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Limit on number of Characters in game Chat

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Post time 2018-9-2 10:45 AM | Show all posts |Read mode
Edited by Star2Dust at 2018-9-2 10:46 AM

Hi MLBB and the community.

This is a poll (and also my first thread) to see how the forum community feels about in-game chat character limits.
The game is built on social rules and interaction, so I believe communication / chat / voice/ in-game quick messages / profile info about players, all this is very important. Hence the poll about communication and character limit. Plus a brief summary of my profile below.

No app/software/game is perfect, and this is an attempt to improve small subtle things, for the bigger picture...i.e. of eating bamboos. Trying to provide constructive criticism so I can continue to enjoy the game (and hopefully buy in-game content too to support the game owners, developers, supporters, etc).

Bit about me.

I started playing Mobile Legends Bang Bang around November 2017. I've been addicted since then. I have several MLBB game accounts, but this is my main. I have made a lot of 'virtual friends' and at the same time, have a lost a lot of them too.
I spent a lot of my time and concentration, effort, energy... and mostly importantly, my Time, in trying to get to the highest rank I can. Without cheating.

Type of Heroes I play

I enjoy playing Tanks (that's just my personality style... like Myers Briggs 16personalities type indicator - ENFP-A).
My favourite is Akai, followed by Tigreal (the first character I really liked after the initial Layla tutorials).

I am a sad panda when players are (in Ranked/Draft games);
- only care about MVP for themselves (aka i'll take the buff)
- very egotistical players
- spending more time typing once battles starts, than they do actually playing the game...

I am a happy panda when;
- Playing with players are in the game to destroy towers quickly and the enemy HQ
- Playing with team based players
- Playing with players who care about their team mates (and not MVPs).

- Playing with an emotionally mature set of players

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Post time 2018-9-2 12:24 PM | Show all posts
Hello Star, agreed. The limited number of characters you can put in in-game chats somehow is a barrier towards a good communication and it's really annoying that you can't put much texts into it but then again I guess it's for the cleanliness of the game as it'll probably be messy if someone will send 200 character worth of words in-game  and might not be read as well. You should also put the duration of how long will the chat be on in-game depending on its length ;u;

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Post time 2018-9-3 01:19 AM | Show all posts
200 would be amazing...i feel like i cant type a proper sentence most of the time

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 Author| Post time 2018-9-8 04:57 PM | Show all posts
Charles replied at 2018-9-2 12:24 PM
Hello Star, agreed. The limited number of characters you can put in in-game chats somehow is a barri ...

Yup agreed, on this. Maybe should be 150? I'm also against having to read 'a wall of text' during battle.... it's annoying / confusing for me how players can spend time typing in game-chat during battle... shouldn't they be spending the precious time moving about the map, etc instead of typing/flaming own team mates? Sorry sounds a bit negative, but has been happening to my groups (can't speak for others) a lot. Even the other team is complaining, but I can't verify their team chat to help them vote on a player. They may be accused wrongly?

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 Author| Post time 2018-9-8 04:58 PM | Show all posts
IZxCOLD replied at 2018-9-3 01:19 AM
200 would be amazing...i feel like i cant type a proper sentence most of the time

Does anyone know how developers pick features to improve on? As operations manager in a web / web app / application development business we have a lot of user stories and it's hard to mature/implement bug-free features like this. Without introducing other bugs/social issues! lol.

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Post time 2018-9-13 09:06 PM | Show all posts

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Post time 2018-9-23 07:55 PM | Show all posts
are they have limit?

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 Author| Post time 2018-9-24 06:03 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Star2Dust at 2018-9-24 08:09 PM

Yeah, pretty much in any chat field (private, public, in-game battle chat, matching up chat, lobby chat, etc) it's capped at 60 characters.
There's also a cap on the number of people you can follow (max of 130 people - such a strange number, why not make it 133 or 1337 or 142, etc) in the Social-pane -> Following tab.
But this is off-topic from my original post :P

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