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[Hero Balance] FIX URANUS!!

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Edited by Bostwana at 2018-8-10 01:59 AM

Enough with this bullsht !! pay 700ish diamond (hero+skin) for an alpha state hero. this fker had so many flaw!

Passive skill have the biggest flaw!!!
no matter how much stacks you get it will always gone after 8 seconds ALL OF IT!, not each stacks decreasing periodically. its just the same case with the OLD Hc 2nd. the hero will never work as main Tank. FIX THIS BULL*! MAKE EACH STACK GONE in 8sec... not ALL OF IT AT ONCE! also the regenerate gap is too far 2-9 wtf ?? lv1 max stack only give you 40hp/sec that's the same as if you buy 2 red necklace item.

wake up DEV!! i'm so sick of you surveying *ing skin. and not fixing this hero!

1st skill
Base damage
125 140 155 170 185 200
LETS COMPARE THIS TO ANOTHER HERO CALLED "TIGREAL" 1st skill (is this hero even exist ??)
Base damage
300 335 370 405 440 475 wtf?? is the devs even test their own hero???
and also this flat -15% Atk/Mgc Power to the enemy is garbage/bad man! they need some to add some buff in this part more so like
-15% -18% -21% -24% -27% - 30% the duration is just 2 second meanwhile angela slows linger for so long!(4sec) fix this!!!

2nd skill
this skill already good, but still have a little flaw!
Energy Shield
400 520 640 760 880 1000
The damage when explode!
300 390 480 570 660 750 ,
this damage should be the same as the amount of damage done to the shield! BOOM SIMPLE MATH! COME ON DEV GET YOUR SHT TOGETHER!

3rd skill / Ultimate
the main reason you use this ult is to gain that Radiance stack to start the fight!
the Radiance stack you get from this skill
6 12 18  the GAP is too much !!! 6 stacks is too low, the amount of regen is also very low at lv4... it should
it should be 3 or 4 HP regen/sec you got from the passive skill
10 14 18 now we have a good amount of radiance stacks to tank the damage!

that's all !!

Post time 2018-8-10 04:04 AM | Show all posts
I kinda agree with passive and and ultimate.
I dont like the danage of first skill either.
Uranus has great potential as a main and meta tanker but he has some serious flaws.His passive should be like helcurt. Instant loosing all stack is not good at all.
And his ulti range is so small.
Many heroes has extra movement speed(emblem+rapid boot), so if i chase the enemy i almost never catch them.
And his first skill should have more damages
Most of the people will agree i think.
He needs buff.
 Author| Post time 2018-8-10 04:35 AM | Show all posts
BD007 replied at 2018-8-10 04:04 AM
I kinda agree with passive and and ultimate.
I dont like the danage of first skill either.
Uranus h ...

Thank you very much!! finally someone who on the same page as me!!

1 question tho...
is the DEV read this forum / taking feedback from forum ?

i hope they fix this *er ASAP
Post time 2018-8-10 10:01 AM | Show all posts
i like your concept for the 2nd skill. Explode damage = Damage received during the shield. This is a good addition to Uranus! i would use him if this is implemented.
Post time 2018-8-10 12:56 PM | Show all posts
Bostwana replied at 2018-8-10 04:35 AM
Thank you very much!! finally someone who on the same page as me!!

1 question tho...

Trust me they do.
Forum is very important place.
Not only that you will find a thread every week
Called "talk with developers" or something similar.
You will find their reply to your thread in next talk to developer thread :)
Post time 2018-8-10 07:16 PM | Show all posts
His ulti needs some buffs too. Long cd, single-target only, meh damage, short range, short disable/stun duration, can be cancel by cc & silence. He should be immune to cc while using this skill and hopefully longer disable duration or shorter cd.
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