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[Request] A Humble Letter to the Devs - Natalia: Dying Servant of the Light [ ! ]

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CC: Natalia

Let's discuss first the NERFS (-) and BUFFS (+) of the revamped Natalia.

• Passive - Assassin Instinct [ ! ]
(-) Indicator. - ! Mark does not disappear even when Natalia is hiding in the bush? What is the purpose of invisibility when the enemy knows you are nearby? Why don't you remove the indicator when Natalia is hiding in the bush just like the old days?
(-) Silence. - Silence adjusted to 1 second from 2 seconds? I smell injustice.
(-) Backstab. - Natalia is now restricted to only do a backstab animation instead of deciding freely whether to hit the enemy in the face or not. The auto backstab may result into misplay from bad position.
(-) Bush. - on one of the videos of Hororo Chan in Youtube, the problem of the new passive was shown, and was considered by Hororo Chan a failure.
My description of the said demonstration: As the enemy, you only need to turn your back towards the outside of the bush so that when Natalia hits you, she will teleport outside the bush, thus putting her at a bad position which may lead to a disadvantage. Therefore, she needs to go into the bush again to continue hitting you and by that time, the 1 second silence has worn off.

(+) The auto backstab is good for burst damage but the tradeoff is disastrous.

NOTE: WE DON'T NEED AUTO TELEPORT/BACKSTAB. Pro Natalia players will calculate the position of allies and enemies before charging/diving/going in (while sidestepping any DAMAGE or CCs which will cancel her previous passive). ✔️

• 1st skill - Claw Dash: reasonable tradeoff
(-) shorter distance
(+) wider range ✔️

• 2nd skill - Cloud/Smoke
(-/+) In my honest opinion, the revamped cloud does not look "scary" to the enemy simply because it is almost transparent. I guess a cloud or smoke should appear blurry and terrifying. However, at least it has a new look.
(+) I am not sure but I have a feeling that its radius was slightly increased.  ✔️

• 3rd skill - Cold-blooded strangling
(-/+) I am not sure if they reduce the damage output?
(-/+) Still stationary but somehow can be cancelled into a dash. ✔️

• Basic Appearance and Hit animation: It is OK. ✔️

In my honest opinion, the devs were excited to revamp Natalia but were not able to take into consideration the negative impact it may bring to Natalia players. The essence of her unique gameplay which primarily include "mind game" and "sidestepping" are gone. "Mind game" is gone in the sense that the enemy will be more aware now that Natalia is nearby due to the "Indicator" unlike before wherein the enemy team is in constant confusion with respect to Natalia's location. The "sidestepping" is gone now on the premise of auto backstab. Who needs a sidestep when you can teleport behind the enemy target? Yeah? No! We do not need that. I am still hoping that their intention to revamp Natalia is good so I humbly ask the devs, for the NATALIA MAINS who think likewise, and for the players who demand justice for Natalia, to bring back the old and underrated Natalia.

On the other hand, the FREE SKIN is probably the compensation for this HARD NERF.

*Bring back her OLD PASSIVE (remove auto backstab, return the 2-second silence, ang fix her indicator while inside a bush).
*When using Ultimate, the cooldown of the Claw Dash should reset.

*1st skill (Claw Dash) is reasonable. ✔️
*2nd skill (Smoke) animation is manageable. ✔️

P.S. Constructive criticism please. Thank you.


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batuzai04123 replied at 2018-8-23 05:07 PM
That's because MLBB doesn't have "REVEAL INVISIBLE" items or potions as of now. Like a GEM or Sentry ...

So u think natalia the ONLY ASSASIN that can kill mm or mage? Welldone... Maybe we should ask moontod to remove Assasin role...
Post time 2018-8-23 03:08 PM | Show all posts
I think this rework just want mm and mage have a opportunity to fight back Natalia, before the rework, after Natalia has 4 items (include shoes), mm or mage alone = die, they dont even have a chance to fight back.

At this point, the rework balanced Natalia, but make her weak in control, Natalia need more help from the team, which means, Natalia should play more as a team fighter, the ability of solo and then kill is much weak than before, but her attack is  faster because the bush. Anyway, the nerf is big.


And I actually died from her.. So this proves that the active passive is effective against assassins even Natalia  Post time 2018-8-24 06:35 AM
But I mean mages and marksman can buy winter trident and wind of nature to counter all assassins.. I met a pro enemy aurora and she used winter trident when she saw my warning and I attacked her..  Post time 2018-8-24 06:35 AM
Post time 2018-8-23 03:38 PM | Show all posts
Welldone moontod you've successfully killed her(natalia)
-First basic atk on invi mode now 25%, before it was 35% (welldone hell yeah)
-Silent last 1 second, before it was 2 second (this one is worst part moontod Welldone)
-Circle bigger and her notif even on the bush (wtf, no more buff stealing :'(
-2nd skill slowing effects drop to 55%, before it was 65% and the atk spd bonus only 30% for all lvl (f*ck for this)
-I dont give a f*ck on the ulti coz its useless before or even now (dont *n' anymore)
Natalia's big nerf
Post time 2018-8-23 05:07 PM | Show all posts
Edited by batuzai04123 at 2018-8-23 05:08 PM

That's because MLBB doesn't have "REVEAL INVISIBLE" items or potions as of now. Like a GEM or Sentry wards.

Natalia should be balanced. And this is how balance should be.

Natalia is unbalanced before this nerf. 2 second silence, SURE Kill against MM and mages. you name it.
Post time 2018-8-23 07:55 PM | Show all posts
Lordz replied at 2018-8-23 06:08 PM
So u think natalia the ONLY ASSASIN that can kill mm or mage? Welldone... Maybe we should ask moon ...

There's nothing you can do about it, no matter how hard you cry or rant.

Deal with it. If they readjust natalia based from community's response then it's good , but if not then try to adjust and apply new gameplay when using natalia.

IMHO, Natalia is not the only assassin hero in Mobile legends. If you don't like her, then choose another assassin hero to play with.

Her rework seems fine with me, I played and I won with no issues, It's just you need to adapt to her new style of gameplay.


Ya rude fat guy stop being a baby and cry about others crying and no we won’t deal with it so shut up and go :) By the way, the forum and discord is full of MakeNataliaGreatAgain tags  Post time 2018-8-24 06:43 AM
Post time 2018-8-24 04:03 AM | Show all posts
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
Post time 2018-8-24 06:17 AM | Show all posts
The lord of light abandoned Natalia


Very true lol xD  Post time 2018-8-24 06:43 AM
Post time 2018-8-24 06:42 AM | Show all posts
batuzai04123 replied at 2018-8-23 05:07 PM
That's because MLBB doesn't have "REVEAL INVISIBLE" items or potions as of now. Like a GEM or Sentry ...

There are already “REVEAL INVISIBLE” skills like Yi Sun Shin’s Ultimate, Lesley’s Ultimate, Aldous ultimate (Ulti expose) and heros like Irithel, Rafaela, Ruby, Freya, Alucard, Alice, Saber, Balmon, Martis, Grock, Hylos skills (Non ulti expose skills) and then there are AOE heros that can expose Natalia with prediction like Lancelot, Gusion, Angela, Harley, Cyclops etc etc.. (AOE skill that can expose Natalia if you predict)

So... Basically their skills are the items or potions you mentioned
Post time 2018-8-25 01:28 PM | Show all posts
Did you noticed? It seems that Natalia has the same voice with Melisandre of GOT and hey both serves the Lord of light as well haha coincidence isn't?
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