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[Share] 2-2-1 (The cheat that cannot be nerfed)

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What Is 2-2-1 ?
So I recently learned what 2-2-1 is. Players from a squad/team go to separate lobbies and get put together in a ranked match. That way, they wont have to go against an enemy squad (sometimes; unless enemy also does this strategy). At the early point of this "strategy's" developement, it may have been a decent idea, especially for players who have a tough time countering squads. Now that many squads abuse it, I myself consider this a cheat.

Why This Is Bad
Players who solo/duo/trio have to face a full on squad. The disadvantage this puts players in is insane. This is the reason why so many people have left ML and gave up trying to rank. Because of this, some lag, and constant "balance changes" makes this game insanely unfair. Maybe there isn't a way to counter this unless Moonton can implement something that makes it so friends/squads in different lobbies wont be teamed up with each other

How To Counter This Strategy
The best thing to do is duos. The two players each can play 2 different types of heroes (ex. player 1 can tank/fight/support, and player 2 can mage/marksman). If you can have a trio, this strategy becomes more effective. There is one fool-proof way to counter the 2-2-1 strategy is to quit the game. But everyone wants to have fun, but 2-2-1 is the biggest thing that ruins it for us. Another way is to learn one of every type of hero, and adjust according to your team's composition. Turning on voice-chat will improve the team's ability to win.

How I Counter This Strategy
I am one of the few people in the ML community that can play all but one role (support, especially because I don't find them useful ALL the time). I adjust according to my teams composition, and pick heroes that can counter the enemies more effectively. For ex. Helcurt is banned, enemy has Fanny. My team has everything we need (mage, fighter/assassin, markman, and support) except for tank. The problem is that we dont have any crowd control that can stop Fanny's flying. The best picks would be Akai, Gatot-Kaca, Hylos, and Uranus. Turning on voice-chat has always helped, and making sure the right quick-chats are helpful in case team doesn't speak the same language or you can't turn on voice-chat.

The End
So this comes to the end of my guide/informative article. Hope everyone is having a good day or whatever (depends on where you're living). Good luck against 2-2-1 cheaters and follow me in-game and sub to my YouTube (I may post some guides soon. Definitely will stream and show some fun highlights. Have fun and maybe play the game again/more. Matchmaking is slow and retarded.
Post time 2018-11-5 02:28 PM | Show all posts
Totally agreed.
Recently in rank game i see plenty of 2-2-1.
So i almost stopped rank game.
I do solo.I don't wanna face full squad at all who are in voice chat.
One idea to prevent this is to remove the players info and number totally from rank.
Just put ready button and count down to 0.
Thats it.
Thus we can prevent 2-2-1.


How did you know that your opponent are doing 2-2-1???  Post time 2018-11-6 07:06 AM
Post time 2018-11-5 11:00 AM | Show all posts
how do they always get matched in the same ranked game? what are the chances?
Post time 2018-11-5 11:46 AM | Show all posts
it's stupid i get match against 221 like 4-5 times a day, freaking same players in NA over and over like cmon mobile legend *ing fix this *. half my *ing legend friends r quitting.
Post time 2018-11-5 11:48 AM | Show all posts
how many more complaints do u need to get your attention? Even NA youtubers are even mention this damn problem yet you guys can't even fix this issue?developers need go back to and learn how code again, can't even fix something that players been complaining for years.


exactly. even the fact that our servers are absolute trash makes it even worse  Post time 2018-11-6 07:25 AM
Post time 2018-11-5 01:43 PM | Show all posts
Toxicity1 replied at 2018-11-5 11:48 AM
how many more complaints do u need to get your attention? Even NA youtubers are even mention this da ...

I agree, they need to up their game.

There's this old game, actually it's a classic mmorpg game, that just got released in SEA, and a lot of my FB friends are already playing.

Yes it's a different genre, but the PVP and Guild Wars side of this game is so competitive and fair that players don't need to worry about unfair matchmaking systems.


Yep.  Post time 2018-11-7 02:50 PM
is it ragnarok?  Post time 2018-11-7 02:36 PM
Post time 2018-11-5 02:32 PM | Show all posts
most probably because less NA players ? thats why keep playing with same players.

but Gosu general still can 2v5 or 3v5 beat OG team #Pro


lol thats exactly where i got 221 from  Post time 2018-11-6 07:26 AM
Post time 2018-11-5 02:43 PM | Show all posts
yes, but GOSU general is a pro squad. What about normal players? how is this fun to others that is playing fair and playing how the game is design to be? not everyone uses voice chat or are familiar with each other. There is less people in NA and pretty sure lot are quitting cus of the match up.
Post time 2018-11-5 07:54 PM | Show all posts
Just remove the accept screen thingy and it should be gone
Post time 2018-11-6 07:08 AM | Show all posts
Does this happen where in the squad went to different lobbies then end up being opponent with each other?
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