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[Hero Balance] I miss Estes and Zhask

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Edited by Yunicorn at 2018-11-8 01:24 AM

Who else miss them? I mean me picking Rafaela in Mythic rank already got a WHY RAFAELA signal guess  what happens when i pick Estes , Zhask -_-
They are fun to play but I think Moonton should start reworking this heroes they literally can be better. Zhask is on a whole different level of mage i have never seen before Its a ur own controllable  turret '_'

They really need to change how his skill 3 works the one where you throw like seeds , Meatballs or *es I dont even know its literally so slow and the range is not the far even. Change it into a barrier that can slow down enemies who touches it and deal dmg and it stays for a 1-2 secs. Skill 2 should increase in range.

I feel Estes could change in two ways. Turning his Heal into a Global Heal and then people will scream omg thats so OP well atleast it makes one support OP Again HEHEHE. Well the more less OP to change estes is make him more support oriented . Waiting for Moonton to release another support would take damn ages just work on the ones that needs it.
Skill 2 Changes -> The barrier can speed up allies as well ( if ally escapes the barrier) . So it will deal dmg speed up allies  and slow down enemies who escapes the barrier. Keep its range OR The barrier heals allies if they are in  it and will slow down enemies who escapes the barrier

Skill 1 Changes -> Heals allies (im not sure how much though didnt think this far HAH) , creates a link with allies and will provide bonus  dmg OR provide a shield on their next attack.If they cast a skill link breaks and healing stops. If they dont they will be healed in small amounts.

Skill 3 Changes ->  Unleash a barrier around him that stun enemies after being charged (While charging , enemies will be slowed and dealt continous small damage) Kind of similar to Lolita but hey I LOVE HER ;_; . Lolita doesnt deal damage but Estes will deal abit damage. The stun will be about 1.5s at max if activated earlier will provide heavy slows and reduce cooldown of Ultimate  OR 1st / 2nd Skill .

Passive -> Passive can be kept the same. Cant really think of one. But if you heal allies regardless of Skill 1 or 2 it should increase the speed it charges

Pretty much thats a rough gauge of house i feel Estes could be like. Well kinda it looks like an Lolita to me but with heals but hey why not Lolita is bae anyway. IK IM NOT ORIGINAL but >w< *poof
Post time 2018-11-8 01:50 AM | Show all posts
I still use Estes and I disagree with changing his 3S. It can turn tides in a clash.

But he does need a buff. Perhaps make his heal pure so it doesn't get affected by anti-heal items.
Ally Phys+Mag Def buff on his 1s and 3s.

2s could give shields inside the circle and prob a debuff to enemy stats aside from slow.

Today's meta is more on burst which is quite hard to heal.


wait. true heal to counter true dmg! thats genius!  Post time 2018-11-8 09:55 AM
Post time 2018-11-8 04:19 AM | Show all posts
For Zhask, he still balance since he can push tower very fast.
But for Estes it might still usable on low division, also on brawl Estes can makes your HP become full again, this hero should get adjusment in the near future
Post time 2018-11-8 05:08 AM | Show all posts
I love the idea, if ever, they will be use again more often.

btw.. are you a girl?
Post time 2018-11-8 06:55 AM | Show all posts
Estes has nothing to defend himself with while zhask cant zone alot with his turret and its just not bothering at all
 Author| Post time 2018-11-8 09:16 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Yunicorn at 2018-11-8 09:24 AM
iFaust replied at 2018-11-8 01:50 AM
I still use Estes and I disagree with changing his 3S. It can turn tides in a clash.

But he does ne ...

Thats wat i was thinking T^T. His good in brawl and now adays lots of heroes just burst you down too fast to even heal . Kinda forgot about his usage in brawl
 Author| Post time 2018-11-8 09:16 AM | Show all posts
starboi replied at 2018-11-8 05:08 AM
I love the idea, if ever, they will be use again more often.

btw.. are you a girl?

yes i am  a girl xD Why HAHA
Post time 2018-11-8 11:47 AM | Show all posts
I don't know much about estes but i was a zhask player.
Before too many cc and hew op hero came and nerf ruined him.
I think better way for his 3rd skill.Instead of land mine, why don't it auto hit nearby enemy and slow them down?
Also hos Ultimate should give him a shield when casting.
This is better for his survivability.
Post time 2018-11-8 12:11 PM | Show all posts
Edited by TheEpicJobber at 2018-11-8 12:18 PM

As a Zhask user, I personally think that he and his spawn needs a buff.
Zhask: Buff his HP, since he is useless when his spawn is dead. Also his Skill 3 should had a shield while casting and automatically hitting targets or having a larger range.

Zhask's spawn: Buff its HP and Attack Speed, the spawn dies easily from burst damage and it attacks quite slowly.

Post time 2018-11-8 01:55 PM | Show all posts
MOONTON need money
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