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[Share] Chris's extended guide to how to play Selena to her full potential

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Hey guys! I'm a sweet sweet boy named Chris who starlights as a menace to society. :)
So i went on the forum today and saw aa bunch of complaints about Selena.
To those people I say: YOU TRASH ASS BOI. STOP HATING ON MY NEWEST QUEEN SELENA. I WILL CLAW YOUR FACE OFF. errr. i mean. Thats because you guys are playing her wrong!
So this is my guide to Selena. aka crazy bipolar demon lady. In modern day english.

preferred spell: Retribution

(start off with pillagers axe)
rapid boots - for that juicy insane speed boost. great for getting around, chasing and running away.
calamity reaper - who want dat true dmg foo? MOI.
beserkers fury - 25% crit chance and 40%  extra crit dmg, works on her demon forms first like a dream.
holy crystal - For that extra dmg yo
Concentrated energy - So you can go on a killing spree and sustain yourself a bit more
Blood wings - we love not dying but we love damage even more! So lets compromise with this.

Selena's passive and ult

Passive description
Selenas passive/ult allows her to switch between her two forms freely without THE COST OF MANA. (ahhhh!) this also temporarily gives her a small speed boost. At max cooldown, the cooldown is two seconds. in elven form, she casts abyssal marks. in demon monstrosity abomination menace to society stripper form, she consumes those marks for bonus damage and effects.

Selena's passive/ult BIG TIP
like guys. have you noticed how your cooldown in elven form are like SOOOOOO LONG. AND OMIGOSH I JUST CANT WAIIIIIT MORE THAN 3 SECONDS BEFORE I CAN CAST A SKILL AGAIN. Well this is for you. Introducing: The " her ult cooldown is like two seconds and everytime you change forms, all your skills will instantly refresh"
What does this mean? this means you can spam her skills as much as you want you little dummy. you dont have to wait so long in one form for your skills to refresh

Selenas forms uses.
this is what the game tells you. blah blah blah her elven form is strictly for ranged and setting up attacks and her demon form is for charging people and raping em.
this is what im gonna tell you.
constantly switching between her two forms gives you a speed boost every two seconds and allows you to continuoulsy set up abyssal marks and consume them. In a battle. dont hesitate to nonstop switch between your two forms. This will allow you to maximize your passive.

Selenas mage side/ elven form
Unlike other mage assassins. Selena doesnt HAVE to melee slaugther everything. If the enemy is too scary for you and you want to hide. Just constantly set traps and shoot abyssal arrows in a fight from a distance. the stun is great and your team will easily take care of whatever poor poor naive enemy your abyssal arrows hit.

selenas elven form first skill
Thats because its not her main damaging skill duhhhh. Theres better uses for it then just prayingyour enemy walks into your traps and miracously dies. let me tell you how.
As you know, you can summon up to three different traps at once. Well did you also know. By putting down a trap, it gives you vision in the area? It works like a security camera. Enemies, jungle monsters and minions all show up on the ap if they're in range of the trap. Simply place your trap in bushes close to you where enemies are likely to atempt to gank you. What this will do is that the enemies will show up on the map. Giving you the advantage of I SEE YOUUUU. This allows you to avoid ganks or ambush the ambusher. if the enemy walks into the trap, the trap will activate and mister scary demon to go nom nom on your enemies. you'll lose vision after the demon finishes his "smother". This skill also applies one abyssal mark and then another after three seconds. So time your uses and make your combos take no longer than 3-6 seconds max. Everytime a enemy gets hit by mister nom nom, its a instant opportunity for you to go abyssal demon and wreck hell.
Marksmen and mages and some assassins AND supports will take a lot more damage from the abyssal demon than fighters and tanks. with my build. the damage is a max of 1300.

Selena elven forms second skill
Selena shoots a arrow to stun her enemy and apply a abyssal mark.
First things first. To be accurate with your arrow, try to predict where your target will be to hit them and stun them. The max stun is great and the short stun is almost useless. At long range. Aim and predict. At short range. auto skill shoot your arrow. now you're thinking, long range has its usesbut what good is short range? let me tell you. 1. It applies a abyssal mark 2. Its still a stun, which means it'll interrupt whatever the enemy is doing for a brief haf sec and thats all you need to make your decision on what to do next.
BIG TIP ON ABYSSAL ARROW. Abyssal arrow picks up a trap if it goes through one. if it hits an enemy it'll apply 2 abyssal makrs for three seconds, and then another one after three seconds which is a total of 6 seconds of opportunity to go demon lady.
Also if you wanna be a try hard like me. shoot arrows at low running away enemies and by some miracle you manage to hit em like me. you can be a wannabe sniper.

Selena's demon form
This is her form for rushing bursting, popping, dashing and intimidating.
lets face it: Selena looks scary when she goes demon form. Enemies are worried whenever they have a mark on them and she goes abyssal form. you can use that to intimidate your enemies. In her elven form, she looks cute and harmless. In mobile legends, whenever you see a less intimidating hero, you consider them as a lesser threat. I mean, are you more worried about cute lil nana or martis and his scary teeth swords? It's not like nana could probably combo massacre you with her ult, first skill and then turn you into a harmless cat.

Selenas demon form first skill
She increases damage on her next basic attack
THATS CAUSE THEY DONT HAVE  A MARK ON Em DUMMY. Lets do the maths. With my build, selena without a mark without critting does 1000 dmg with her first skill. Selena with a mark using her second skill does an additional 600 damage. 1600 dmg total. selena with her first skill with a mark and critting does over 2000 magic damage. In other words. apply a mark before using demon form attacks. Missed with your traps and arrows? Just switch between your two forms real quick, allow your skills to refresh and try again and again until you get it. get that insane damage. i believe in you. how much do you want that lesley booty? GO GET IT! on second thought, lesley is my main, dont hurt me ;(.

Selenas demon forms second skill garotte
this is the equivalent of a medium range dash. kinda like brunos. You can reuse this skill instantly everytime you switch back to demon form. or if the enemy has a abyssal mark on them, you can instantly refresh it. and double dash like lance but with a much shorter cooldown. garotte at max dmg does 800 or so dmg. between your dashes, your first skill will likely refresh in time for you to claw your enemy again. You can also use this skill to go over obstacles and escape bad situations.

Selenas best combo when assassinating targets and not in a teamfight. (USING MY GEARSET)
place down a trap in elven form, shoot a arrow at your target and make sure your arrown goes through the trap.

If the arrow hits the target it'll stun them for a few seconds and apply two abyssal marks. ( ARROW DAMAGE+STUN+ PASSIVE).

run at enemy and go demon lady. garotte towards them and HIT them, this instantly refreshes garotte. (DAMAGE+BLINK) This consumes one mark.

Quickly do a basic attack, this does physical, magical and true damage all at once.

use first skill to claw their face, plus bonus damage from mark and possible crit and true damage. (DAMAGE+ BONUS DAMAGES). This consumes the second mark, at this point the stun has worn off. And your enemy is on the move again.

use Garotte to dash to them again and do another basic attack, this does true, normal and a bit of magical dmg. this time the the skill will not reset. ( DAMAGE+ BLINK)

But now the trap will activate and the demon will do damage and apply another abyssal mark. (DAMAGE+ PASSIVE)

use your first skill again which will have reset at this point and claw them again, this does the physical, magical and true damage. ( DAMAGE+ BONUS DAMAGE)

At this point. if your enemy is somehow not dead yet. You can turn back to elven form and make your choice. Escape or place a trap on the weakened enemy or shoot em again and repeat the combo. Remember, all of this takes place in a matter of seconds. It's a complicated combo but in the moment. If you've mastered it, it'll come to you naturally and it shouldnt be too much harder than a kagura combo. this is a lot of information to retain. But selena is fun and challenging.

If you want me to teach you selena in game. Add me
username: ChrisSummers

And send me a message and I'll try my best to teach you. I'll 1v1 you too if you dont think i dont know how to play her. :)
I hope this helped even though the last bit was confusing. But i've been working on this post for two hours and i'm tired. So DEAL WITH IT. Comment below any qestions you have and i'll try my best to answer them.

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ChrisSummers replied at 2018-7-12 01:07 AM
She's really fun to play. You completely ignore the it's early game i cant combo kill people yet j ...

Awesome! Than its worth a try
 Author| Post time 2018-7-11 03:09 PM | Show all posts
Also quick comment. you can use that same combo listed at the very bottom on jungle monsters to jungle faster. Her jungling capabilities are very strong early game
Post time 2018-7-11 03:13 PM | Show all posts
I'm kinda lazy to read it.

Can you make it simple? How to use her combo?

Like 1-2-3-1.. something like that..

Overall I understand about her skills work, but sometimes I *ed up when it comes to combo thing.
 Author| Post time 2018-7-11 03:17 PM | Show all posts
Edited by ChrisSummers at 2018-7-11 03:19 PM
titan666 replied at 2018-7-11 03:13 PM
I'm kinda lazy to read it.

Can you make it simple? How to use her combo?

If you wanna add me. I could probably help you master her in ten minutes. her combo is
1 2 3 2 basic 1 2 1 3. Also its smarter to aim your garotte the second time so you dont dash the wrong way. Also if your frst skill in demon form hits a target without a abyssal mark, its time you panic and dash out of there.
Post time 2018-7-11 03:22 PM | Show all posts
Edited by titan666 at 2018-7-12 10:17 AM
ChrisSummers replied at 2018-7-11 03:17 PM
If you wanna add me. I could probably help you master her in ten minutes. her combo is
1 2 3 2 bas ...

Just played 2 times with her.. and I analyzed about her combo.

Mine is:

- (elven mode) cast skill 1 put a trap, and then skill 2 toward the trap, and hit the enemy.

- enemy got stun for 4.5s, skill 3 (abyssal mode), skill 1, directly skill 2, dive toward the enemy, and basic hit effect skill 1, (at the same time skill 2 will reset), and skill 2 again. Enemy died.

- Run

1-2-3-1-2-basic hit-2-3-blink
Post time 2018-7-11 03:24 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I cant find your account
Post time 2018-7-11 03:47 PM | Show all posts
hmm i wanna buy she as hard as maybe kag? or fanny or something?
Post time 2018-7-11 04:27 PM | Show all posts
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
Post time 2018-7-11 04:35 PM | Show all posts
certain people don't get it because they believe she can kill faster like other assassin heroes with simple combo.
Her play style is actually more like Roger and need chain of combo. Imo, should change her role to Marksman instead of being assassin. (since she can do both melee and long range as well. )
Post time 2018-7-11 05:41 PM | Show all posts
Thanks for the tips

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