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[Forum Original Content] Natalia's Rework Breakdown

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Edited by WtripleO at 2018-8-28 09:00 PM


The Rework
Natalia is one of the unique assassins that Mobile Legends has. Since she is the only one capable of turning invisible and that alone was something valuable to her kit as well as being able to silence her target after leaving her invisbile state with the catch of alerting the enemies before she even gets closer. But there were cases in which she gets unstealthed before even reaching her targets thanks to the increasing hero pool that has Area Of Effect Skills which in turn puts her invisbility and silence kit to a waste or at a more difficult level to master. Along side this Natalia's kit was something that lets her be mobile at the same time swift in assassinating her targets in exchange for little to no counter at all. This overall led to her major rework and remodel.

Why These Changes?

So after a week, we have received a mixed feedback amongst the players regarding her rework. Wherein some are happy about it and others are not. So allow us to break down her rework and why we decided to have these changes implemented to her.

1)Her invisibility and Silence:

Q:Why did you change her invisbility wherein there is now a radius for enemies to detect her rather than if she stays in the bush she remains completely invisible?

A:The changes to her invisibility radius is both something to adjust her precensce in-game wherein logically speaking, Natalia users are in a better position to play mind-games with their enemies wherein alerting your enemies of your precence makes your enemies think twice of either going around that spot or backing out. This also in a way makes her much more difficult to play wherein Natalia users must be more vigilant in positioning themselves as well as scouting the enemies so that she maybe able to catch enemies off-guard.

Q:Why change her silence? The backstab-blink is something that often puts Natalia users in a bad spot since she blinks behind them.

A:The blink as mentioned earlier was something to actually adress one of her major problems wherein before even getting close to her enemies, often times she gets unstealthed thanks to the increasing heroes with Area of Effect skills hence it was something we deemed necessary to implement. And for the record this type of skill isn't something thats new, Gussion actually has this as his first ability wherein he blinks behind his target. In fact this is even more beneficial for natalia users to be able to even benefit from her passive ability to boost damage if striking from behind the target.

2)Her Dash and ultimate:

Q:Her ultimate felt like it still the same as her older one which many players say it is something deemed useless so why didn't you completely change this?

A:Natalia's ultimate is actually something that was meant to be used as a burst type of skill wherein players should treat this more of an extended basic attack. In fact, not many players know this but if a Natalia user were to cast this from behind the target, her ultimate now critically strikes where compared to before, its something that felt lacklustered. In addition to that any bad ultimates can now be cancelled with her first ability so this basically fits in more to her kit of being able to go in and out with ease.

Q:Her dash has now a shorter range in which players have a difficulter time moving around compared to before but the width of it was increased so what was the logic behind this?

A:This changes was actually more on the sake of balancing her since most of our assassins are agile but there is some room for them to get punished if commited a misplay but with the previous Natalia, there was always a safety net because of her long dash range hence we decided to tweak and adjust this a bit. But rest assured in a hands of a proffecient Natalia player its as effective as her old one especially with the overhaul to her.

Post time 2018-8-29 06:23 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts

[My opinion about the new Natalia]

Edited by Lukkun at 2018-8-29 06:24 AM
WtripleO replied at 2018-8-29 04:06 AM
Helcurt's silence is only 1.5 seconds. And no Natalia is not a useless assassin, she is still how  ...

I'm not a Natalia user but something is bothering me.

If any other hero is in the bush, they cannot be detected before you enter the same bush. But Natalia isn't, you can easily detect natalia in the bush with the exclamation mark even if you're outside the bush. This is the only thing that kills Natalia a Lot. You reason about mindgames is too absurd if these things happen a lot on Natalia games.

1. Please adjust it that Natalia exclamation mark (when Natalia in the bush) will only appear when the enemy heroes enter the same bush as Natalia.
2. Adjust the silence to 1.5s (1 sec is way too early, even aurora can counter Natalia easily)

Other than that, I really appreciate the reworks on Natalia. Especially the backstab blink.

Thanks Admin. I'm on Mythic division right now, so I can tell some knowledge through my experience. Sorry for my bad english, it isn't my native language.
Post time 2018-8-30 02:39 AM | Show all posts
A good player will always finds a way. Natalia is fine, you just have to change her playstyle,
See this video,  (Credit to Hororo Chan)

Plus what author said is applicable and true.


Vinothr96 , indeed. Natalia is always be a late game hero. Even before the rework. I only said about the playstyle, nothing else. Be innovative. ^^  Post time 2018-8-30 09:24 PM
yeah, i think every characters has + and - points, so we as a player must think how we play them.  Post time 2018-8-30 04:25 PM
You are mad !! Nata is a late game. Hero !! But dose any match goes beyond 11 mins.u are mad !! Heros like harly ,bruno , selena has great escape skill !! With 1 sec slilnce its imposible to kill them  Post time 2018-8-30 03:39 PM
Post time 2018-8-29 03:26 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Why fix something that is not broken? Now nathalia is the most useless assassin in the arena. Why nerf her to death? Herc 3 sec total silence with bilnk and aoe blind is OP. Haya, lance, selena, fany caneasily kill early game, now natalia is glorified walking ward. Thanks alot moontoon. We only ask to change natalias 3rd skill, now you killed her
Post time 2018-8-30 09:35 AM | Show all posts
remove exlamation mark when natalia on bush... in exchange, natalia cant jump(passive) when she in bush...
Post time 2018-9-2 02:08 PM | Show all posts
IjamRex replied at 2018-9-2 03:54 AM
If you compared this Natalia to old Natalia then yes it is. But thing has happened, you have to mo ...

I still use Natalia tho but not as often as before. She lacks that luster now and for all Nat user here, I highly recommend you change your build as well and battle spell. Here’s a few tip to make your life easier as a Nat.

Battle spell: instead of Inspire change it to:
1. Retribution - when using retribution make sure that you are equip with Jungle Item Tier 2. Use retribution to your enemy before attacking to trigger Endless Battle’s passive. Using Retribution while in Invi mode will not cancel it.

2. Petrify - Do I need to say more why? :)

My updated build as Nat:
1. Boots with +100 MS
2. Jungle Item Tier 2
3. Endless Battle
4. Scarlet Phantom
5. Berserker Fury
6. Thunder Belt
7. Whatever you need.


1. Retribution, Basic Teleport Attack, Smoke Screen, Basic Attack, Dash, Basic Attack, Dash.
2. Basic Teleport Attack, Ulti, Dash, Basic, Dash, Basic, Smoke, Basic.
3. Basic Teleport Attack, Smoke, Basic, Petri, Basic, Dash, Basic, Dash, Basic, Ulti

PS: Using Nat’s ulti after she teleports makes all her Ulti’s damage Crit.
 Author| Post time 2018-8-29 04:06 AM | Show all posts
Dankazama replied at 2018-8-29 03:26 AM
Why fix something that is not broken? Now nathalia is the most useless assassin in the arena. Why ne ...

Helcurt's silence is only 1.5 seconds. And no Natalia is not a useless assassin, she is still how she is its just that she has a higher difficulty to play her properly


Combine his first skill and passive silence. What do you get? 3 seconds silence.  Post time 2018-9-8 05:25 AM
Post time 2018-8-29 12:02 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
WtripleO replied at 2018-8-29 04:06 AM
Helcurt's silence is only 1.5 seconds. And no Natalia is not a useless assassin, she is still how  ...

You lie....  Helcurt's silent is only 1.5 second (in skill 1), but he have pasif "Targets casting skills within 3 yards of Helcurt are silenced for 1s after the skill deals damage. This effect has a 3s cooldown on one single target"
combo helcrut (pasif+skill) = 2.5 second silent, after target silenced 0.5 second they get silenced again for 1 second because helcrut's pasif have 3 second cooldown. Helcrut's much more silent than old natalia.

Sorry for my english.
Post time 2018-8-29 09:18 PM | Show all posts
WtripleO replied at 2018-8-29 04:06 AM
Helcurt's silence is only 1.5 seconds. And no Natalia is not a useless assassin, she is still how  ...

Natalia is broken now, like literraly hit by a 10 wheeler truck kind of broken. I’m a Natalia user since season 3 with at least 3,000+ games with 70%WR (Obviously Globally Ranked As Well)

Higher difficulty to play with? Tell me how can you use her during team fight when you can’t even get to the MAGES AND MM at the back because that damned ! Will give you away when you’re like 1000kms away! Her silence is so crappy that CYCLOPS can easily burst you to death and that puny smoke bomb that even LAYLA can walk out of it easily.

Have you really thought about this? We know every single time you guys from MOONTON release a SKIN, you will always NERF a hero. We’re used to this but common at least make it BALANCE.


yes that is right that * mark make we cannot near the mm,asasin,mage plus the silence just 1sec i think moonton is not fair  Post time 2018-8-30 10:31 AM
Post time 2018-8-28 11:34 PM | Show all posts
You guys killed nataila !! Did we ask yu to take her 2 sec silence off and make the range bigger !! Yu first nerferd lanc now nataila !! Let me uninstall this game !! Y dont u nerf  fanny or some other heros y nata !! We dont need yur Explanation
Post time 2018-9-3 10:57 AM | Show all posts
Noobtard replied at 2018-9-2 02:08 PM
I still use Natalia tho but not as often as before. She lacks that luster now and for all Nat user ...

i like your "rant". Very positive and motivational (with some tips too), How i hope other users have this kind of manners too. And yes, i wished i've saved that replay too. She combo with Aurora/Lolita most of the time (for the extra stun).
Anonymous user  Post time 1970-1-1 08:00 AM
Post time 2018-8-29 12:52 AM | Show all posts
I think moonton can bring back the natalia passive before rework ASAP thanks
Post time 2018-8-29 02:50 PM | Show all posts
that's what you get if a hero get free skin, not to mention other skin of natalia:
1. glass blade: can be obtained through lucky spin and can be bought cheaply with diamond
2. starlight: can be bought with rare skin fragment
3. deadly mamba: free
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