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[Gameplay] My top 5 Suggestion (Notice Moderators)

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Edited by ErnestBOIcj at 2018-8-10 08:37 PM

My Top 5 Suggestion

1.Rework Layla's Skills

- ok as you can see here Layla's 1 skill it shows that's a missile and also it is said in the description it's a "Malefic Energy Bomb" when you fire it you see a light blue  energy right? so i was thinking why not rework it? and make it look like a "missile" when you fire it and if it hits an enemy it will explodes and show the energy.

- Rework Layla's Ult make it look like HD cause when you use her ult when it you can see the blast doesn't attach to her gun and also in the end of the point of her ult looks really ugly

2.Helcurt Poison Effect
- why Helcurt's Second Skill(Deadly Poisoned Stinger) doesn't Leave enemies Poisoned for even a Seconds??? and what's the point of naming this Skill "Deadly POISONED Stinger" if it doesn't even poison enemies??? "Deadly Poisoned Stingers?" More like "Deadly Stingers"

3.Saber Buff or Rework skill
- it either you guys Buff or Rework Saber's 2 Skill(Charge) because sometimes i don't feel like this skill doesn't do alot of damage except when max lvl it do kinda damage BUT not that good maybe buffing it should fix and i think there are LOTS of people use this skill just for escape and charge instead of attacking which is kinda funny tbh and rework i was thinking of Saber charging with both swords into the target dealing extra damage.

4.Eudora Change Effect of skill
- how come the developers still haven't changed the effect description of Eudora's 2 skill(Electric Arrow) it's still CC while it's real effect it Stun.They're probably Busy making Skins for OP heroes to earn Money she's also one of the forgetten heroes i bet

5.Annoying Minions on Hayabusa Ult
- sometimes it's really annoying that you're about to kill your Target with Hayabusa's Ult(Ougi:Shadow kill) and then suddenly you have been drag out by those freaking annoying Minions and then your Target GOT AWAY thanks to those Minions i know some people won't like it when they made Hayabusa's ult untargettable to Minions cause someone already told me this on Youtube but guess what Hayabusa's Specialty is not Push, his Specialty is Charge/Burst and i'm not the kind of person who uses his ult just to clear up minions and push to destroy Turret.

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Edited by Vymonchyyy at 2018-8-10 09:21 PM

I would disagree with suggestion number 5.. the only time i can really attack hayabusa is when there are minions around while clearing his minion wave (1v1 situation).. if his ult cant target minion, then his 1v1 will be even more op than lance 2nd skill before 2 nerf.. will be even harder for those squishy mm and mage..
For eudora, i really want them to nerf her damage.. but buff the stun to multiple enemies instead of single target.. idk if this is good tho
Post time 2018-8-10 09:24 PM | Show all posts
I..disagree with 5, how can u ever escape from his ulti without minions ;-;
 Author| Post time 2018-8-11 02:36 PM | Show all posts
IZxCOLD replied at 2018-8-10 09:24 PM
I..disagree with 5, how can u ever escape from his ulti without minions ;-;

well i guess you can if someone is with you and hayabusa's ult damage will divide and nerf i guess on his Ult damage and also a good defensive item you can survive
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