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[Hero Balance] A look at Tanks

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So a lot has been going on with the tanks. There are some tanks who are Overpowered while some who are not. But when a player uses tank heroes much, he/she gets an idea on how to counter them. So tanks become pretty useless at late games if not completely built. "Tanks are not meant to farm" this is what most assassin or marksman user thinks. They are just to take in all the damages from enemy and to be the initiater. When a tank dies because he isn't farmed well, people call them awesomes. Really? Whatever it is, tanks are useless if their mana is completely used up. And this is the problem of most tank users. I have faced it too. Tanks with no mana are a better choice in ranked games compared to those who has mana. One reason why Franco isn't used much in ranked games above the Epic tier. Why? Because his skill consumes mana too much. They have to recall everytime so as to stay longer in team fights. Same with Uranus. I'm not saying that mana should be removed from all tanks. But at least their mana consumption can be reduced. Because there is no way any tank would be able to get buffs. A tank stealing buff would be usually criticized by assassin users. Come on people. Tank also need buff to stay longer in team fights. Because it reduces mana mana consumption to 50%. So here's my thoughts on tanks. Tanks mana consumption should be reduced. No need of removing mana from those tanks who already has mana. But reducing the mana cost of each skill can be helpful for the tank users. No one like to go to base everytime. This game is not DOTA 2 where you can only get items you purchased from base. So yeah reduce the mana cost.
 Author| Post time 2018-8-13 04:44 AM | Show all posts
I know that some of us don't have any problems with using tanks. I too don't have any problems using them. I know how to manage Mana very well. My best Tanks yet are Johnson, Franco, Akai, Uranus and Minotaur. But what i said above in the thread is not for people like us. It's mainly for those who are new to the game or those who can't manage well. Sometimes we get those type of people in the team and when they are far behind when enemy is ganking or intiateda team fight first then the team needs a tank who will take up most damages. Some players don't know how to manage Mana and always go back to the base for regen. Sometimes that becomes annoying when they keep going back. And the team qoild eventually lose if the tank isn't their with them. Also this thread wasn't posted just to show off your skills. If i had to brag, then i can use any type of hero in the game. I was even in the global ranking of Chou right before his rework. So if you want to brag then brag somewhere else and not here. Hope you understand.
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Edited by batuzai04123 at 2018-8-12 11:58 PM

I rarely have a bad game with using Tank heroes.

Whether they are Mana Dependent (Akai, Franco)- No mana dependency(Johnson, Hilda,Minotaur,Balmond)-Hp based(Hylos), it doesn't matter.

Each tank has their own +/- and use it to your team's advantage. It is true that they don't need to get KS from lane farms/jungles to get their items. Help them clear lane fast, roam and have the opportunity to take down enemies, sacrifice yourself(situational) - if you know your team can wipe them out, then it's a good idea.
Wizard boots is a good item for Tanks unless you don't care about teamfights, then it is useless. Grock is an exception, he can solo clear lane fast.
Akai is a very good initiator- same as Johnson, Hylos a good damage type dealer as well like Grock-good against enemies that dont have magic resistance build.
And so on...

Play more tank roles and familiarize yourself. You don't need full 6slot items to be effective. You are a TANK always keep that in mind. Don't be afraid when engaging enemies if you got backup. Be aggressive .

ID: 62173611 Server: 3348

Main: (I play any roles, any heroes that is available) Though I play fanny to master it more, (Fanny: 683 matches - 69% winrate)

Total matches: 3348 - 68.91% winrate

Tank Winrates:
Akai: 76.9%
Johnson: 80.6%
Grock: 71.7%
Franco: 67.1%
Hylos: 78.2%
Tigreal: 69.8%
Balmond: 62.3%
Chou: 66.7%
Minotaur: 62.1%
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DeathBrain replied at 2018-8-11 08:14 PM
After devs nerfed oracle the tanks mana regen become a real problem. Buying thunder belt was a good  ...

I been solving the gold problem with wizard boots. But when your team suck and can’t kill.. that item becomes a waste.
Post time 2018-8-12 08:32 AM | Show all posts
tanks are probably the least farm heroes in the game, but yet the tank equipment are SO DAMN EXPENSIVE like almost all of them cost more than 2k gold, the most ridiculous thing is they made the mm items more cheaper which doesn't make any sense at all, why would they make the items for mm cheap? they have the privilege to farm unlike like tanks that has to be available whenever fights is going and if tanks die for more than three times, he'll be squishy and he'll be left behind in the game, like bro they need to make all the items for tanks cheaper to make it more enjoyable for tanks player like my self who don't have time to farm,, i need to protect my team from dying bruh...
Post time 2018-8-11 11:02 PM | Show all posts
I disagree that Tank need buff. Yes it still good if u can hav one. But MM & Assassin need it more than Tank do. I myself main Tank & find no problem without buff.
The problem is when my MM/Assassin unable to kill fast before i die.
For Mana consumption, so far i find myself hav no real problem with Mana. Having 1 or 2 neckless for 10 or 20 mana regen is enough for me in early to mid game.
If u find u always out of mana, then learn Mana management. Dont just spam skill like a Mage. U need to know when & where to use ur skill.
& last, who say being a Tank is easy. They need bravery to sacrifice himself for the team, they need to learn timing to open fight. They not just jump out & take dmg or just charge forward in the front line blindly. So even a Tank hav their own characteristic of play.
Post time 2018-8-11 08:14 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
After devs nerfed oracle the tanks mana regen become a real problem. Buying thunder belt was a good idea, because even it had low armor, the oracle helped to the tank to stay in battle for longer time.  And yes, gold gain is also a bug problem. Tank items costs a lot and many times not so stat efficient. Like new dominance ice will have +10% crit chance reduction, but cd reduction lowered, that seems to be useless. We need the old hearth of steel.

Also I think tank emblem has quiet bad stats.....

Tank: you cant farm. You have to die for the team. You have mana problems. How can you have good anmount of money it you cant farm but you always die first in a teamfight???????????????????????
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