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[Lore & Novel] Storytelling: Twisted Fate

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After Dr. Gogh found out that his fellow sciences are on the verge of creating weaponizing expirements than harm the world they lived in. He immediately thoughout a new project that would fight or the opposite of what the other scientist would be crafting. Stuck in his laboratory for more than 22 hours. Countless of ideas but still none of them would answer the problem; the foreseen problem. He took a cup of coffee while thinking for options. Until the caffeine hit him hard which drives him overboard. He checked his computer to see which is best suited for an AI to work on. A source for the AI to complete operate every piece of the body. A lot of good recommendations but he prefer an AI to operate not just itself but take control or part to another source temporarily. Scrub back to his notes, books, blueprints. Until he finalized plan. Renouncing the questionable ethics of human experimentation not even the best scientist of Lab 1718 could never accomplish. Doctor Gogh was able to create an artificial life hosting a mechanical skeleton with features of pupper strings and synthetic skun. Doctor Gogh was left in joy that his hard work has paid off.

On the following day, Dr. Gogh still hasnt left his lab to secure secrecy. Intiially, Peace Android Prototype 1 is the first and last that he'll ever make to avoid conflicts with other scientists. Dr. Gogh runned down some tests to the Android. Asking some questions regarding about safety, life, danger, death, etc. As expected the Android didnt pass at least 20% of the questions. So what Dr. Gogh planned is to download data from Cyberspace to a chip and install it to the Androids processing system. It took half of the day to download or fully store the chip with basic and some advance knowledge to the current world they lived in. Doctor Gogh tested the Android again with the same set of questions. Eventually, the Android scored 100% as expected. Doctor Gogh was impressed about the sudden improvement. During the night, he told the Android to hybernate for the night and wait for him to arrive tomorrow as he will be upgrading the chip to the most excusive chip and also its required components. Pass down the night, Doctor Gogh noticed something strange about the surroundings at the main floor of the building. A lot of assistants resigned due to their respected scientist's behavior. Deep inside, Dr. Gogh knows that the other scientists are desprate on acquiring a destructable robot.


Doctor Gogh arrived to his workplace and commanded the Android to start. While he is downloading files from cyberspace. The Android looks at him and said "Master, are you okay? You seemed to be stressed out and feeling a bit nervous to something you feared off. May I know how can I help you with your issue?". That was the first time the Android talked to him about something personal. He just simply replied that he'll take care of it and everything will be okay soon. The Android told him "I can heal and remove all the fraustations youre currently having right now, master. Dont worry, I will be here for you as you are my creator, my father." Doctor just smiled and teared up. The smiled and says "You are the most beautiful creation I ever made. Everything good about this world is you, Angela. You are Angela, young one." Emotions all over the place and suddenly Doctor Gogh installed the new chip to Angela which will highly improve Angela's knowledge to this world.

After installing the new chip, Dr. Gogh wiped his tears and run down the test and this time it will me twice the volume of questions and also tested her abilities as a peace robot. The test took 12 hours of work. Doctor Gogh was left in shock that Angela was able to answer all the questions that was created through his mind all a sudden and also Angela was able to cast flares of magic and was able to showcase her puppet stings. Angela was able to identify all sort of health issues within 10 miles radius. While Doctor Gogh is doing his test, a janitor noticed flickering lights which was produced from Angela's abilities. The janitor took a peek between the small gap of the door. Eventually, he moved on and talked to his fellow janitor until one of the assitants heard their conversation. The assistant finds it very intriguing, so he went to check Dr. Gogh's lab and was able to confirm the janitor's gossip.

On the very next day, rumors were echoing the place. One of the scientists whos obsessed with weaponry rushed and called his assistant to report in. In such a mere concidence, the assistant was the person who was able to witness the creation of Doctor Gogh. The mad scientist scrambled his desk. He told his assistant that why did Doctor Gogh didnt share his knowledge to his fellow comrades. The scientist called the other founders telling them that Doctor Gogh betrayed them by hiding secrets about the solution to global obliteration. The scientist was able to convince them and ordered an immediate arrest to Doctor Gogh. He also reactivate Alpha and Beta which is actually created by Doctor Gogh himself. Angela received alert on her system that numerous of people are surrounding the area. He told Doctor Gogh that they are surrounded and a lot of lifeforms are waiting outside the door. Doctor Gogh foreseen and executed the escape route. Opened a secret door behind the book shelves. They entered a place wherein a mini shuttle or flight capsule was loaded and ready to launch. Doctor told Angela to board on the capsule. Angela told him "Where are we going father? Are we going outside for the first time?" Dr. Gogh replied while sobbing "Yes. You're going outside alone, Angela. for your own good and the good for our future. I need you to be far away from me this time". Angela replied "Why, father? Don't cry we will always be together, right?" The entrance door was smash by Alpha. Doctor Gogh and Angela doesnt have enough time to escape. Doctor Gogh gave Angela a doll and said to her "You will always be in my heart and I will always be with you, my dear. Once you arrive, please find Rooney. Goodbye. Angela". Doctor Gogh launched the capsule successfully and timely. Angela flew away while watching her creator; her father, being captured by Alpha and Beta.



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Ar3neKn1ght replied at 2018-10-9 01:20 PM
What happpen if Angela fail to escape. She might be evil girl.

Conspiracy intensifies...
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I have a few questions.. from what i read, Dr. Gogh made Angela in 1 day????

It ends? Why? I mean, you wont write her journey to find rooney? Maybe the ship is knocked off course and deserted to some unknown place, and angela then need to find a way to repair the capsule.. and along the way she met maybe some other mobile legends character.... myy, it would be cool hahahaha
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What happpen if Angela fail to escape. She might be evil girl.
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Vymonchyyy replied at 2018-10-9 09:24 AM
I have a few questions.. from what i read, Dr. Gogh made Angela in 1 day????

It ends? Why? I mean, ...

Little unknown fact: Rooney is an inventor and scientist
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