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[Forum Original Content] Hero Discovery: Leomord

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Hero Introduction:

Leomord is a high burst, Off tank hero that excells in invading enemy back lines as well as chasing/focusing down high priority targets such as marksman and mages. Due to Leomord's flexibility in terms of item build he can easily adapt in any situation wherein he can easily be a jungler or in-lane.

Hero Build:

Emblem Build:


Talent Build:

Tier 1: Bravery-  like the common Physical emblem, Physical attack is the safest stat to get over flat armor and magic resist wherein these 2 are only viable depending on the enemy line up but it would still prove to be helpful in the early game.

Tier 2: Durability-Due to the squishiness of Leomord in the early game, additional health for him makes up for that in order to give him that extra survivability regardless of his role be it in the jungle or lane.

Tier 3: Festive Blood- Leomord lacks the early sustain but due to the high damage of his skills in the early stages of the game, this would be a great pick up for him as an early sustain especially if you would prioritize damage over sustain.

Item Build:
As Leomord you would want to rush down Blade Of despair for that sudden burst damage as well as Berserker's Fury but if you are having a hard time due to the lack of sustain then would be Haas' Claw should be your priority or if you want you can also pick up Blood Thirster as an alternative for your sustain since Leomord's spell damage does a great amount.
Battle Spell:

As Leomord, your battle spell can be very flexible depending on how you want to play him but your standard spells would be Inspire or Aegis and Retribution as these spells would help him reap the damage he needs early on or help him survive long enough to snowball. While your alternative spells can be Flicker and Petrify as these would give him the extra utility for his initations.

Tips & Tricks:

Things you should do...

1)When Laning as Leomord, it is important that you use your 1st skill as a wave clear with the 2nd goal of dealing damage to enemy heroes as your 1st skill can easily clear out the wave followed by a quick 1 basic attack.

2)It is important to note that whenever you strike enemies with 30% health, you are guaranteed to crit and that also affects any nearby target making it a shortcut of critting towards enemies. So when you see a low health minion and an enemy hero is near it, strike that low health minion as this will immediately proc your passive towards that nearby hero making it more painful harass to your enemy.

3)When using your 1st skill it is important to note that while charging, you gain a shield effect making it easy to negate incomming damage. So don't be afraid to use it as well for defensive purposes or simply casting it mid-air just to negate incomming damage but keep in mind to maximize the damage output as well if you can.

Things you shouldn't do...

1)As Leomord, you are very troublesome with your ultimate so do not engage enemies without it. Otherwise you get easily bursted down especially if you are only building damage.

2)Despite riding your horse, you are still vulnerable to CCs so be sure to time it right otherwise entering with your ultimate would be a waste.

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The 2nd tips is very important.
I didn't know that low minion hp proc critical could hit the heroes around it. This will definitely help me to use him wisely.
Thanks for the guide and tips.
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