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[Forum Original Content] Mobile Legends A Thrilling Game

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Something to think about...

Mobile Legends, Has been around for a long time now but it remains to be both thrilling and frustrating game to play. No matter the situation you're playing Mobile Legends is wether you are playing a laggy game or a stable game, each game is different because you are paired up with different people,different play styles and different preferences with the exception that if you are playing in a premade team then its a whole other story.
At the start of it all,  it was a very frustrating to play Mobile Legends as it was constantly lagging, having many bugs encountered and even mischivous rumors that in the end gets exaggerated by some people in the community. Sure it seemed to be something to get a scoop of but at the end of it all, the developers continue to work around these things it may take some time or even longer but one thing players should know is that the developers continue to work around the problems that are encountered in Mobile Legends hence forth why you continue to have different experiences each may have its own problems or even older problems but thats because Mobile Legends is at its core a mobile game which everyone knows that now a days almost anyone has their own Mobile Phones that can play the game but not all these phones are actually suitted to playing so its given that some would experience problems while others don't so in the end before you can just straight out complain or blame the developers, think for yourself as well if the phone you're playing on is actually suited to play the game.


The other half of the coin...

On the other hand with the continues growth of Mobile Legends, the developer continuesly brings new things to the table giving players a fresh experience to the game for instance. The introduction of the new emblem and talent system where now each emblem and talents gives the players a unique set of playstyle to their hero of choice. Another would be the recent introduction of activatable items where players can really expect that there could be more of these items introduced in the future. And of course lets not forget about the new games modes the developers continue to introduce various game modes that players can enjoy and take a break from their usual classic/ranked matches. You can also expect that the developers continue to further improve the game and work around the problems the game currently has. It may take some time but the very least you can think of is that the developers aren't doing anything because as a matter of fact they are thats why the game is where it is right now and why people, no players continue to support and play the game whilst some may have quitted, others just recently joined or maybe just continues to play it doesn't change the fact that as time passes things change.

So cheers to our beloved developers who had given us a thrilling game to play, one that players continue to play and support and that we hope that you guys continue to send out your feedbacks and continue supporting the game.

credits to VY Gaming channel for the video post

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as usual, hard to breath while reading... (less fullstop) @.@
and the video is error tho.
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Man it's frustrating. Whenever I try to rankup I'll get players that will pick mm even if there are line to marksman's in the team. Go fight against five enemies and after dying tell me wtf am I doing. Why is it like that. I was in epic rank now I'm going to reach master rank. Why does everyone take mm and assassin even if they can't use it. It's so frustrating. I have joined a group but whenever someone from group joins me in rank I will 100% lose. Why are players like that. They don't even see the mini map. Don't know when to fall back. Will keep on attacking tanks while leaving the mm and mage from enemy team free to spam attacks. My enemy always has a balanced team like jonson, vex, fighters and Lesley. Because in grandmaster rank Lesley and vex are like compulsory heroes. While my team's always take 2-3 mm assassin even if they can't use it. Wtf is wrong with people. I can't even find a nice group or squad. All squads need like legend and above players. All those YouTubers reaching mythic in one week solo. How to do they do that. I can carry team with zilong sometimes but how do I do it if team doesn't even stay alive for one second in a team fight. Like wtf. Man matchups should be improved. There are mostly nubs in grandmaster. I sometime take jawhead to throw allies to enemies to release some frustration. Man do something ml.
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GamerBoy97 replied at 2018-7-29 10:54 PM
Man it's frustrating. Whenever I try to rankup I'll get players that will pick mm even if there are  ...

try using heroes that good in solo, like cyclops, harley, hayabusa, lancelot, etc

you cannot expect your friend to be pro or at least good draft.

nb : trolling using jawhead in classic means stress for other people, that's not a good gamer will do ever. for me trolling using jawhead is a trash even in your frustration. sorry to say it's true.
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Note: Thread has been banned by manager
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inciner8red replied at 2018-7-29 05:19 AM
**** Author was banned or deleted ****

Please don't copy this forum user, if I really wanted to use proper punctuations and everything I would have went for a news job rather than forum posts. Seriously if you were that frustrated next time take time to cool off rather than rant here needlessly.
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Bang bang
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