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[Query] "Extraordinary" Karina player

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I have something to share on my previous match,


Last night i've played Classic, met on the same lane with Karina. But there is something seems unusual, one shot of Karina's skill 1 n 2 combo already drained half of my HP. It just less that 1 minute game and she only have 1 item (boots) and no damage item at all.

What make me surprised, i'm using Minotaur with this set of emblem,

karina2.jpg Karina3.jpg

I have a max Tank emblem and i maxed out Magic Resist only. How in the world can she have that kind of damage. But at the time i just chill and continue playing. The game goes on and the Karina become even more suspicious.

My first item was Athena Shield, and Karina's first item was Concentrated Energy. With my item plus my emblems attributes, she still can deal more damage than Lesley's with Berserker Fury. Like, i have no armor item yet and my emblem attribute has very less armor. But even Lesley's damage did not matched her's. Not to mentioned her playstyle is some kind of weird too, we all know Karina's natural instinct to stay at the backline and finished low HP enemy. But this Karina, she stay at the frontline and aiming me (Minotaur) the entire game. She drained my HP so fast until i cannot Tank for my team. When i finally ask her, she say "This is my hero, what do you expect?". As a Tank user in years of experiences, i can say this is very odd.

P/s: Since this is not a "She's cheating" post, so i don't want to mentioned my team's Roger and Fanny often immobilised for no reason, which makes their Lancelot easy Savage inside our base area while our inhibitor turrets still there. Thats a whole different story.

So guys, lets us discuss about this Karina. Is there any possible way she can get that much of a damage against me?
Post time 2018-9-12 07:08 PM | Show all posts
Edited by FatalXBullet at 2018-9-12 07:17 PM

First, compare your lvl, gold and item. So, their team are leading with high gold, build and level. For sure, she use right build, maybe.

Then, do you know all Karina skill. Her passive deal true damage (Tank Killer) and fast casting skill.
Calamity if Reaper + Passive = Gg true damage.

TRUE DAMAGE means dealing actual damage without affecting with any armor or magic resistance.

Just like Karrie and Gord Rework, they also have passive skill that deal true damage. So, they melt Tank easily cause too much true damage output.

Tank only have 2 weakness, Penetration (PEN) and True Damage. That all.

Conclusion: Karina not cheat at all. You only need to understand more detail about MOBA.

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Edited by FatalXBullet at 2018-9-12 08:58 PM
IjamRex replied at 2018-9-12 07:20 PM
Dude, did you read before commenting? haha. You clearly judged based on my final result. Of course ...

Wait, I read all of this already. But why Karina want targeting you. My point not out of topic at all. I don't tell about MOBA. I just tell something you didn't know yet about ML.

Secondly, do you what means true dmg b4 you commenting me. I tell you properly about this. What my fault. Tell me. Ok fine, I will tell politely after this if you hate me.
Post time 2018-9-12 12:12 PM | Show all posts
Hi if what you are saying is true then i think that karnataka is using something which is unusual that needs to be reported in time so that other players doesn't meet such thing in the ingame cs.
Post time 2018-9-12 12:48 PM | Show all posts
if possible , share the video , it doesnt need to be a long video , just clips of the suspicious stuffs happen
Post time 2018-9-12 12:49 PM | Show all posts
It not just about Karina.
Comparing the same Hero used by me, some other player & few other player  seems different. Like they deal more than normal or they gain gold faster than normal.

My tought maybe the r really good at farming effectively, or their emblem is maxed, or maybe they use some kind of cheat. Idk for sure.

1 thing i can confirm that emblem give quite good effect. I hav try it myself. So here the story.

I main Tank & hav Lv55 Tank emblem. So far coz i play alot of tank im not much notice that im much more tankier than some other tank user. Like when i use Mino & get burst 2x from Valir naked, i get some tickle only. But when i do the opposite im Valir lv47 Custom Mage Emblem 2x Burst to Mino is somewhat painfull to him.
Or as MM not my main, i never use MM nor upgrade the emblem. There is time i try learning MM with Jungle Lv46 Emblem. I feel like i cant kill faster than other. Enemy seems able to clean wave fast & go to jungle while im still busy with the lane wave. Then i try to lv up my MM Emblem up to Lv35 & try to use it. I can feel the different where i can keep up with the enemy better.

But considering u hav max Tank yet get hurt alot by the enemy, maybe he also hav max Emblem, or maybe he use some cheat we dont know yet.
 Author| Post time 2018-9-12 02:01 PM | Show all posts
@Nicky_veronica i've already reported him after the match. Hope that will be enough for further investigation.

@wei203 yup i will definitely try to make a video of it. Already saved, but not yet recorded as i'm working until weekend.

@arcmagi I completely agree with your point. Emblem does affecting results. Thats why on this post i'll try my best not to say he/she cheating, i try to get some logical discussion first. Me as a Tank, I always maxed Magic Resist talent point since i'm focusing on getting Armor items first. But for this situation, eventho she has maxed her emblem, i have too. Moreover I have riched in Magic Resist attribute plus one Athena Shield (I cannot add another Magic resist item for the 3rd slot just to counter her since she is the only one that deal magic damage, that would make me vulnerable to physical damage), Considering its max emblem vs max emblem, but the effect doesn't seems like it which is weird. Saying this is cheat is the last thing i would say, i i really want to know for sure if that is possible.
 Author| Post time 2018-9-12 07:20 PM | Show all posts
FatalXBullet replied at 2018-9-12 07:08 PM
First, compare your lvl, gold and item. So, their team are leading with high gold, build and level.  ...

Dude, did you read before commenting? haha. You clearly judged based on my final result. Of course their gold would be higher since they are winning. How would it make sense if my team (the losing side) have more gold than the winner? thats the most basic concept of MOBA.

Plus we are here to discuss, healthily, i appreciate your point (eventho you didn't go through my entire post), but when it comes to "You only need to understand more detail about MOBA", that doesn't sounds right. Please, respect what we've been practicing on this forum for a long time.
Post time 2018-9-12 09:59 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Can u give damage data?


i will try to make a video of it, this weekend. :)  Post time 2018-9-13 10:30 AM
Post time 2018-9-13 02:37 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Well...there is a cheat in an other game based on sending fake synchronise data to the server, like except sending 1500 dmg he will send 15k dmg toward the server. It can work.


really? i really don't know about this. Let us wish that devs will take serious action on any kind of hack (including maphack) very soon.  Post time 2018-9-13 10:36 AM
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