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[Forum Original Content] Game Progression

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GameProgressionw3o (1).png

Give us your thoughts...

Progression is something that keeps the players interested in the game wherein it further encourages players to continuesly play the game until they reach that certain point of progression. As of the start of Season 10 we are introducing a new progression in-game which is the season pass. The season pass involves numerous quests for players to focus on in order to further their level/progress with the season pass. Players also has the option to purchase an upgraded version of the pass in which rewards players with a much more prestigious rewards as well as extra quests per week.

This season pass is something we would like to integrate further into the game which is why it would be lasting for the whole season 10 and with that in mind, we may soon be able to integrate a new progression and this would be hero progression. The long term objective of the season pass is a medium for us to collect feedback from players in which how to make the game much more interesting. Yes we know it gets dull after a few repetitive seasons of just grinding for ranks/stars without being rewarded something else...

Which is why...

The hero progression is something that is common in moba games but with Mobile Legends, we wish to bring something fresh to it and we would like to hear your thoughts and feed backs regarding this. Since first of all, implementing hero progression in Mobile Legends gives players something to grind and look forward to as well as being able to show of that hard earned hero progression towards your friends and against your enemies. If you guys have any further ideas we would love to hear them as to how we're able to make the game much more entising for you guys.


***On the side note: If you guys are wondering about the status of our matchmaking as well as lag issues, there are various projects to help mend these issues and hopefully in the long run finally have a stable solution to this day to day issues amongst players.***

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Edited by Crixce at 2018-9-29 08:44 AM

Hero progression - hero mastery.
For player who play a lot of a single hero. Improve there gameplay.


100 games with a hero = 10 additional hp points
200 games with a hero  =10 additional point of attack power/ magic power
300 games with a hero = 1sec reduce cooldown.
400 games with a hero = 50 additional points of armor/ magic resistance
500 games with a hero = movement speed increase by 20 points
600 games with a hero = skill range increases by 1
700 games with a hero = battle spell cooldown reduce by 10 sec
800 games with a hero = 5gold increase per minion death/ kill
900 games with a hero = reduction of item cost by 5%
1000 game with a hero = heal over  2% of max hp After a skill is cast. 10sec cooldown.Player gain a achievement and a hero mastery border. Border will be specific too the hero.

For every 100 games a story of the hero is played is shown.

Post time 2018-9-28 01:56 PM | Show all posts
remove win rate from CLASSIC & BRAWL, so we can play classic to learn hero, practice, toxic-free

Post time 2018-9-28 10:30 PM | Show all posts
Cruxader replied at 2018-9-28 05:13 PM
i suggest that every season you wipe out the win rate so that there will be new start point for that ...

A agree with this ! Great suggestion ...
Post time 2018-9-28 05:13 PM | Show all posts
i suggest that every season you wipe out the win rate so that there will be new start point for that season
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Game Progression.

My suggestions are the following
1. Turn the squad into Guild that can handle a hundred of players.
2. Custom matches Guild vs Guild winner gets a point. top 3 Guild with a highest gets reward . weekly and every season.
3. Guild Statistics. WR% , # of battles, etc.
4. Guild Leader boards

i know ML wants to make money to those players who create squad and all. maybe you can get an option to instead create a new squad. just expand your current squad and turn it into guild using diamonds.
Post time 2018-9-28 09:41 AM | Show all posts
well for starters, we could bring back the statistics we lost in the most recent update
how about we enhance Natalia's smoke bomb graphics and exclamation mark? it's really boring to look at as of right now
Then we can also make skins be purchasable with Bp. no offense but players who own every hero in the game dont have much use for their BP.
Do something with hero fragments for the same reason above.
Post time 2018-9-28 03:11 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Gg what happended here I didnt delete my ml but look what hsppen
Screenshot_20180928-150110_Mobile Legends Bang Bang.jpg
Post time 2018-9-29 09:25 AM | Show all posts
Hero progression is the biggest bull* there is dont do it. Nerf adcs
Post time 2018-9-29 09:32 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
CrybabyML replied at 2018-9-29 09:25 AM
Hero progression is the biggest bull* there is dont do it. Nerf adcs

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