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[Gameplay] Remove Surrender Feature

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I hate Surrrender thing because I have played more than 6k game and i never surrender.
It is irratating when someone surrender, I don't understand why people do that.
There is something in this game, which is "ComBack" "Epic Comeback".
Sometimes we don't play good it doesn't mean we should giveup.

I'm currently in Legend Division but every season I reach mythic.
I have seen division doesn't matter, people does surrender.

Reason they Surrender:
i) If Someone Banned Wrong hero or Picked Some Support hero like Raf or Estes
ii) If One goes Afk, teammates Starting surrendering Instead of defending
iii) If Someone feeding or Intentionally feeding (Which is rare) in Higher Division
iv) When Player Not able to defend tower for 2-3minutes because of Gank
v) Most Important, When One teammate Don't listen other 4 members in Game

I Play with random People, I Have seen many times we could win but people surrendered because of ego or something else.
I Have also did comeback, epic comeback because i don't surrender. I won with full support team, full mage, full mm team.
Why People don't understand hero doesn't matter, If We will do our best we can or we can play good game instead of surrendering.

I request to you, Please Disable this feature or When All Member agree in voting system then a team will lose.
Currently 4 Votes required for surrender a game, But I want full vote or disable this feature.

Surrender = 100% Lose
But If We will not surrender, There will be chance to Win. #UseUrBrain

Post time 2018-10-4 10:24 PM | Show all posts
Indeed comeback is a thing but there's a thing called "instead of wasting time, let's end this" especially when it's a landslide win. Not everyone has good times ;v also, it is indeed needed for instances like having an automatic afk teammate which then will make the game invalid, etc.


totally agree!  Post time 2018-10-5 06:19 AM
Post time 2018-10-5 12:09 AM | Show all posts
Well it just a game, waste of time, so just give up everytime we feel losing.
But what would u do in real life? Give up everytime u face a failure?
Its just a stupid game, but other hand it also teach us how to never surrender no matter how hard it become. How can u move forward if u just giveup mid way all time. Nothing easy in this word, u fight for it.

Creers bro @CrazyGamerML... Im with u. We both are a fighter. Never give up to the end & do our best with everyting we had. Games or real live, we never giveup.
Post time 2018-10-5 01:59 AM | Show all posts
i think,
sometimes when people lose their motivation, the chance of winning is actually so small...but i get your point
Post time 2018-10-5 06:36 AM | Show all posts
arcmagi replied at 2018-10-5 12:09 AM
Well it just a game, waste of time, so just give up everytime we feel losing.
But what would u do in ...

still, it depends on the situation. i understand your point, but sometimes you need to end the game early and start again. So the surrender button should not be remove

you said it to yourself, "it's just a stupid game" so whether you give up or you fight, if you lose it's just the same, you will not be rewarded for not surrendering? no one will know that you keep on fighting the stupid game. so you rather save time. real life is different with games such as this. it doesn't mean if you surrender on the game you also do it in real life. you're just using your brain.

epic comeback? again it really depends.. it's just that there's some j*ck*ss players
Post time 2018-10-5 08:44 AM | Show all posts
When i was on the asian server I could always guarantee an epic comeback for my team even when all our tower fall it was possible. But north american server? Nope! It's always one sided or at some point you just know if you can win or not. So keep the surrender option. Plus sometimes people feed and afk I think if it discourages their teammate then its ok if the team wants to surrender.

Also to actually surrender a match you have to have 4 team members agreeing to surrender so I dont see the problem.
Post time 2018-10-5 10:19 AM | Show all posts
nothing wrong with surrender feature. There are many games where they are 100% lose due to very exact science. surrender save time.

for me, I played classic mostly due to completing task, such as 300k mm damage. I will not surrender just because we are heading to losing due to the fact I will still get my damage counts as long as the game goes on.

however, many player abused surrender feature ,so be strong.
Post time 2018-10-5 05:37 PM | Show all posts
When you see Fanny 20-0 and Aldous 12-0, playing with a Hanabi 5-1 having 6 items already but they keep farming your jungle, never push to enjoy killing you and your teammates would need the "Surrender" option quick.

Because if you are too fed up and stay in base, you will be considered as AFK and lose Credibility Score.

If you go out of your 3 towers, you die instantly. So why waste your time any further???
Post time 2018-10-5 08:09 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Restu67 at 2018-10-5 08:11 PM

i agree with it. sometime we have a chance to comeback, but our team want to surrender. so sad :(
but u still need "surrender" option
 Author| Post time 2018-10-13 07:56 PM | Show all posts
arcmagi replied at 2018-10-5 12:09 AM
Well it just a game, waste of time, so just give up everytime we feel losing.
But what would u do in ...

Yeah Totally True. Never Give Up!
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