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[Forum Original Content] Hero Discovery: Selena

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Selena is our 2nd hero that is able to transform into two different modes at level 1, the other one would be Roger. Having this ability to transform at will and gaining a new set of skills is something that elevates the level of skill required to play Selena at a profficient level so before you buy her, you must first understand how her two different modes interact with one another otherwise you will not fully appreciatte playing Selena

Selena is also considered to be a hero that you can truly play as a jungler at the same time roamer wherein for the first time you would truly feel roaming around her rather than just sticking to lane so go ahead and give her a try!

Hero Builds:


Emblem build:

Tier 1: Flow- As Selena this only furthers her burst potential towards mid to late game and picking up the movement speed for her is not as effecient as picking up Flow. Although picking up Movement speed is also a plus depending on your play style.

Tier 2: Catastrophe- Like any other mages, Selena requires an invesment on Magic Power, and since she does struggle in laning, this is a much suited choice as this suits her playstyle and persona of a jungle hero and roamer.

Tier 3: Magic Worship- This is one of the most trickiest emblem to master and trigger but with Selena it is a natural addition to her burst damage since her kit makes it easier to trigger this.

Item Builds:

There are two builds with Selena, One being an Advance build that requires a mastery of her in which the player fully understands as to how she is played and how her role as a roamer helps the whole team snowball into late game. The other being a begginer build in which anyone who wishes to try and master her could start with this build as this helps the player learn the ropes of playing Selena.

Although these are two seperate builds, the core foundation of the builds would be Calamity Reaper,Lightning Truncheon & Concentrated Energy as these items helps Selena get both the sustain and burst damage she needs.

The first build is the lane build, in which emphasizes on her early to mid game burst damage at the same time able to snowball to late game if incase Selena fails to get the advatange at the early stages of the game.


The second build is her Jungle & Roam build which highly emphasizes on roaming and getting early kills, otherwise she would ultimately fall behind towards the mid to late stages of the game especially since you will be using Soul Scroll but if you feel like that Soul Scroll isn't a good item then you can replace that with Winter truncheon just to give you that extra survivability or rather go for the glass cannon build and get Devil's tear towards the mid game to ultimately go for a pure burst build.

Battle Spell:
Retribution is the highly recomended battle spell for Selena as this ultimately helps her clear the jungle camps much faster than the usual. Although if you are going for the laning route then I would recommend you getting flicker as a fall back if in case you mess up your comboes.


Tips & Tricks:

1)When Jungling with Selena, it is important to know that her strength lies within her passive which is marking her enemies in which is not only limited to enemy heroes but Jungle Monsters as well, so be sure to pick up Selena's first ability and set up traps prior to jungle spawn so that you can easily mark enemies and trigger them when they spawn.

2)Selena's most basic combo is always Elf Form: 1st Skill>2nd skill(be sure to hit your trap with the 2nd>transform, Shadow Form: 2nd Skill>1st Skill>2nd Skill>Transform>repeat)


3)When Roaming/Ganking with Selena, it is essential that you hit your Arrow combo at a distance first otherwise do not engage your enemy


4)When Laning with Selena, maximize your skills by setting up traps on spots which you think enemies can come from. Use your 1st skill as wards to further gain vision advantage against your enemies and be able to lunch a surprise arrow towards them.


5)Lastly always remember Selena's two forms should not be considered as two seperate things as Selena's ability to change form only extends her combo skills so always keep in mind to constantly change forms but be sure to do it at the right moment otherwise you will be as good as dead since she is relatively squishy hero.

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