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[Forum Original Content] Damage Vs Sustain

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The choice between getting damage or sustain is often a debated topic amongst players in which some players would like to start off getting damage items while others would prefer getting sustain items. Each having their own pros and cons but the question is which would be a better fit for starting out the game towards ending it?

The Undeniable Damage

Damage is one of the most sought out stat in-game wherein majority of the carries would build fast towards getting their damage item to outburst/out damage the enemies. While damage can be categorized into two which are DPS and Burst, these two results vary wherein the damage actually depends on the type of hero you play. So ultimately when you consider building damage, you have to think first the type of hero you are playing? is it a one hit wonder hero wherein you once you go all in you can immediately wipe your enemy, which we can consider as a Burst hero resulting to the possilbe highes burst damage. Or is it a hero that can continuesly brawl out the battle thru a fast phased combos and flurry of attacks which we can consider a DPS hero that has a high damage output per second. Basically these two damage categories is something players should also consider aside from simply building whatever damage item they have as knowing the type of your hero actually dictates what item build you should look for. Overall when players continuesly build soley damage they can consider it as a glass cannon build

Damage In A Nutshell

Damage is given the most intigral stat for any carries but the question of it is what kind of damage should you building for your hero and what starting item should you get to snowball you to that late game victory? Basically if you're way behind it is rather crazy for people to continue building that damage wherein you'll be forced to build items to counter your enemy but then if you are ahead and is the first one to be ahead you'll be able to continuesly build that damage you've been looking for with ease and continuesly bully your enemies.

The Bloodthirsty Sustain

Sustain on the other hand is a different and trivial matter in which some players would first build this followed by their needed damage items as they first and foremost think it is always important to stay in-lane and continuesly farm. This overall gives these types of players continues farm due to the fact that they have a great early sustain. On the otherhand sustain can be categorized in two forms in terms of items wherein the first one would be in the form of damage items while the other one in the form of defensive items. The damage items in turn can put up either lifesteal or spellvamp wherein these two types of sustain are very limited in terms of aquiring these stats so players would have to choose wisely because aside from going for sustain, they'd be giving up a certain amount of their damage output for the sake of early farms. While defensive items on the otherhand grants them passive sustain be it HP or Mana regeneration.

Sustain in a nutshell

Sustain is in the borderline of damage yet it is in its own category because of how it can differ in terms of builds and needed stats in which players should consider as to what item in terms of sustain they should be building and why they would need to get it. Unlike the damage builds if players are gap when using sustain builds they can easily bounce back with this since sustain doesn't necesarrily needs you to be ahead of your enemies wherein it is easier for sustain builds to be at their own phase but the question with this is if the enemies suddenly decide to close in for the win then sustain builds are left with very little options. So overall sustain is a better stat in terms of early to mid game but is rather questionable towards the end game tho it does saves the player from time to time since they'd last more during fights with the exception of being bursted down.

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Nowadays with our current meta I suppose the undeniable, immense, omnipotent, cancer damage would most of the players would play especially in rank
For sustain I think Hayabusa is the best hero represent that as he doesn't deal crazy damage in one go and also has some mad lifesteal which allows him to fight continuously sustaining the allied team
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I prefer defense item sustain because with lifesteal and spell vamp enemy with crowd control will stop u from attacking or using ur skill and u will be dead in 2 seconds.
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me as mage choose sustain MP. as vexana user i always use magic emblem with get mp and hp when kill minions. and talisman and necklace of durance item for my core item
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So overall Damage or Sustain is better?
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Overall I think "Sustain" is way better then "Damage" in term of survival in early game WHICH what current meta NEED(Alpha,Martis and etc.),just like you mention damage need to build up their item first and way ahead of other WHICH not solo player can achieve very easily but with sustain you can be side liner and get enough sustain for like clearing minion while also can get to jungle very quickly NOW I am not saying damage is useless but they're there for a late game purpose(Aldous,all marksman and etc.) and that's why they need to be patience and don't be a feed until they got feed enough

Now I know I didn't mention anything assassin which essentially the most crucial thing for "Damage" but now hear me out,there's 2 reason :
1. If you can survive or managed to dodge all assassin attack then you're pretty much ready to go and doing counter attack them back with a Crowd Control sustain hero like I mention above
2. They're way to squishy and with enough burst damage or damage or reap or whatever,they're pretty much dead because they don't have the sustain to handle the damage and I know they have high mobility but if they got shut down by crowd control WHICH what current meta that we in now then,they will be fall behind in level and gold

so let's break it now :
IF sustain is fall behind in term of level and gold,they still can deal decent amount of damage while sustaining enough damage and sustain pretty much playing skills and run tactic(a good example would be Alpha)WHILE IF damage is fall behind term of gold and level then they pretty much dead weight because they didn't have enough damage and also sustain and that's pretty much it,I hope everyone understand what I mean
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