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[Unclassified] Mirror Mode and How to Win (Tips and Tricks)

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Edited by Charles at 2018-8-3 02:31 AM

Herro, welcome to my post! In this post, you will be able to read some tips and tricks that will help you win Mirror Mode. This post will be divided into several parts and these parts are:

  • What is Mirror Mode?
  • The DOs and DONTs of Mirror Mode
  • Hero Picks
  • Items
  • Battle Strategy

1. What is Mirror Mode?
Mirror Mode is a new event custom mode that was introduced back then in Advanced Server. Now, players from the Original Server gets to experience this new mode. In this mode, all players in the same team will be using the same hero, hence the name mode's name "Mirror". This custom event mode will be available to play for only 15 days upon release.

Hero Selection
Your team will be given a random set of heroes. The hero that gets the most vote wins and will be chosen as your team's hero mirror. But if a hero has the same number of votes such as 2 on both different heroes, the system will pick either of the two, if there's 1 on each heroes, then it will be random as well. (I don't know how the system chooses the hero if there's an equal number of votes). Your team's set of heroes is different from the enemy team.

These are the possible heroes that will be included in the Hero Selection Phase (some heroes are not included in the mode, and I might have forgotten some heroes, let me know)
Assassin: Fanny / Lancelot / Gusion / Natalia / Saber / Helcurt / Karina
Tank: Lolita / Johnson / Hylos / Kaja / Minotaur / Franco / Gatotkaca
Mage: Cyclops / Chang'e / Harley / Eudora / Gord / Aurora / Valir / Odette / Alice / Kagura
Figher: Ruby / Hilda / Martis / Jawhead / Alpha / Bane / Balmond / Lapu-Lapu / Roger / Freya / Alucard / Zilong / Argus / Chou
Marksman: Hanabi / Miya / Lesley / Layla / Bruno / Moskov
Support: Rafaela / Estes / Diggie / Nana

2. DOs and DONTs of Mirror Mode
  • Teamwork is the key around here, map awareness is indeed needed. Some enemies might steal turrets from you whilst being distracted by others.
  • Vote for the meaningful and most useful hero in the hero selection.
  • Pre-made is advisable, the fact that it lessens the risk of losing as there are chances that you will get cancerous teammates, this also gives you the advantage of being able to pick the hero you want in the set of heroes given.
  • Pick a hero that everyone can use and at least the most suitable one among the set of heroes.
  • Build the right item for the hero, be sure to put in mind some countering items which can be a factor towards winning.
  • Trolling in Mirror Mode. This game affects your overall winrate stat and also the hero's winrate stat.
  • Pick a troll hero, some players tends to pick random heroes they feel like using. Although, we get it that the mode was intended for entertainment but of course you might run into players who value their winrate. Be sensitive. Unless you're doing a 5man team who wants to have fun and doesn't bother about winrates.

3. Hero Picks
We all know that your team will be given a random set of heroes, but likewise you should be wary of what you will be picking. Your set of heroes is different from the enemy team, so you would likely pick the most suitable hero for your team. With how fast-paced the game is, it's likely advisable to pick an early game hero which are usually Fighters, Assassins and those overpowered tanks. Here are the following suggested famous hero picks in each roles Mirror Mode:
NOTE: These are only the suggested heroes in each roles, of course you will get a random set of heroes, but sadly you must obviously go for the most suitable and best fit among the set of heroes. But it's all about luck, as you wouldn't know what the enemy team's mirror hero is. But it's likely all about luck, countering, teamwork and strategy.

Tank: These 2 are the auto picks of the Mirror Mode, can guarantee a win easily.
  • Minotaur - Obviously the most overpowered hero in this mode, Minotaur can guarantee a 100% win because of its skill sets. A one-lane push can finish the game easily.
  • Grock - Another overpowered tank, with how overpowered its base stats is, a group of Grock can easily wipe off an entire enemy team in a lane. A one-lane push strategy is highly advisable to finish the game easily.

Fighter: Can be an obvious pick next to the tanks. A fighter with the damage + crowd control is a good factor that can lead to victory. I picked these fighters damage wise.
  • Jawhead - An obvious meta hero that should be picked first among fighters, their damage is op already plus the second skill that can be annoying especially with 5 of them
  • Alpha - Another meta hero that can be good as well. Aside from how annoying his cc skills are, the lifesteal is also op which can be good especially in this mode wherein usually enemies would pile up.
  • Bane - Obviously, another meta hero that can deal a lot of damage. Can easily wipe off an entire team and even push turrets.
  • Martis - Another good fighter, aside from their damage, his annoying crowd controlling skills can easily cancel all casted skills and he can also dodge those attacks because of his immunity.

Mage: A hero role that can easily dominate the early game plus finish it as soon as possible.
  • Harley - The fact that he has the mobility, he's also one of the best early game heroes. Can be annoying especially being poked as always and also an ultimate that each of them can utilize to maximize the damage.
  • Gord - Less mobile but has the dps and crowd control that can easily wipe off an entire team. But sadly vulnerable from assassins.
  • Valir - With their current buff, they can be annoying now because of their faster crowd controlling skills and also. Sadly, he is also vulnerable from assassins.

Assassin: Not really suggested because they tend to be easily killed in late game, tho they're viable and good enough in early games but you have to finish the game early.
  • Lancelot - Another yet good hero for early games, though he's nerfed, a group of Lancelots can easily kill enemies in their way.
  • Karina - Like Lancelot, the passive can also be utilized by the other same hero, which makes her dominate as well but sadly must finish as early as possible.
  • Helcurt - An annoying hero that can be good for ratting turrets and at the same time ambushing. A single Helcurt is already annoying, but what if there's 5?

Marksman: Not pretty much suggested as we all know that marksmen are late game heroes and they're really squishy enough to be killed easily by mages and assassins. But they can still be viable with strategy of course.
  • Hanabi -Enemy heroes tends to pile up into one lane, giving the spotlight to Hanabi to maximize her first skill and also their crowd-controlling ultimate. Can be so annoying especially when got fat with the right build.
  • Lesley - A bit early game hero that can be a better choice than Hanabi. One Lesley is already overpowered, but what if there's five of them? That means they can guarantee a win especially with teamwork.
  • Bruno - Another good hero because of the mobility, stun and also the passive that can be overpowered.

Support: Not likely a good mirror hero to be chosen. But with a good strategy, they can have the upperhand. Just make sure you don't get a counter enemy mirror hero.
  • Rafaela - The first thing that will come into our mind, a single Rafaela is already annoying enough because of its slow + skill. But with 5 of them, it's a madness. Easily stacked slow + unlimited heal. But they can easily be killed and likewise countered by Necklace of Durance or Deadly Blade.
  • Kaja - Though he's a tank, he's the second hero I think that can do a good job as a support. Kaja is a meta hero that can do a good damage in early game which might guarantee a win.

4. Items
I also wanted to add this section as item builds can play an important role towards winning. First, you might either buy Wizard Boots, Rapid Boots or Demon Shoes as your first item. Wizard Boots, because mirror mode usually ends up in a Brawl of heroes, you might want those extra assist gold. Rapid Boots for more mobility and lastly Demon Shoes, good boots for heroes that are skill-reliant and keeps on consuming mana. Though jungle items can be a good choice too especially for those typical heroes who jungles, but you tend to forget to jungle because of how frustrating this mode can be that you should be aware and always present in most clashes.

Likewise, you would want to go for the typical item build, but it all depends in the situation of the game. You might want to build countering items that can give you an advantage. Also, some item build tends to change as well especially when the team picked a tank hero, you might want to go for a damage build. But it's all situational.

5. Battle Strategy
As I play the game, I think there's only 2 possible strategy that players can use. It's either:
  • One-lane Push - A strategy wherein all heroes will stay at one lane. This is a good strategy especially if the team has a good hero choice. This  can be used by early game heroes to finish the game easily. Nothing beats a good teamwork especially when they're all in one lane.
  • Rat Strategy (Steal Turrets) - Players would obviously go in one lane which is the middle lane, but not everyday is a lucky day as the enemy team's mirror hero can be a counter hero for your team's mirror hero or they're just good enough. This strategy can be used instead that can guarantee a win, but make sure to hold all enemy heroes in one lane and distract them from noticing you or your teammate pushing in another lane.

This is only a guide that can help you win, but always remember that everything will still depend. It's all up to you as this is only a guide, you hold your own destiny. This guide is opinionated and this post is welcome for player's opinions. You can either follow this guide or do things your own as this is only a guide. I only wanted to help and I don't want to force you to believe. Likewise, Mirror Mode is all about luck + teamwork, nothing beats a good teamwork as we all know that gameplay comes first before anything else. Let me know if I'm missing something or if there's something you wanted to suggest. Enjoy playing Mirror Mode while it last! Also, don't forget that the game records your stats here, so don't be cancerous ;v

Sorry for the lack of photos. I don't know what to add.

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Good guide, but could you decrease the fontsize? My eyes kinda hurt heheh
 Author| Post time 2018-8-4 12:01 PM | Show all posts
iri replied at 2018-8-4 10:07 AM
Good guide, but could you decrease the fontsize? My eyes kinda hurt heheh

Oh sorry, I might but I feel like it's not readable if the font size is a bit small ;v are you on mobile?
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