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Author: DeathBrain
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[Complaint] Armor is an useless stat

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Post time 2018-11-4 02:42 AM | Show all posts
DeathBrain replied at 2018-11-4 02:34 AM
Take note that i talked only about clints basic attack, the 4600 thing

Pretty much the same, the penetration 40% is already a big thing especially in a well-fed Clint based from the KDA I see + probably an Inspire spell. You should also show Clint's build.
Post time 2018-11-4 02:43 AM | Show all posts
Remove ATK on PEN/true damage items.
Buff tanks, improve passive
Add more def items.
Post time 2018-11-4 02:05 PM | Show all posts
Edited by dionizme at 2018-11-4 02:23 PM

Author : can you take a screenshot of the results showing your items and clint's item?
Post time 2018-11-4 02:18 PM | Show all posts
batuzai04123 replied at 2018-11-4 02:28 AM
This is wrong.

Gatotkaca's passive works like this.

can't it's very difficult now especially next update , gatot's hp growth will reduce and if you focus on reaching higher hp , you have to give up certain things like phy def and magic def which doesn't make sense , high hp low def u will die too :( so gatot will be softer in next update can't be tanky as before
Post time 2018-11-4 04:52 PM | Show all posts
ML just nerffed gatotcaka again, base HP and HP growth has been lowered, because hes the tankiest among the tanks but compared to a full build damage dealer and full build gatotcaka he is still squishy.
this is the only moba game where tanks are severely under powered every one wants to be the damage dealer rightfully so because its much fun to play as damage dealer you can build so much more crit build, attack speed, pure damage, true damage, HP%base damage, attack pen/magic pen you name it every one can be a tank buster.

Where as if you are a tank you can only build HP, Armor or Magic Resit.
 Author| Post time 2018-11-4 05:30 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
dionizme replied at 2018-11-4 02:18 PM
can't it's very difficult now especially next update , gatot's hp growth will reduce and if you fo ...

Gatot is the hero that got more nerf then many hero.
Base mana nerfed
Passive had a huge nerf
Armor growth nerfed
1.skill dmg nerfed
2.skill dmg nerfed
Hp growth nerfed
Base hp nerfed

Yes, clint had malefic roar.

Anti-tank items: calamity reaper, endless battle, demonhunter sword, devil tear, malefic roar.

Anti-tank heroes: lunox, karrie, kimmy (dps hero with 60% penetration from, sun, alpha, gord, karina.  And practically all mm in end-game.
In legend I can see so many times that none wants to pick tank, I wonder why devs dont change it.  If every hero would be ballanced everyone would need all the heroes to be able to always use the one that fits the situation, so players would spend more money to buy heroes.
Post time 2018-11-4 06:03 PM | Show all posts
DeathBrain replied at 2018-11-4 05:30 PM
Gatot is the hero that got more nerf then many hero.
Base mana nerfed
Passive had a huge nerf

kinda simple because everyone only think of themselves.

If you scroll back to few topics this week , someone complain that tanker like grock is dealing too much damages as a tanker.

Everyone wants to be MVP , KDA king and the best killer in game therefore no one picks tank unless they can kill enemies easily like damage dealers.

Every moba game has different way of playing, some tanks can handle 2-3heroes at the same time without help from team, some can't so yeah =D

Main tankers must have a strong heart or teammates to play with or else you will get tired and sick of being tanker =D

Developers changed it! changed a lot , reduce tanker's def and make them not as "tanky" as before due to too much complains from damage dealers that they can't kill tanker.

If can't change the developer's thought , why don't change way of playing it? =D
If everyone wants the game to be like what they expecting , they better create their own games =D

I feel you thats why i play multiple tank heroes base on situation other than Balmond and Tigreal coz both of them.. i really can't XD and i only play tank when I'm with my friends or else i will choose other heroes when i solo
Post time 2018-11-4 06:19 PM | Show all posts
joon_my replied at 2018-11-4 02:09 AM
U cant calc like that,u only have 530 armor when u left 500hp lol

you can see that clints damage was 6K
 Author| Post time 2018-11-4 07:33 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Edited by DeathBrain at 2018-11-4 07:36 PM
dionizme replied at 2018-11-4 06:03 PM
kinda simple because everyone only think of themselves.

If you scroll back to few topics this wee ...

Man, thanks for you words, but hard to change the way of playing without alternative, all heroes fkn OP when released, then we have belerick and uranus. Moontoon reworked tigreal, new passive is useless. Yesterday i played a game with balmend, whole team was crying because they didnt wsnt to play tank.
I could get realy high dmg and dmg taken, but it has a very simply reason. The enemy had not enough dmg to be able to counter my lifesteal from bloodlust axe+emblem.

Now imagine what would happen if the enemy had one more dmg dealer except estes. I would be worthless as a tank and get died in a second.
Post time 2018-11-6 03:20 AM | Show all posts
While I agree with the statement that tanks should be tankier, I don't think your calculations on initial post was quite correct. Think you skipped out on a lot of additional factors. But tanks in this game are odd. I remember a ranked game where my team had no tank (granted, my own team was being toxic and screaming at each other that the game was thrown) but low and behold, we won. We didn't need anyone to soak up damage, we just dealed more before they could do so to us. It SHOULD be the case that when you use a bad composition, you should get punished for it (aka, you will likely lose).
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