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[Poll] remove Win Rate in Classic

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Post time 2018-9-9 05:57 PM | Show all posts |Read mode
Ok so today i make a thread about Win Rate in Classic because i found out Classic is More Scarier than Rank because of Players Caring about Their Win Rate and those are the Kinds of players i don't wanna get match into because they trash talk,Ruined the Fun,and Gets Angry when they lose. and another thing today is i got an apprentice and he seems to care about his Win Rate alot just by looking at his/her statistics now i'm afraid of Playing with him because he might get angry at me when we lose because his/her win rate might go down. so straight to the point remove win rate in classic so there will be no angry players complaining about their win rates going down
Single Polls, Total 120 Users voted
78.33% (94)
21.67% (26)
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Post time 2018-9-9 06:29 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I, with all my heart and soul, agree with this..

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Post time 2018-9-9 06:44 PM | Show all posts
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.

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Post time 2018-9-9 08:59 PM | Show all posts
Yeah, since they don't want to do something about the matchmaking, I agree with your suggestion, too.

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Post time 2018-9-9 09:13 PM | Show all posts
yeah i'll agree with you suggestion,so many ppl try new hero in classic,and lose

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Post time 2018-9-9 09:22 PM | Show all posts
i'd rather they maintained Classic the way it is. Because of reasons below:
1) Some of us stops playing Rank when reaching Mythic (or some of other goals) and still want to continue improving. So Classic is the best place.
2) Most of the them won't let you use a hero at Rank with very few matches or having lesser winrates (as they would assumed you're testing hero), so how do we get that if not in Classic?
- This had happened to me many times, they only want you to use your "best hero" or else they will toxic the entire game.

For me, it is better to create a new permanent mode for us to test build (like using Tank with fighter build etc) or training (Fanny and other difficult heroes) or not playing seriously (like a team of 5 MM etc). And this mode will be not affecting Stats and Winrates.

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Post time 2018-9-9 09:24 PM | Show all posts
Players might be like it's not about the winrate but I'm one of those players who care too much about winrates. So far I'm at close 84.4% at around 1.8k matches. This I guess wont be possible but ya know the toxicity will never be gone, it's not the matchmaking system but rather the players e-e. Though, I still have hopes on the devs to make the report and punishment system better.

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Post time 2018-9-9 10:56 PM | Show all posts
Edited by batuzai04123 at 2018-9-9 10:59 PM

If you play classic and you just want to play for fun & you don't want seeing players bad mouthing, then u can mute them. It's as easy as that.

Caring for winrate is easier on low tier rank, but gets more difficult on high level players especially those who Competitive 5man team who practice coordination-and hero strategies on CLASSIC match.

Classic offers you a WIDE choice of Heroes to master with without LOSING Stars or DEMOTIONS on rank.

Not all solo PLAYERS can maintain high winrate on classic when u matched with higher elo players. Only few can maintain 65% and above winrate with at least 2-3k matches on solo.

Classic MATCHES are more difficult than RANK due to the fact that most of the time, U WILL be matched with AFK's , TROLLS, TRASHTALKERS, Practice MODE PLAYERS, FEEDERS etc. Expect different tiers teamed up with Mythic since classic is just for FUN mode.

Individual hero Winrate shows how good you are - how flexibile you are on using such specific hero. It is true that you can't BASE player's greatness thru WINRATE on, but it is ONE of its merits that define how good  a player is. Also look into KDA's , Battle participation, Team Push stats to see how we works well on a teamfight.

MLBB already deal with this by removing "SHOW WINRATE" in classic mode. Their inclusion of classic  winrate system is mostly based on personal MONITORING of how good you are in mastering that hero.
To make it short.

If you are offended by those players that uses inappropriate words, MUTE them. Your problem will be solved. You can now play classic and focus on improving that hero.


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Post time 2018-9-9 11:22 PM | Show all posts
✝FatherJohn✝ replied at 2018-9-9 06:44 PM
.... Ok I'll be honest on this one...

STATS is like the image of your gameplay it shows how good or ...

can you show your classic and rank stats?

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Post time 2018-9-9 11:47 PM | Show all posts
hmm... my problem is with the win rate  itself. The way it is made. Currently its based on win/lose games with a certain hero. I don't like that. What if I pick my favorite hero and some one else decides to test a hero or build? Win rate down. What if someone goes afk? Win rate down. What if you are matched up with nub team ? Win rate down. There are too many factors outside the player that influence the win rate. I think there should be win rate system but it should be based on personal data - K D A with every hero. For example - i want to pick nana - 363 matches 50 K  6 D 200 A . This is a much better way to get an idea of how good a person is with a hero. Doesn't matter win lose. You can lose a game and be mvp with very good stats so it doesn't make sense to get your wr down.

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