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When the game becomes THE GAME

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So, Official Tournaments just ended and it was intense...

Any games that we play tends to become competitive as time goes by... To which these events are held to determine the BEST among the bitter... I mean rest... I was gonna say that... Pffttt...

Several games that we play, either from the same or different genre tends to go these paths...

How do we consider a Competitive Game worth for Events like these?

One thing... Playerbase...

For the longest time I have been playing many online games from all genre (yes, all, I was a game blogger and an online game analyst during my virgin days), I tend to see the scope of such events to test the capabilities of players within the game... It's not just about the skills but on how well you will go just to be part of it...

Yes, that's true... Not all games are skill based like Mobile Legends and other games...

ML cant be called a Pay2Win since the only thing you can mainly buy are heroes and skins which doesnt really have any significant raise of stats that are notable... Getting embles maybe but players are not necessarily have to pay real money... Even smurf accounts can own a match as.long as you have skills...

There are games that we can say are good and truely a skill base system but if the popularity isnt enough, it can run small tourny events in respect of trends and to keep the players on playing...

Yep... It is a good marketing strategy to held ranking system to show the competitiveness of an individual to rise up from the bottom and grab the title of the entitled...

Once a word will come out, everyone wants a fair share of exciting matches and hell of a fame (ofcourse! Who does not want to be famous!?!?!) that they tend to practice and play alot until they master it and be able to climb up seamlessly ...

Not just for the entire game... But within your circle of friends and family also...


Aint you supposed to be fetching the kids from school womans?

If we heard one of our friends or family members ranked up another tier, it rings a bell that we need to catch up...

It is human to be like that... Specially if it brings a good ring to your ears that they see you as above from them... Though I think playing with other people is fun but some do take it seriously that they became too competitive enough to trash you down if you are low from them...

That is for me... Im not talking about you Jack!!!! Go eat your Mythic tier!!!


When did the Game became THE GAME to you ???

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For me, the game become THE GAME is when a player or a group player found/rediscover a new trick, strategy, overhype some of heroes, create new META, counter hero for META, etc. Everyone is the main hero on their own game, playing with their own style, deciding to use META heroes or standard strategy, or maybe use different and unique hero - skill set. This kind of freedom is the true essence of MOBA games, where there is 5 player versus 5 player, 5 human vs 5 human, 5 different mind vs 5 different mind.

Some heroes is not balance, some is balance, some is overpowered, some is underpowered, some is very strong, some is very tanky. For me, the unbalanced between 1 hero to another hero is the THING that created the GAME because with that kind of unbalanced hero, we as player are called to find a new way to kill the heroes and win the game with our own style. When we failed we get angry, rage, swearing around and yet we never stop to play because we know that we can do better than that. Next time in different game we use same strategy or maybe we found friend that can fight in sync and try another strategy or maybe we lucky enough to trolling around and yet still win the game.

The game is THE GAME when you have FREEDOM to choose and act with your own feeling and mind.
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Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru


Nani!?  Post time 2018-8-2 08:58 PM
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Game is game for fun. Am I wrong?
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the game became THE GAME to me is when
me and my friend enjoy the game with no stress.
i miss the time when me and my friends can play a game
with no gadgets. all you need is to run, jump, shout, crawl and many more.
sweat, bruise, enjoyment and friendship is the best price that you can get in this game.

@troy01 i bet your favorite game is "bahay bahayan?" hahaha just kidding

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