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Hero Introduction:
Thamuz is DPS type of fighter who excells well in being in your face but there is a catch with Thamuz which is being heavily dependen on his scythes so if you mislunched your scythes in a direction where it is hard for you to pick up, you might as well start running away.

If you're looking for a hero that can carry hard core at the same time a hero that isn't dull then we recommend you picking up Thamuz and mastering him but be warned, mastering him may take some time as his mechanics is some what tricky and not new player friendly.

Hero Build:
Emblem Build:

Talent Build:

Tier 1: Bravery- As Thalmuz this extra damage gives him an advantage towards his passive which relies on your physical attack. Which is why its a good option for him

Tier 2: Bloodthirst- Thalmuz does not benefit much from this but still, having a small spell vamp at the early stages of the game can go a very long way especially if your playstyle will be relying on throwing your sytches rather than being in your face type.

Tier 3: High & Dry- This particular talent highly recomended for solo laners wherein you'd most often than not triger the conditions of this talent which is having an isolated enemy.

Item build:


Thamuz is a fighter with decent to fair amount of damage but does not excell well in being the front of the team as he excells more on dealing damage rather than tanking because the only thing that makes him tanky would actually be his ultimate. So here are two seperate builds that you guys can try out but we highly recommend that players try out the bruiser build as this build maximizes his ability to spam skills as well as being able to stay up-front.

There are a few items to note with this build, One would be Endless Battle being his bread and butter item as this gives him the extra damage as well as survivability. Another is that Brute Force Breastplate gives him the base HP and movement speed with an added bonus of attack damage which he highly needs for engaging and disengaging enemies.

Battle Spell:
We highly recommend for players to pick up flicker as your battle spell if you wish to go the lane route as this helps you pick up your sytches at unsuspecting angles as well as reposition yourself at ease. But if you are going the jungle route then it is highly recommended to get Retribution.

Thamuz_Lord_Lava_wall (1).jpg

Tips & Tricks

1)The key to playing Thamuz is good positioning as well as being able to pick up your scythe when you throw them as your scythe triggers your passive and without it, you're basically useless. So when you throw them make sure you are able to pick them up, otherwise throw them at a creep to instantly stop it from going a far and pick it up quickly then lunch that enhanced basic attack on the enemy hero to deal tons of damage.

2)There are numerous ways to recall your scythes when you throw them, the 1st would be waiting out the duration of when you threw them. Another would be using your 2nd skill. While the 3rd would be walking far away from your scythe(similar to kagura's umbrella).

3)It is important to note that your passive has two damaging effects which both relies on Thamuz weilding his scythes. The first would be when he is weilding his scythes he applies a burn damage(Damage Over Time) towards the targets he hit and when they move, the damage is even greater. The second would be when he picks up his scythes, The first target he hits upon picking up his scythes marks the ground and after a brief period, releases a lava which deals true damage. So keep this in mind as this is a key factor to note when playing Thamuz.

4)Your ultimate is a great tide changer but it is useless when you are locked down by your enemies as your ultimate relies you on dealing constant damage to maximize its benefits wherein once you activate your ultimate, each basic attack you do regenerates you for a portion of your max health at the same time your ultimate sets any enemies near you a blaze marking them for a DoT effect.

5)Don't be afraid to charge in when you have your ultimate as your ultimate is strong enough to sustain you during the fight, just don't let enemies lock you down and lastly, always pick up your scythes whenever you throw them as this is a key thing when you fight

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