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[Forum Original Content] Misconception Of Fighter Heroes

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Edited by WtripleO at 2018-8-24 06:32 AM

What majority of the players think about..

Majority of the players often think that fighters are built on pure tank items, while some mix it out with tank and damage. While a few go for a pure damage build. These builds are not wrong; Its just that these certain builds correspond to certain types of fighters wherein there are fighters designed for the sole purpose of being a control fighter(CC type), while other fighters are meant to be bruisers(Off-Tank Fighters) and other fighters are meant to be built on Damage(these are usually burst type fighters) and of course there is the Flex Fighters(they can easily switch between a damage/off-tank) each of these varied fighters has a corresponding build and each shines on their own base on their hero design.

The truth behind all this..

Many players fail to see the true potential of fighters just because they only see and use what is in the meta or worse, what only the popular/pro players use and because of this, the diversity of Mobile Legends deteriorates despite having a diverse pool of heroes and a much larger item pool compared to when Mobile Legends first began. With all that in mind, we highly encourage players to try out various different fighters and not just the popular ones, since the older heroes are as valuable as the newer ones.

A call for an example..

Now before anything else, here is a solid look as to what we are talking about:
Lets take a look at chou, chou is what we consider as a flex fighter in which he can easily fit either damage or an off-tank but majority of the players build chou as a full-tank which only utilizes a portion of his potential hence it is much more viable if he specializes on damage since after all he is a charge/burst type hero.

As mentioned earlier, players are encouraged to try various builds and heroes, do not be afraid of what others might think. If it works then why not right? Who knows you might be a pioneer of a certain build or play style and even get your name popularized around the community.

 Author| Post time 2018-8-28 08:26 PM | Show all posts
OjciecPijus replied at 2018-8-28 06:23 AM
What kind of sh*t post is it? Don't you think that people already tried different builds before comi ...

If you can't understand the post then don't bother making comments/posting against it.

I'll put it in the simplest form in which your logic can fully comprehend.

The main purpose and focus of this post is:
1)To correct the way players play/use fighter type heroes in which it isn't really meant for a full-tank builds but some are while some are mix and some are really for damage hence forth having "flex" picks in the meta as well as "bruiser" builds, "Off-tanks",etc.
2)Chou is the most common one hence its used as an example if you find it so offensive to have chou as an example then you really have an attitude problem.
3)To further encourage players not to cling to what's the meta because it maybe working for the "Pros" but thats because its their playstyle/team coordination and other factors hence we are highly encouraging players to embrace even odd meta-builds and not bash them immediately just because they're building it differently.

*You can even see how players are slowly shifting item meta builds from pure damage to atleast 1 defensive items.

Lastly yes you will be getting a warning just so you'll be more cautious of what you post especially when it comes to serious threads.
Post time 2018-8-28 06:23 AM | Show all posts
Edited by OjciecPijus at 2018-8-28 06:24 AM

What kind of sh*t post is it? Don't you think that people already tried different builds before coming up with a "full tank Chou" idea? people play tank Chou because its the most successful one. And why are you bringing up Chou and not lets say Sun? Ohhh right - he is getting new skin so it's time for promoting and encouraging others to play him so they buy the skin.

Be humble.

Ps. i will prolly get warn or this comment will get deleted but oh well.

Post time 2018-8-27 12:26 PM | Show all posts
In Alpha, Fighter like him can do much in teamfight for tank and damage because of his lifesteal, but when you use Chou in damage mode the risk is high because when he is still diving to kick an enemy, they can kill Chou fast because he's not tanky, I use chou with tanky build not because meta, because thats what I experienced when using Chou with damage build.
Post time 2018-8-24 07:02 PM | Show all posts
Preferably Sustained DPS or something like 50% items for Physical Attack and 50% or 3 items for Defense. Or Burst damage as long as there's one defense itme (majority Immortality)
Post time 2018-8-25 01:51 PM | Show all posts
im farming now to max my fighter emblem after i heard about the new talent emblem which gives nice impact on fighter plus changes of the gameplay itself. yeah, can go full alpha mode! :D I do 4 x damage items and 2 defense items.


The changes might take a while but it is something worth looking forward to since it brings a fresher play style/gameplay  Post time 2018-8-28 08:29 PM
Post time 2018-8-28 01:09 PM | Show all posts
one of the ways to become better in mobile legends is to learn the meta heroes and meta items of each meta heroes and you learn those things in the competitive scene.

but before you immitate those items learn to know the use of those items and why did they build it.

let us use your example chou.. of course he can be a fighter burst type but why does pros use him as tank?

- good CC skills
- anti CC ( which is good for tanks like grock)
- mobility ( which is the meta right now)

If he became a burst type wouldn't it be better to just use somehow like martis/jawhead or alpha?

you can create your own build that suites you thats fine. but I just prefer using the builds of pro players and reason their builds


Thats true, thats why players should also try builds that may work for them because after all each players has their own play styles.  Post time 2018-8-28 08:29 PM
Post time 2018-8-28 08:19 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
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Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
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