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Selena Stun time Should be Nerf and do increase her hp .. while in ganks she can ezily hit arrw of long tym range dats 4 secs which is  impossible for an enemy  hero to survive.. only if angela uses ulti and help him to tank more chances are to survive... but what if  angela is banned .??? 90 percent chances angela is banned in rank matches... do nerf selena its very ridiculous the way you guys worked on it ... annoying ... nerf her quick in next update thank you .....
Post time 2018-8-10 08:32 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Easy? You must be in over your head. Honestly as a Selena user, do you know how much experience is required for a player to be able to land her shots 80% of the time even on moving targets??

1500+ Matches as a pure Marksman player was how Long and how much experience it took me to be able to briefly master her mechanics under 100 matches. And up till today, I’m still learning and still making mistakes like hitting tanks in wars because it’s just NOT as easy as you think, because tanks will either be at the front or intentionally block out your stuns, which makes her useless.

Honestly, the only nerfs that I’m strongly against is Karrie, old hayabusa, fanny, saber, Hanabi, chou and now Selena. Out of these nerf list, I only play Hanabi and Selena. Because these heroes actually requires skills to be able to be effective, unlike dancelots and cusions where they are much easier to master compared to these heroes.

I don’t see why you don’t complain when dancelot immunity is cancerous af. The only skill you need is timing, and timing alone can make you immune to any form of CCs and stuns. That’s Super gae af because even if opponents of lance are on the same level as lance, lance auto win by default because that Dancer negate your shots totally.

So yea, I think the real problem comes from reworked haya, not Selena where she needs a lot of focus and skills to play.

Seriously, just try playing her and try hitting moving targets in war WITHOUT hitting tanks. Good luck with that. Then tell me if she needs a nerf.

I myself have played against Selena users both pros and nubs; and my verdict is she DON’T need a nerf. I can counter her accordingly without much trouble.


Extremely agreed  Post time 2018-8-13 07:35 PM
very agreed.  Post time 2018-8-11 01:24 PM
Post time 2018-8-10 01:41 AM | Show all posts
She’s getting a nerf it’s already confirmed but it will probably take 1-2 more weeks for official nerf because they update every 3 weeks because iOS needs confirmation. So you might have to suffer for a while longer.
Post time 2018-8-10 04:07 AM | Show all posts
She is becoming 100% banned hero in rank nowdays.
Once got stunned, its impossible to survive from her claws.
I suggest another nerf.
Post time 2018-8-10 09:19 AM | Show all posts
She doesnt need nerf.

If we should do a list that include nerf list


You can counter selena with martis easly. Helcurt ,saber,chou can counter too.
If you would play selena little bit , you could miss from selena stuns.
I played with selena 180 games. Now enemy selena can not stun me . I understand when she send me stun :)


Nah, Hayabusa deserves to be at the top now. Look at that cancerous spell vamp; plus teleportation he's super hard to kill.  Post time 2018-8-10 10:02 AM
Post time 2018-8-10 10:43 AM | Show all posts
She's getting nerf... her stun will become 3 seconds (if im not wrong). If in rank games and I see someone pick selena, I usually pick purify to cancel her stun. Her stun is annoying, but she doesn't need another nerf. If you need to nerf someone, nerf Claude's ulti first before you start nerfing other heroes
Post time 2018-8-10 10:43 AM | Show all posts
Yes Selena needs a NERF badly. She is banned most of time or get first picked. 4sec stun is too much. I believe 2.5sec stun was good but people started ranting about the nerf, so they decided to give 3sec at max distance. It is till a lot. Not to mention her burst damage.
My thoughts: 2-2.5sec stun at max distance(NERF).
Post time 2018-8-10 11:19 AM | Show all posts
Edited by koken at 2018-8-10 11:52 AM

She DOES need a nerf on that surreal stun indeed. And the assassin cancer scum needs to be nerfed too (Lesley, Fanny, Karina, Natalia, Gusion, Lancelot, Saber. Not sure about Helcurt). Martis also deserves it.
Post time 2018-8-10 11:35 AM | Show all posts
CloudDevelic replied at 2018-8-10 08:32 AM
Easy? You must be in over your head. Honestly as a Selena user, do you know how much experience is r ...

i'm agree with you.
i've tried to play her several time, she's hard to master. especially her 2nd skill (which is make some poeple out of rage) the fish arrow it self is not that easy to shoot and it's really slow. very squishy too do diving and always need to land marks before attack the enemy.
i suggest you or you teammate to pick lolita if you encounter her in draft.

she's balanced imho


I call the fish arrow the sperm arrow hehe  Post time 2018-8-16 06:40 AM
Post time 2018-8-10 12:54 PM | Show all posts


Lol. As Selena user, I don't do first pick. It's risky doing first pick because enemy will pick counter heroes to counter Selena. And no, Selena DON'T NEED a nerf ffs. Seriously, try playing her and tell me she's like other assassins. She's not.

And try diving as Selena during war, see how you feed mad.

I don't even need to make the late game argument to tell you that Selena is balanced. And lesley is balanced...what are you talking about? The ones that are borderline OP is Hayabusa and possibly Grock since his damage scaling is broken from early-mid game. Maybe should nerf physical pen for him so that Grock cannot nuke at game start.

Selena don't even have immunity like Karina or Lancelot which has total immunity, wtf are you guys talking about her being OP?? Do you know how hard is it to time your diving timing right as well as shooting with skill 2?

She's like Natalia; if your team dies too fast and doesn't have 2nd carry to help her, good luck solo carrying. Instant WR destroyed. She CANNOT solo carry a team full of deadweights, while MMs and other assassins like Hayabusa can generally have it easier to do so.

So before you talk about nerf, understand that heroes like sun, vexana, helcurt, saber, hylos can counter Selena perfectly.
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