leavers, feeders. Then what's the point in hanging on for a 4 vs 5 or 3 vs 5 situation?

Really, Moonton, please consider the legitimacy of the Match and why we have to continue to suffer losing stars when there are players that go afk/idle, leave matches, feed intentionally?
If game moderators are really manually reviewing the matches, then i think players who lose stars should get all their stars back at the end of the week or month.
That way it's harder for people to try cheat the system by creating bogus / fake accounts and queuing up with both (like some players do for draft game to queue 2 + 2).

Great post though about come backs, but it's not always possible, and there's no point. Because we will lose stars just for trying and we are wasting our precious and limited time alive.

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