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[Hero Balance] tried thamuz and, HE IS.............belrick is........weak form the looks of it.

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Most interesting of fighters. His damage values are so low yet he has so many ways to deal damage it just adds up to do some big damage over multiple instances. I do not like that some of his base values do not change with level. The 110% damage attack should increase with hero level. Like 5% per level. the lava gush, and burn damage base values should increase with level. Another thing, the healing from his ult should also increase with ultimate skill level. Like 2% per level. Also I need away to offset Thamuz's weakness to CC as it is too hard of a counter for him as it leaves him useless to defend him self. While it is true for all heroes, Thamuz relies on staying in the fight, if he gets slowed he will get kited to death and will keep missing his scyth throws and never get the healing, which is painful to watch and not fun to think about and discorages me from playing thamuz.

I Might try belrick next as he has some cool abilities. After going through his recent patches and looking at his position on the tier list, I am scared to spend money on this character as he looks too over nerfed and near unusable in situations involving burst. As his passive triggers for each instance of damage not every 200 damage taken. I saw his passive get nerfed fro, 30% health to 20% health increase from equipment. HIs passive damage is also down nearly 50% and made the HP scaling 2% from 1.5% I personally thing that is too low. THat is only 2 damage per 100 health, 20 damage per 1000 health and 200 damage per 10,000 health. Which is far to low in my oppinion. Also his spells should scale of of HP all of them should. Not Magic attack.

I think his passive damage could be 5% without being broken. His passive base damage could also be increased per level without being broken. So much room for buffs that could be taken advantage of. Right now from the looks of it, this character is only good against marksmen, who already suck in the meta. Unless you are kiting fighters as marksmen as it is the only thing marksmen are good at. A hero that counters a lost class. Belrick passive was over nerfed and should be 25% not 20%. Moonton I am now speaking directly to you. You only make big nerfs to non assassins heroes, and make small adjustments to assassins. I have never seen big hits to an assassins kit ever I may be wrong because I only started playing this game about a year ago. But I have almost 8 years of playing multiple moba games which I will not advertise here.

Again I haven't tried belrick for my self and only then will I know for sure. For now however this tank is lacking, For the only way to get items is gold and the only way to get gold is farm and kills, and since tanks do little damage, how will they ever get the items they need if they can't kill? Maybe give tanks gold for taking damage, fighters for dealing damage,  assassins get gold for killing, supports get gold for healing, and marksmen get gold for.........i don't know...... SUCKING?

Also Moonton make a practice mode where I can use anyhero or skin against a bot of my choice with difficulty option on a single lane map? so I know weather or not I am going to waste my money when I buy a hero.

Post time 2018-10-10 01:16 PM | Show all posts
They sure are lacking a buff. Hard to use them in this meta. I agree on the practice mode. There's so much mode that Moonton can add to the game like 1/2/3 person team room, practice mode, or maybe practice mod where you can experience all heroes and skin?
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I do agree about thamuz byff and so for aldous.
It seems after martis, all the fighters released are weak in current meta. Fighter supposed to br stronger cause they fight close combat and do not have burst damage like assassin.
Thamuz ans aldous shoud get buff so that we can use them in current meta.
Post time 2018-10-10 01:40 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Thamus hp regen from ult should be lowered, its ridiculusly high, with high dps he can heal 60% of his hp with ultimate, and he need huge dmg buff, because he hss quiet low dmg. Cc is his big weakness, because he cant use uot to regen hp.
Post time 2018-10-10 06:19 PM | Show all posts
Anyway, you didnt get free belerick from the past event?
Post time 2018-10-10 10:25 PM | Show all posts
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
Post time 2018-10-10 11:18 PM | Show all posts
He is...uhhh...he is bad but he is better then belerick imo
Post time 2018-10-11 11:18 AM | Show all posts
Be honest, Belerick is s*** if you don't know how to play as tank and support. He has no cc ability (2nd skill perhaps), extremely low of base armor, ultra-extreme low speed in lane clearing, high mana consumption. The only good of him is his ulti which is use to take damage for teammates, but you need high skill in support timing to perform well.

Maybe this is the fate of free hero?

If you not getting this hero from past event, and you are not use to play as tank and support, is recommended not to spend any single money on him. Sorry Moonton but this is the view of a gamer.
Post time 2018-10-22 08:33 PM | Show all posts
belerick is ok atm
but his 1st skill is so slow, it feels slower than JS 1st skill
it should be faster since it just marks the enemy and no stun

his 2nd skill is trash. takes a lot of HP and need to get close to stun "One" enemy

i use belerick if gatot and mino is banned and he is strong if you know how to use him
i got 2 maniac during clash, and easy 3ple kill
you just need to use his ult at the right time
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