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Aldous is one of the few heroes who is literally designed for a mid to late game play wherein his first rotates around the idea of farming to further empower its damage. Which at the later stages of the game, you can choose to pick fights against your enemies if you deemed it is fit enough and if you feel like you're still behind your enemies you can still continue to choose to farm your stacks.

To put it in popular terms, Aldous is a snowball type of hero wherein once you get to farm enough of your 1st skill stacks you are easily rewarded with better trade offs against your enemies. On the other hand, if you are way behind and get punished too much then it won't be as easy to get back into the game despite how much Aldous is a threat in the late game.

Hero Builds

Emblem & Talent Builds:

Tier 1: Bravery- This particular talent would compliment well for the build wherein stat would help boost Aldous' overall damage in the early stages, making it easier for him to last hit minions using his 1st ability.

Tier 2: Doom- This basically further enhances your crit damage as Aldous especially when you hit a critical with your 1st ability.

Tier 3: Weapon Master- Aside from having an infinite scaling with your 1st ability, Weapon master talent basically just further boosts that damage.

Item Builds:

When building Aldous, the two important items to note would be Endless battle and Brute Force Breastplate as these items are considered to be his core items. Wherein Endless battle gives Aldous the needed mana sustain as well as damage. While Brute Force Breastplate gives him the needed movement speed as well as some durability and damage.

Battle Spell:
Flicker is a highly recomended spell for Aldous as this gives him the extra mobility to catch enemies off guard with a 1-2 combo. But if you feel like laying low and farm until you snowball enough to late game then Retribution would be an alternative choice.

Tips & Tricks:

1)As Aldous your main goal in the early stages of the game would be to farm up stacks with your 1st skill until you reach the minimum 25 stacks to further increase your burst potential towards your enemies


2)Your 2nd skill is both a key survival skill as well as initiating tool wherein it brings both crowd control and immunity to physical attacks so make good use of it.


3)Your passive grants you a shield for every 3rd hit based on the amount of damage you dealt so be sure use your first skill when nearing your 3rd hit to gain an even greater shield.

4)Your ultimate can be used in two ways, the first would be simply using it to know where the enemies are positioned and the other is to pick off enemies that are far from their teammates


5)When playing Aldous it is good to note that your 1st skill immediately begins to cooldown after you use it regardless if you hit an enemy with it or not. So it is always good to preemptively use it before going into battle so you can immediately cast it again by the time you hit use the first hit making your 1st skill a deadly burst of 2-3hit combo.


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