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[Lore & Novel] Mobile Legends Chronicles : The Elven Kingdom (part2)

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Sub Chapter 2: The Elves of the Night

A Reaper of all things. Zillong cursed under his breath. Hopefully they were not too late. The average person could possibly last seconds at least. The woman can run fast so perhaps she'll survive. He hoped. Soon, Lolita trailed behind him while Miya had a burst of speed that propelled her forward.

The creature roared nearby. Zilong gripped his spear and assumed an offensive position. When the grass cleared he was taken aback by another creature; a smilodon. Atop of it was a female elf with reddish hair and eyes were white as the moon. Zilong went defensive instinctively as she looked at him with disdain. Behind the woman, a pink cat creature threw a boomerang to the Reaper and took it down.

The beast roared and Zilong stepped back. "Irithel, he's not dangerous." Miya stepped forward between him and the beast.

"He's armored and with a weapon." Irithel said, her eyes boring into his. "What is your business here stranger?"

Zilong held his gaze. So much trouble today. However, this was the land of the elves and he must act with the respect befitting of them. He explained the unusual situation since morning - ever since he found the woman in the river. "The more minutes we waste here, the farther she gets away from us."

"He's saying the truth." Lolita said. “Can we use Leo to track her down?"

Irithel's expression remained stern, "Leo can find anyone." The beast and its master leapt gracefully on a nearby boulder. Zilong struggled to keep up with her, his leg still limping from Miya's arrow.

"Hey," The pink cat creature- no another elf - walked towards him, her eyes inquisitive. "Hello, I'm Nana." She smiled. "What's your name?"

"I'm Zilong."

"Nice to meet you." She beckoned him closer, "don't be too scared of Irithel, she is actually a kind person. She's just… well, she didn't have a good experience with humans."

Zilong thought he didn't need all the details, even if Nana’s expression was troubling. "I didn't have good experience with humans either. But of all the elves I've met so far, you're the only one who didn't try to attack me."

Nana giggled, "well I hope I won't be in your list of 'attacking elves' anytime in the future."

She must be in a nightmare, Rafaela thought. There was so much pain in her body and grief overflowed within. Argus strayed from the light, fought and defeated her. Rafaela fell into the darkness, devoid of any warmth, her body battered. Breathe. Why did she need to breathe? She gasped for air while her hands desperately held on something.

Then it was nothing. The loud, clashing noise of the waves was replaced by gentle splashes. The pain faded away, her body felt weightless. Something was nearby. Warmth enveloped her body and it felt…. comforting. A dream perhaps?

A light pierced into her eyes. Too bright. Rafaela shielded her vision with her fingers, but all she could see was a shadow before her. She sprang from the ground, the sudden effort too much for her weak image became clearer: a man standing before her.

Rafaela's breath quickened and she felt strong heartbeats in her chest. It all came back: the sound of Argus' wings, the blade, the blood and the pain. Run. Go away. Don't look back. She had to get away and be safe. Everything was a blur and the noises were drowned by Rafaela gasping for air. She propelled herself forward with magic as much as possible - and when the vines and grass were clear Rafaela fell down on a muddy bank.

Scratches were everywhere in her body. Blisters in her feet. This wasn't supposed to happen to her. Rafaela dragged herself towards the spring. Running shouldn't be this tiring right? She dipped her feet in the cool water. "This is nice..." she told herself. She opened her hands and cast a healing spell. Good, at least she still had her powers.

This was the time to think. Argus had fallen and now she was weak.What now? What should she do? Rafaela prayed and waited for an answer. Nothing.

"Hey." a woman's voice startled Rafaela after a long time of solitude. Behind her, a white haired elf with a bow looked down, concerned. "Are you okay?" the elf asked.

Rafaela's mouth opened in shock, "You… can see me?" The elf nodded but looked confused. This might be another consequence of her defeat. Rafaela cleared her throat. "Hello.." Not sure what to say. It's not like she never spoke with other beings, but her inability to stay in spirit-form made her uncomfortable.

"Hello, I'm Miya," said the elf, with a gentle smile on her face. Miya crouched beside her and touched her shoulder.

Common greeting, she must use do the same courtesy. "My name is Rafaela."

"Are you okay? A man said he found you by the river. Are you seemed hurt,” Miya asked, concerned. “You ran away so we looked for you."

"Who?" Rafaela searched her memories for the man that Miya mentioned. She wasn't alone when she woke up, but it was all still confusing. A group emerged from the forest - all were elven women except the man in the armor. Must be him.

"What happened to you?" Miya asked again.

"I…" Rafaela held herself shouldn't be the concern of earth dwellers. Yet there were here - did heaven allow this to happen? Would they understand? Emotions flowed from Rafaela. "I was beaten… I," Rafaela held back a shaky breath. Too painful. "Argus, my… partner he-" a single tear fell from her eyes and she hugged herself. "He was too strong…"

"You don't need to say more!" Miya grasped Rafaela's hands. The elf's seemed upset and her eyes were filled with emotions. Miya wrapped her arms around Rafaela to comfort her. She returned the embrace. "Don't worry, you're safe now with us," Miya whispered.

From Miya's shoulder, Rafaela saw the shocked expressions of everyone around her. Whatever they interpreted of her situation seemed to be something else. She cannot say any more for now. Her eyes zoomed in to the man whose leg was bleeding; it was obvious, he was using his spear to support himself. "You're hurt." Rafaela stood up and quickly approached him.

"It's nothing, really," he said. Rafaela cast a healing spell on him and the relief was easily seen in his eyes. "Thank you for your kindness." He bowed his head slightly. "My name is Zilong."

She bowed back, she knew this human gesture. "I am Rafaela and it's nice to meet you," She looked around. "All of you. Thank you for looking for me." She returned her gaze to Zilong, "No, I should thank you. You helped me earlier right?" She smiled at him. "Did… someone hurt you too?"

"Miya did," the elf with the hammer spoke.

"You did too Lolita!" Miya shot back. The cat elf behind her laughed while the one riding the beast remained stoic. Rafaela sighed. Maybe she caused trouble for all these people.

It certainly was a very unusual day, Miya thought. A misunderstanding resulted to a skirmish with a human warrior - which led to them picking up a mysterious woman. The trek to the village was slow with Rafaela weakened, and they decided to let her ride on Leo to not slow the group down any more. Irithel insisted they drive Zilong away from the jungle but she refused. They need to have some form of apology for attacking a stranger.

Elves were civilized, hospitable and caring people - not savages as some humans thought.

Miya picked plucked some fruits. She didn't know what kind of food humans eat but she was sure this wouldn't be poisonous. Not far from the garden, Zilong was by his bonfire. Without his armor he looked smaller, and less intimidating - yet his posture was that of a warrior always ready to strike. A few elven children approached him and she could overhear them asking about his armor and spear. Miya approached them, "hey don't bother our guest!"

The children ran away quickly and resumed playing. Zilong replied "it's not a problem. They were curious about me."

Miya handed him a plate of fruits. "Here, I am not sure if humans eat the same thing but these are pretty good."

Zilong bowed his head. "This would be fine, thank you Miya." He took one bite from an apple. "Lolita has been apologizing all evening, please tell her that all is well," he said as he chewed.

Miya sighed, "I'll remind her. She is really like that, too nice and heroic. I should apologize as well. I could have shot you in the face, and I would probably have regretted it afterwards."

The warrior snorted, "Shot me in the face? I'd like to see you try. Although, you're quite skilled yourself." Miya flushed at the compliment. "How is Rafaela?" Zilong finished an apple and bit into another one.

"She seemed shaken and didn't talk much. I think she needed more time."

Zilong frowned. "I don't like for her to relive the experience, but if she could give me the identity of the man who hurt her, I can bring him to justice, " he said with a low voice. "Can she stay here with you?"

Miya's shoulders sagged. It was difficult to say the truth. "Ideally, she would be welcome to stay and live amongst us. However, she wouldn't be safe here either. I am sure you can see why."

"I did notice." Zilong looked around. "There were barely any men in the village but a lot of empty buildings."

Their defense towers were all destroyed. All they had was their healing fountain -without it, they would all perish. Lolita was the only one strong enough to shield them from warriors. Miya's chest ached. She wanted to pour all sorrows but she should stop. This shouldn't be a concern of a human stranger but Zilong seemed to sympathize. "We lost our king Estes, or rather… he was taken from us. A few months ago we were a powerful kingdom, but without him, our armies fell to the demons." She sighed, "Don't burden yourself with our story. We can rely on no one except ourselves and I know we are strong together."

Zilong nodded, "But what makes you think I am not an enemy spy you brought to your secret hideout?"

Miya smirked, "and what makes you think you're not our hostage we can torture for information?" Zilong laughed.

A loud cry pierced through night. Miya and Zilong sprang towards the noises. The villagers ran into their houses, screaming in panic. A few bodies were left scattered on the ground.
Irithel, atop of Leo, shouted to everyone, "Night Elves!" The alarms blared all around them and the elven warriors - what was left of them - drew their blades. One by one, the lamps and fires around the village were extinguished by the enemy, shrouding them with darkness. Miya concentrated her vision based on the gentle sheen of the moonlight.

The night elves striked brutally, swift like wolves in flight. Miya aimed her bow at the assassins and used her elven magic for a rain of arrows.

"Argh!" Lolita's hammer slammed on the ground. The houses shook, the grass was leveled. Nana used her magic to slow down their targets, a large cat paw lifting the targets off the ground. Her boomerang bounced off the targets, signifying their location. It was Miya and Irithel's chance to shoot them with arrows. Irithel and Leo leapt on rooftops and powerful shots rained down. Something moved beside her. Miya froze as an assassin charged at her. So close, she couldn't make it - but Zilong shielded her with his spear. He charged forward but his opponent's speed increased unnaturally. The assassin smiled as she retreated to the shadows. Miya knew her.

"Karina," Miya hissed. "Be careful Zilong, Karina is not like the others."

He nodded, "I'll watch your back." Zilong guarded her from other assassins. She silently thanked him. However, Miya helplessly watched as Karina's blade struck down her clansmen. The assassin vanished as quickly as she appeared. Miya's eyes turned to Nana who was left open, "Nana, come here!" The cat elf ran forward, but Karina reappeared and slashed her down.

"No!" Miya shot in desperation in the darkness. Suddenly orbs of light fell from the night sky and illuminated the entire village. Rafaela stood at the center of the courtyard, her hand stretched light struck every dark corner, revealing the assassins hiding in the shadows, Karina amongst them. Fountains of light emerged from Rafaela and the assassins froze in their spot, no longer invisible.

Zilong sprang to action, taking down some of the night elves. They began to retreat from the losing battle, including Karina. "I won't let you get away!" Zilong's armor glowed like fire and he ran like a flash. However; the second he reached Karina, he turned into stone.

"Petrified," Miya wanted to follow but she chose to go to Nana. In a blink of an eye, Irithel and Leo leapt from above and pounced on Karina. The assassin was pinned down the ground as the others escaped.

"Miya! Nana!" Rafaela towards them, casting healing magic on everyone on the ground. Nana wasn't moving. All Miya could do was cry in the dark.
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Definitley a cool part 2..been waiting on it
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bruh, i'm gonna be super salty if nana dies. Also why's karina bad? She's supposed to be a good character. otherwise, very well written
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I was shocked Zilong speaks english A MiRaCLe I thought Miya and the others won't understand him and when is chang'e gonna arrive been waiting.                                       

                                                                                               I Mean No Harm
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